They're GONE!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I just dropped the kids off for their second day of school! And with hubby gone for an interview its just me in the dog! Heck yeah! I can't tell you how badly the introvert in me needed this. (I get zero alone time anymore)

Tuesday was their first day and it went great. I was bracing myself for tears and clinging and got none of it. There was a lot of uncertainty but they did great. There's still uncertainty and probably always will be but we're getting through.

Now I'm wondering what I'm going to do for the next almost 3 hours. Normally I'd be heading for the gym but I have my last Thursday night Zumba class tonight. I signed up for one Tuesday mornings that will start after labor day. Then starting that week I'm really going to try to go to the gym four of the five days. (My community center where I have my membership is closed for next week for annual maintenance.)

My tracking has been hit and miss but mostly on target, so that's good. As mentioned above my workout schedule hasn't been up to snuff but I did spent 30 minutes on the elliptical watching "Thor". I decided I'm going to work my way through the Avengers movies now. They're on Netflix so why not. I've already seen the first two Iron Man's and the actual Avengers movie but not Thor and Captain America. Wifi at the gym and a kindle fire with headphones is a beautiful thing.

I've also been on a crocheting kick which is also lots of TV watching accompanying it. I'm ready for some new Fall TV to start. I've worked my way through so many series on Netflix and Amazon and On Demand it isn't funny. I'm usually a huge reader but that's slowed down since I can't really read and crochet and reading and working out is possible but not as easy as watching something. (though its probably easiest on the kindle than anything else...I borrow a lot of library ebooks but mostly read them on my phone since my kids claim the kindles a lot when we're home. They play outside a lot too I swear)

So now I'm going to enjoy my alone time. Here's a picture of my girls on Tuesday. My love for chalkboard paint is clearly evident.

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8/23/2013 7:27 PM
Your girls are adorable! Glad all went well! I just got back from dropping my daughter off for her second year of's still hard:)

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Dance Like No One's Watching...While Everyone Is...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

So we made it through the 'wedding of the century' and had a great time. My husband got drunker than he's been in years and danced like a crazy man. I got about half as drunk and danced half as much. But still a good bit.

I put myself together pretty well but even though I am making slow weight loss progress I am not thrilled with how I looked in these pictures. I was all b00bs and arms. Seriously. So distracting.

So for the next wedding, which is in October 2014, I have some clear goals in my head.

I will be under 200 by then. That's just under 60 lbs in a year. Doable. And that wedding will have less drunk dancing since our kids will be there (they're going to be flower girls in that one...probably, we're not supposed to tell them because she hasn't secured the church yet and its so far away)

I am losing slowly but I'm losing. Time to kick it up a notch and DO THIS THING!

(Attached one of our photobooth pictures. There are five sets of me with hubby, me with my brother and me with my two cousins acting like nuts. Love the wedding photobooth trend)

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8/13/2013 11:19 PM
You can do it sounds like you had fun

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Goodbye Gym Excuses!

Thursday, August 08, 2013

In two weeks I will be able to get a nice workout schedule going and keep it...if I let myself get the schedule going and keep it. 

Because SCHOOL IS STARTING!!!!!!!!

And my little precious twins will be Kindergarteners and after that first odd week I will have three hours a day five days a week to do as I like. 

In a perfect world it will be Zumba two days a week and maybe some workout floor time another two days and then Friday for whatever since I work that day (which means six hours of on my feet time in the afternoons and evenings so I get my activity in). 

We'll see how it works.  As of right now hubby is still at home and money is tight.  I'm trying to pick up extra work days when I can but he feels abandoned I think when I do which I understand but we need the money and I need to establish myself as a reliable go-to person since we just lost my boss at this company who actually kind of knew me and now its people who just know my name among a list of many others.  Its a very part time job.  Two or three days a week.  But once the kids are in first grade next year I want to expand it to not quite full time.  There are jobs within this industry (grocery and retail marketing and merchandising) that are flexible and perfect for a primarily stay at home mom with kids in school that I really want to move into later.  So I have to be known as a good worker in the meantime.  And volunteer for extra shifts.  And also we need the money.  (Its pretty much $100 a shift for me, not insignificant).

We had the kids' Kindergarten evaluations today.  Have I mentioned I'm excited?  They are too but I'm more.  Their teacher was a very sweet first year teacher and hubby and I got to see the classroom.  I think they'll do great with her. 

