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  • TROOWORLD image Not Your Every Day Soup and Salad

    Juicing: a great way to start your day

    Tips for juicing:
    1. Always include a portion of greens, whether they be spinach, kale, beet greens or some other green.
    2. Wash your juicer components right away after juicing, you don't want to have... Read more

  • TROOWORLD image Not Your Every Day Soup and Salad

    Why Trip Down Just One Step When You Can Throw Yourself Down a Flight?
    ...that DH had made. That night, we had a friend over to celebrate her completing grad school and DH made homemade pasta with kale pesto + a caprese salad. While waiting for dinner to be done, we had wine. After dinner, we took her to a whiskey bar where... Read more

  • TROOWORLD image Not Your Every Day Soup and Salad

    Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza and Me
    ...DH was going to make his thin crust pizza. I was going to have two pieces of the pizza (8 pts total) and 1/2 the organic kale salad I bought. Did it work out like I planned?

    I actually went back and re-calculated... Read more

  • KDUVIC image Action follows intention

    First day
    ...seemingly healthy plans leave very few points for dinner not to mention afternoon snacks, er, snack. Yikes. I think a zero points soup is going to be for dinner, and while it's cooking on the stove, I'm going to be analyzing my recipes for swaps, subs... Read more

  • HARMONICPIES (Sheri) image Microwave Until Hot

    Update - Italian Chicken Barley Soup
    ...1571303">Italian Chicken Barley Soup out of the freezer yesterday...spinach. It was wonderful in the soup when it was freshly made, but...leafy greens out, or use either kale or collard greens. I've used both in soup that's been frozen later... Read more

  • MRS_SARAHPETERSON (Sarah) image Becoming Healthier

    Fantastic Soup

    Here's how I made my soup (a variation on that...chopped
    1/2 lb. kale, fresh, choppedsoup. Drizzle with olive oil...Add canned tomatoes, kale, spinach, chicken or... Read more

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