Its going to be a bit of an adjustment to have the kids in such a diverse school.  We live in a suburb.  Not the richest suburb but not anywhere near the poorest, but I grew up in a smaller town (90% white, 90% English is the first language) and so did hubby.  Then the kids went to a Presbyterian preschool which also had a very middle class enrollment profile.  Its a much more diverse community here which is awesome but different than what we're used to.  I think the girls will do great though. 

They're just starting to notice racial differences which can be uncomfortable but I'm trying to just take their statements in stride without making a big deal because they have to learn for themselves.  (Like asking their African American friend in the neighborhood if a lady who was Indian that we saw was her mom...because dark skin-dark skin...Later I explained that people look different because their ancestors are from different parts of the world.  They kind of got it.)

Anyway, got off track but it will be great to have the time to get my workouts in again.  Can't wait.

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MRSPORTER2007 (Margaret)

8/11/2013 12:30 PM
Yay for school!! My kids are super excited to go back, but I am even more excited . Lol.

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The Wedding of the Century

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Its not but you would think it is.

My cousin's wedding is FINALLY this weekend. I say finally only because his fiancee has had a Facebook wedding countdown for about 10 months.

Its not a simple wedding. There has been much controversy. 1 - given the constant reminders on FB it would seem like its the love story for the ages not just a simple case of nice college sweethearts get married. Way over the top with the public mushiness. 2 - they have limited the guestlist and made the cuts in the family part of it such that they've annoyed people left and right. No +1's for single cousins, including one who was planning to travel here with her live in boyfriend for this wedding after skipping the last six family weddings (who knows why this one made the cut) only to find out he wasn't invited. No extended family beyond 1st cousins even though the groom's parents are very close to a couple of local 2nd cousins. No kids. (that's the one that affects us)

And the ceremony is FIVE HOURS before the reception. So annoying.

But its an open bar I'm sure the food will be great, I know all the fabulous bakers in the family, including my mom have been working on tons of cookies for the receptions...and there's cake!... and darn it we're having fun without the kids (who will be staying with a 14 year old babysitter, which is giving my husband a little trepidation, but I'm fine with). And I'm indulging in some sweets and cocktails. At a responsible and moderate level.

So here's the strategy:

1- we're skipping the ceremony. Sorry, kids, you separate them that far and force us to get babysitters, we're not leaving our kids twice.

2 - I'm eating daily points only ALL WEEK and having every last weekly point and activity point at my disposal come Saturday. I might use a few extra on Thursday because I have my hour long Zumba class that day and need the fuel but that's it.

3 - IF I have 40+ weeklies and 20+ AP's its going to be a free for all no counting night on Saturday. Responsibly and moderately that is.

And I'm going to have a rolicking good time. Because every family wedding has had its annoyances. One was too crowded and had boring music, one we all had to travel cross country and had the most annoying rehearsal dinner ever (toast after toast after toast, people just talking because they wanted to hear their own voices), one was on a Friday after work and was a scramble to get there, etc, etc. So hopefully this one is great and all the annoying parts were leading up to it.

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8/9/2013 11:21 AM
even though you have extra keep tracking on Saturday. I have gone for a free for all at a wedding a couple of times and ended up with a sick stomach. Tracking even the extras will keep you honest.

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Attention Moms...

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Please read this article about how to handle your daughters and their body image. Its so valuable.

Don't make yourself suffer in this process. Do activity that you enjoy not that you 'need' to do. Eat and enjoy food. No sacrifices or you and your kids will resent this process.

Last night I went to the gym and watched "Orange is the New Black" on my kindle. That's how I don't suffer on exercise equipment. Such a good show. If you have Netflix, watch it. Seriously.

I went to the gym to begin with because I had planned on doing Zumba on the wii in my living room. Until the girls' friends wanted to come in the house to do it with me. As much as I'd love to be a good role model and host a Zumba party in my living room, its really not equipped for multiple dancers. I would run everyone over!

(Plus in a separate issue, this particular friend is an older friend...going into 3rd grade...whose parents I don't know so she's a sweet girl and I don't mind my girls playing with her at all, but I don't encourage them to play in the house because her parents should they decide to come looking for her have no clue who I am or where I live.)

School starts in 3 weeks!!!! I am so excited to have five mornings a week free to do as I please.

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ZARAHA (Zarah)

7/31/2013 10:47 PM
You are going to do great things with all of that free time! Workout, time for yourself, cleaning, non-cartoon television. Ahhh, yes...almost like you have a life of your own :)

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I'm Just Writing This Post To Share This Picture...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

This is all of us at some point, amiright?

So. Today is the last day of my tracking week (but I don't weigh in until Thursday, that's how its working for me now). I had 20 weeklies going into it. So I said forget this, I'm not tracking!

Especially after I started my morning with a bagel and timbits from Tim Hortons and just polished off some pizza for dinner.

But guess what I just did? I tracked my day as best as I could remember it. Is it 100% accurate? No. But I have some wiggle room left in my points so I feel less guilty this way because I know.

Incidentally one of my children, E to be exact has made this day really hard and really easy with food consumption.

First how she made it hard. She woke up at at 5 am because silly me mentioned we were going to get Timbits in the morning last night thinking that would motivate her to go to bed. Hahahaha. It did. Kind of. But my baby girl loves chocolate donuts. So it also turned this morning into Christmas morning for her. (we don't do this often...but every few weeks! Its not like she hasn't had a donut in years!)

Then later at dinner, we had a ton of pizza left. And her silly sister wouldn't eat any. So she literally started giving it away to all of her friends in the neighborhood preventing leftovers. She even split two pieces into three so three friends could have it (she's 5, the splitting was less than exact).

So thanks, E. Now tonight, please go the F to sleep to quote Samuel L. Jackson (google it if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

Oh and her and her sister's insistence on being outside has helped too because it means more walking. I sat under a tree while they played with their older friends (3rd know there's some worship going on there from the soon to be kindergarteners) and finished A Storm of Swords, which is book 3 in the Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) series. Okay so I cheated and started the book after the Red Wedding, I'm not going through that again. I'm really, really, really excited for season 4 now. Which is what, next spring? At least Walking Dead is only in October! Along wtih many shows that are not on the level of those two in September.

The weather here is giving a major fall preview...loving every minute. Windows open and its cooler than we set the air conditioning for in here! (and we set it at 72!)

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EBRANDT (Elizabeth)

7/29/2013 12:36 PM
definitely right! and laughing at the kid stories! mine are in their 20's now and believe it or not I miss those crazy kid days....sometimes...not!

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How to get 13,000 steps in a day...with no running!

Friday, July 26, 2013

This isn't going to be every day but yesterday was kind of an anamoly. My fitbit (almost) reached 13,000 steps!

First off, I put it on first thing in the morning. I seem to have problems with that...not getting it on until 10 or 11. Because through the week I stay home with my kids...and its summer break...and even on weekends I start work later than most. So I get dressed kind of late. And when I get dressed, the fitbit goes on the bra.

Funny kid side note, one day I was trying to get extra steps with my pattented dance along to a kids' dance video game method and E told me to "check under your bra and see how many points we have!"

So back to yesterday. Got dressed it attached semi early (nine) and then we went to Easton which is the big outdoor shopping center in Columbus. And its huge. So a fair amount of walking there. Including through the American Girl store twice and through the book store and Macy's.

So I left there at 4,000 steps.

We got home and soon after hubby spotted some of our neighborhood friends with little pools set up for the kids across the common area, which is pretty big. I ended up walking back and forth across that a few times bringing the kids towels and stuff they forgot in their rush out the door.

THEN Zumba happened. And my instructor (who I've talked about before) was very motivated and wanted to dance...a lot. I started off kind of iffy on him but he's a really good instructor when he's awake. (he's in dental school, its understandable that he'd be sleep deprived off and on)

I left Zumba with 11,500 steps.

Then I got home and the kids were playing with the friends across the common area with hubby and I got some more steps saying hi to the other parents and gathering up the 'stuff' that they'd left everywhere over their three hours outside.

Ended the day at 12,800. A new record. Wonder if I'll beat it soon :)

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ZARAHA (Zarah)

7/26/2013 1:46 PM
Great job! I am loving using my fitbit to monitor how active or inactive I am throughout the day. I am definitely using it to motivate myself to move more throughout the day and not just during my allotted workout times.

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Just a quick update...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hi all!

I haven't been on this week as much because hubby is off work again waiting for a new contract of perm job (hopefully sooner than later this time!) and has been a big old computer hog. And updating from the phone is just no fun.

So I'm squeezing an update in while he's outside with the kids and before I head off to Zumba.

I've been saying no to him a lot this week. No to ice cream, no to soft pretzels, no to more ice cream. He's trying to get us back into the bad habits we had when he didn't work before. "I'm bored I want out of this house, let's go get food!" but I'm not having it. Not that I've been perfect this week. I don't think I've stopped at daily points once, which is fine, I'm not afraid of that weekly points allowance, but I do better when I stick to dailies most days (4 of 7 at least) or dailies + activity point equivalents.

There's been lots of walking though so lots of AP's. Or enough anyway. We went to Easton (home of the new American Girl store...walked through that twice) today and yesterday when the kids were gone did a nice 2 1/2 mile hilly hike at a metro park. Which was gorgeous.

So now that he's home during the day I'm going to consciously keep us reined in. For money's sake and for my weight loss's sake. (Confession: we did eat out twice for dinner.)

At least weekends are mostly easy now. I work all through them most weeks and as long as nothing is going on socially I have a great system going there. PLUS they're taking out the starbucks from the store I work out of 99% of the time so goodbye to that temptation!

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ZARAHA (Zarah)

7/25/2013 5:52 PM
Keep up the good work halting the hubby from derailing you! I know it's hard, but worth it in the end to be happy with yourself and your decisions. Hopefully he will find work soon!

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Today It Was Healthy Foods...Tomorrow Not So Much.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Today kicked off my three day work 'weekend'. I do the opposite of everyone else, work all weekend, off all week. Especially now that hubby is out of work for the moment and I'm taking all the hours I can.

So at the store today I was pushing Fruttare frozen fruit bars and Orville Redenbacher gourmet natural popcorn. And surprise! All very points friendly!

The fruttare were awesome and got rave reviews all around. The fruit and milk bars that I gave out were the strawberry ones and it tasted just like strawberry ice cream. 110 calories for the bar (3 pp I think the WW app said). The mango ones were just fruit and only 60 calories a bar. Honestly, I'm not a mango person, but people who were loved them.

I sold the heck out of these things. Low calorie, great price for the time being, and coupons. Win!

The popcorn was good too. Very natural (for microwave popcorn) and 100 calories for a whole bag.

So all of this healthy-ness got the conversations flowing with a variety of people about weight loss. There was one man who thinks he had a thyroid problem because he gained 30 lbs when he quit smoking and can't get it off. OK sir, sure. Maybe he does. I'm not a doctor. Also met another WW'er who is down 50 lbs in a year. Always fun to talk to others in my boat!

Tomorrow though. Ugh tomorrow. Its ice cream sundae day. And then a pizza party tomorrow night at my parents'. But its all good I have 34 weeklies left and two days left in the week, I'm planning on having some soup at Panera for lunch which is low point so all will be well.

And I will NOT be stopping at Sonic at any point (see two blogs ago)

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KBEN17 (Kathleen)

7/21/2013 10:55 AM
I went by somebody demonstrating exactly the same stuff in my grocery store here in Seattle. Pretty funny - I knew all about the foods already b/c they are pretty great in the PP dept.

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My Little Mall Rats

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Its stupid hot. We needed out of the house. But not outside. And getting steps in would be nice. So I went to the old fallback..THE MALL!

And so apparently did most families who were home that day, lots of people at the old Polaris Fashion Place. (its the 'big' mall around here. Which I live 2 miles from, lucky me)

So the kids and I did some walking. And eating. And playing. Its a great way to kill two hours if you're prepared to shoot down requests to buy things and whining because you won't.

We started with lunch. Three stops for three people. But why not. First a pretzel for E...may as well get her what she wants and not spend money on what she won't eat. Then Subway for me. I got a 6" turkey and ham on wheat with lettuce, green peppers, pickles and honey mustard. Toasted. Made it a meal with diet lemonade and two cookies which went to the children. Then it was on to Chick Fil A for J's kids meal and E's drink.

In addition to my sub I had a small piece of each cookie and a fry from J's kids meal. And I tracked them.

Once that was done, we went 'shopping' (with the intention of spending very little money...on my part...their intention was to buy the whole mall out). We stopped by the Disney store and wandered for three hours. OK not three hours. I actually set a timer for five minuts once in there and five minutes lasted FOREVER. My cousin's now fiancee is a manager at the Disney store and I was hoping she was there so I could admire the ring and drop flower girl hints (twin six year old flower girls would be perfect just saying...and she's pinned pictures of flower girl dresses on her pinterest wedding folder so I know she's open to it) But she wasn't in that day. Oh well.

So then we moved onto just walking. We ended up at the dog store and did buy our dog a couple of inexpensive toys. I'm trying to hit home to the kids (especially J) that it is not all about new toys for them all the time. My parents (and I) have spoiled them but she would be persistent about asking even if they hadn't been spoiled with shopping trips because that's just who she is. (E is a lot more go with the flow).

Then onto the play area where they ran and ran and chased a boy. I'm already dealing with boy craziness. At least this boy was their age.

And from there we walked more. We went to Hot Topic where we looked at Pop! Vinyl figurines. They have a better variety than Barnes and Noble but marked them up $3! So not going there when I lose my 10 lbs unless I have to. (I'm getting a figurine for every 10 lbs). Then it was back to the Disney store for more wandering and admiring and then to Claire's where they had patriotic stuff for $1 so they got these lovely hair extensions in the picture and some stick on earrings. So they were happy. And I was happy and hubby was happy because I only spent $2. Oh and there was a stop through Macy's where they dragged me through the kids' clothing department and begged for Hello Kitty dresses.

So it was a good way to kill a hot, sticky afternoon. An OP lunch and some bonus walking. Can't do it every day though. I need less humidity and some good playground time. Where we can have the fun and playing and walking without the things to whine over wanting to buy.

How long until Fall again?

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KBEN17 (Kathleen)

7/21/2013 10:59 AM
Your girls are absolutely adorable!

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Let's Not Talk About Saturday...

Monday, July 15, 2013

Or let's do. Because I need to learn from this.

I had Saturday off and no kids at home which is rare for both to happen lately (my job is weekends only) so I had time on my hands alone with hubby.

We decided to go for a walk and (failed) geocaching session (found nothing) to get out of the house. This was after having a healthy breakfast and lunch. And Starbucks, but it was a light frappuccino, so no biggie. And we went for a walk. Great. I have no idea how long but my fitbit logged a decent number of steps. It was beautiful weather and hubby was all depressed because his contract job is ending this week and we've been in an off and on unemployment cycle for four years now since he got laid off his long term job.

So, I mention, hey lets get McDonald's cones after this! Which are very low point. Then we drive around a bit and McDonalds turns into Sonic after his suggestion of Graeters which I shot down because I can't handle that with a party coming that night! (Last minute 50th birthday party for my aunt was scheduled that evening).

So we go to Sonic, get awful service and I get a mini blast. Because mini means tiny which means low point right? RIGHT?!

No, I just blew every point I had left for the day...and it was quite a few...except 1. I'm going into the party with one measly point. I do have weeklies left...a good bit...and have not touched the AP's, but I try not to do that as a rule because I do better when I don't I've learned. But at least I know they're there for just this situation.

So through the party my iphone and its tracking app are close at hand and I do track most everything. But a hamburger, chips (not too many), bottle of beer and birthday cake do add up. It would have been a good, successful day if I had not gone to that stupid drive thru but I did.

My new week starts today but I don't weigh in until Thursday (I've figured out that's the best way for me to do it is separate those) so I've got time to get control again. Thanks to my fitbit and Zumba (in person class and wii games) I got plenty of AP's last week, so that's definitely a plus.

My tennis shoes got decimated on the geocaching walk because I tromped through the mud so I'll have to hope they made it through the wash okay. I literally did Zumba yesterday in my work shoes. That's dedication. (they're mens' Skechers. Tennis shoe style kind of but made for being on your feet all day not for atheletics, but they worked pretty great!)

Now that I'm done recapping the weekend its back to my crochet obsessing. I'm making a hat for a high school friend who lives out of state and now it doesn't feel like enough so I'm thinking matching bib and burp cloth. Why do I get myself into this stuff? Its a tan hat with monkey ears and I'm going to do dark pink accents. I have the yarn may as well use it right?

Crocheting is getting me really excited for fall by the way. You know what else is? The humidity. (as in I'm sick of it!) And apples. And knowing the kids will be in school every day. Let the countdown to September begin!

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990003!!! (PAULA)

7/15/2013 5:53 PM
I stay far away from Sonic unless I want diet coke or unsweet tea or coffee... If you must have a blast... have them to make it with just fruit and ice cream still about 8 points.. The reason people usually do better not using the WPs is because they never have.. If you use all or part to start with you have worked them into the program as use to be the intention. I eat most of mine and do better ever since I started to do that..

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Down Another 2 Lbs!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Which I'm thrilled about!

BUT, I'm still very much in "I never thought I'd see these numbers" territory. And that sucks. Because I know that if I had just pressed through any number of plateaus and followed the program for health and not for weight loss like I SAY I do, then I wouldn't be anywhere near these numbers.

I'm eating good food, I'm not doing any kind of activity I don't WANT to do, so I'm not sure what my problem is with the self sabotage, but maybe this time I'll learn my lesson. Certainly my kids are getting old enough to not get in the way of getting exercise. And soon they'll be in school every day so golden opportunity there.

Anyway, what has worked well this week is not as much eating out (still doing it too much but baby steps) and my fitbit and the 10,000 steps a day goal. I'm hitting it more than not but its an effort! Even if I think I had an active day I have to really push myself to get to that number.

Yesterday for example, we did loaf around most of the morning, but I puttered around and got some stuff done in the house (which the size of my house means maybe a dozen steps unfortunately) and then I went shopping at JoAnn's craft store (gotta make clothes for these American Girls!) and to the grocery store for a few things, then I came home and did 45 minutes of Zumba on the wii. That left me with a respectable 7000 steps but 7000 is NOT 10,000 which you would think I would have with all the crazy Zumba stepping, but nope. I had to crank up Just Dance Disney and do the Supercalifragalisticexpialidosious song and a couple rounds of Squirrels in my Pants (Phinneas and Ferb, baby) along with whatever princess songs my kids requested to get the last few thousand in (its amazingly effective)

So I'm on my way to my first 10 lbs of this round gone. The other day when we were out shopping I found the Daennarys Targaryan Pop Vinyl and bought it as a good luck charm for my hubby (that's what is in the picture). She's kind of his TV girlfriend and I'm a secure wife so I brought her home. (Its a Game of Thrones thing if you don't watch all the TV I do...which is a good bit but when its grown up TV I'm going for quality of quantity these days)

He just got notice that his current job contract is ending soon so I figured his 'girl' could bring him some luck on a new job hunt. Which is probably his fourth round of it in as many years because he's gotten stuck in a contract rut after being laid off four years ago. So I'm hoping this job hunt is quick and the last one for a good long while and she can bring him luck.

But the point of that tangent is I'm going to buy one of these little things for every milestone I reach, so hopefully very soon hubby's TV girlfriend can be joined by my TV boyfriend, Daryl F-ing Dixon from The Walking Dead. Hot Topic is supposed to have a poncho wearing version if not now then soon. And I'm never going to feel older than I will walking into Hot Topic and buying something but its worth it. Because I'll be 10 lbs lighter and have earned it, darnit.

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7/14/2013 12:34 PM
congrats!!!!!!!! good bye 2 lbs and 10lbs!! awesome job

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My FitBit and Me...

Monday, July 08, 2013

I got one!

Last Wednesday, garage sale money in hand, I hit Target and bought a magenta fitbit zip!

It was around 2 pm that I picked it up, 3 pm by the time I programmed it and I got 10,000 steps that day.  Way to get a kick start!  I wonder what would have happened if I'd been wearing it all day.

Wednesday turned out to be a day with an exceptional amount of walking just built right in.  Hubby got off work at 3 because of the holiday and we decided to make an impromptu visit to the zoo.  THEN after we got back he took the kids out to play with their neighborhood friends, it turned out they were planning an impromptu 'bonfire' and (legal) fireworks session.  So there was a ton of just walking back and forth from their places to mine and following kids around and trips to get firewood from the grocery store.  So it was a busy, busy day and I thought wow, 10,000 steps a day is a breeze!  I did it in half a day!

Its not. 

The next day was the 4th which meant a parade, a family potluck and fireworks.  I thought it would mean tons of walking.  It didn't.  It meant a fair amount though.  I ended the day with 7,000 or so.  Which did earn me a couple activity points. 

The next few days I did get to my 10,000 goals with the help of some quality time on the elliptical and lots of dancing.  I figured out that if I'm 2-3K away from my goal by the end of the day the trick is to put Just Dance Disney on the wii and a handful of those songs and I got it.  My Zumba wii games are helpful for it too. 

Its amazing though that I feel like I don't just sit around all day and walk a fair amount around my house and here comes 2 pm and I haven't even cracked 1000 steps.  You have to try to get it there. 

This weekend hopefully I'll be working (I didn't this past weekend because of the holiday) so its going to be very interesting to see what the readings there are.  I'm on my feet literally my entire shift but I'm not necessarily walking.  I may have to make it a point to pick my feet up here and there and take the long way around the store to get stuff. 

One thing for certain, this little gadget has definitely got me moving more!  When its making the happy face at me, it makes me a happy woman :)

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7/8/2013 4:05 PM
I wonder if the cost is better than the active link? I am frustrated that active link has a monthly charge attached to it. I would almost rather just pay more at the outset. Can you show a picture of your device?

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Meal Planning for the Holiday Week

Monday, July 01, 2013

Well, I made it through another weekend. And a crazy one at that.

We had our annual massive garage sale. Literally there were more than 20 families contributing things. It gets a ton of traffic because of the location and I made enough money for my FitBit! Probably a zip, because I didn't make quite enough to justify the One.

Weighing the pros and cons I have decided that fitbit is the way to go over ActiveLink. Your Mileage May Vary of course. It just seems more flexible for me.

And my parents made enough money that when E went to my dad with big puppy dog eyes and said "Pa, can we go to the American Girl Store?" he said yes. Though he would have even if they hadn't made a bunch of money because he is a giant sucker.

So while I was at work on Sunday, they went. The American Girl store just opened here in Columbus, about a week ago. It was insane. They now have super expensive dolls I have to make sure they don't draw on. But they're both thrilled. (And I'm secretly excited about the small but not too small clothes and accessories I can make for Saige and Julie. I can knit and crochet reasonably well but my attention span runs toward doll size items more than human size items. And sewing too for that matter.)

So between a garage sale which feels more like a party on Friday and two days of working on the weekend, I feel like I did fine. We did go out to breakfast on Sunday which never happens. I got a half order of banana pancakes and had a low point salad for lunch to make up for it, then dinner was the oatmeal I usually have for breakfast (when you get home from work at 7 and have been serving food all day the cooking is going to be minimal.)

So that brings us to this week. I was just doing our meal plan. Because of the weekend working it works out best to only plan three nights of meals. Then the rest are leftovers, whatever, or maybe one dinner out. Hopefully only one dinner out. We're still working on this (but doing better!)

So here it is:

Monday: Grilled chicken and basil orzo. I'm going to pick up some already marinated chicken from the meat department of my neighborhood store. Or the one I work in probably because their meat department is fancier and has better marinades (fun fact, the marinated chicken at these stores costs the same as the not marinated chicken). Then using a recipe from allrecipes for basil orzo. I have a growing like crazy basil plant out back, may as well take advantage! (and hubby will eat greens if I tell them they're basil...I may sneak some spinach in it too)

Tuesday: Tacos or enchiladas. Depending on whether my oven is working. (long story)

Wednesday: Crockpot orange chicken from six sisters' stuff blog (its the most recent recipe) with brown rice. Or maybe noodles. Undecided on the side.

Then Thursday is the big holiday so we'll be at a potluck for dinner. I'm probably goign to bring my red white and blue trifle that I always bring. The kids will have fun helping to make it. And maybe a side of colby jack marbled cheese cubes because that's the only thing E will eat that's not a carb right now. Or fast food chicken nuggets (not any that resemble actual chicken). Picky eaters are so much fun.

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7/7/2013 5:51 PM
I have to SWEAR by the method of planning meals at the beginning of the week. It might seem obsessive to some, but it's just practical for me. Usually I post them on FB.

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My Nerd is Showing

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I've finally lost something!

1.5 lbs down today after a couple weeks of nothing.

So what did I do right this week?

More intentional exercise. A LOT MORE. I'm almost back to the old schedule where I get it like 5 days a week.

More veggies, more salads. Less eating out.

Instead of having Panera or something on my lunch break at work (which is not at any kind of meal time and is really more of a snack break...I'm talking 3:30), I've gotten cut fruit and a Mojo bar and ate that. (Mojo bars are Cliff's trail mix bars, so its a lot of nuts but portioned nuts, which is why I get that rather than actual trail mix)

Then I ate lunch and dinner at home before and after work (my shifts are 12:15 to 6:45)

And while I exercised once last week, I stayed on the treadmill for an hour. How does someone with my attention span manage that? I downloaded a full episode of Game of Thrones to my Kindle and watched it while I walked.

My husband and I are in total Game of Thrones world right now. We've caught up on it from the beginning starting a couple of months ago. He is all the way caught up, I'm at the start of season 3. We're obsessed. It was the same way with The Walking Dead when we first started watching that, which we also had to catch up on because we're late to the party all around. And right now I'm reading The Walkind Dead's comics too. So we're talking about these two very different worlds and very different storylines constantly, but hey, its better than not talking at all, right?

If anyone ever asked me for marital advice, that's what's worked for us. Geek out over the same things.

I'm kind of sad that when I got obsessed with Doctor Who at first that he didn't jump on that bandwagon. And I'm also kind of sad he hasn't really watched The Big Bang Theory or Parks and Recreation with me either (especially the latter). Or Arrested Development for that matter. You can't even imagine all of the Arrested Development references I make that fly right over his head.

(I should put a disclaimer I do not watch GoT or TWD in front of the children. The other shows mentioned, I do sometimes. Mostly its after bedtime stuff and then he watches it when he wakes up way too early in the morning, or when I'm at work and the kids are with my parents)

So in that nerdy vein, see those little figures in my picture there? Yeah I totally took that picture at Barnes and Noble and posted it to Facebook several weeks ago telling people that if they wanted to get me a random under $10 gift, that's what to get me. If I had been able to find Daenerrys Stormborn Targaryan I would have gotten it for hubby for Father's Day and he would have loved it because that's his girl.

Ahem. Anyway, for every 10 lbs I'm getting one. Daryl Dixon and Tyrion Lannister are first on my list. (Unless I find Daenerrys, but there is so much Khaleesi love here in this house, I'm buying her when I see her whether I've lost the weight or not)

They're under $10, they're fun and adorable. Hopefully i can keep the momentum up and earn a few :)

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7/1/2013 9:16 AM
What a brilliant reward scenario. Maybe I should steal your idea (or at least borrow it)! Haven't watched GoT, but I've read the books. Love them! My hubby and I geek out to shows, too. Most noteably- LOST. Boy do I miss those date night! Now, if he'd just watch House of Cards...

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Wacky Weekend

Monday, June 24, 2013

Its Monday again! Which unlike most people means I don't work for several days! (well the work that pays me anyway, stay at home mom work never ends)

I made it through the weekend and I'd say it was a success. I tracked every BLT, I got a ton of walking in. All in all it was a WIN :)

Usually I work Saturdays and have Sundays off but this time it was flipped for some unknown reason. So we took advantage of a Saturday off and went to Young's Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Its one of our favorite once a summer family destinations. Its a dairy farm with kids activities, animals to visit, a good family restaurant, amazing cheese, and ICE CREAM.

Yes I indulged. But I tracked. And while I had ice cream I also had a really healthy salad for lunch (with a little bit of the cured cheese...which is great! I don't know that I've ever tried cured cheese before.)

But before we got to Young's, thanks to the geocaching site I found a beautiful nature preserve a couple miles down the road. (picture of my girls sitting by the waterfall attached :) So we got a little bit of hiking in before we even got to our destination!

Seriously even if you never plan on actually geocaching, this site is awesome because you find some great nature spots you never would have otherwise!

So, we had fun, did our dairy farm thing, fed the very greedy goats, and headed home.

But then we were bored. So we went on another hike to find a geocache to put out German travel bug in! We drove to the state park that is about 8 miles away and did some more walking to find this one. If I had already bought my fitbit, it would have been very happy with me (probably going to get it after our garage sale this coming weekend).

Then yesterday I worked (Friday too). Yesterday I was serving up Totino's chicken parm and cheesey garlic rolls (NOT points friendly), but then also a zero calorie flavored sparkling water that I never would have discovered otherwise. The black raspberry is great. Friday for that matter, I did pringles products, and their sticks I discovered a 2 PP a pack.

So we're back to Monday. Just went grocery shopping, have dinner in the crockpot (sausage and peppers) and meals planned so there shouldn't be much eating out this week.

Still haven't lost an ounce since recommiting a couple weeks ago but haven't gained either. I'll get there, right? At least I can already say my endurance and overall fitness has improved quickly.

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ZARAHA (Zarah)

6/25/2013 9:37 AM
Sounds like fun!

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The Odd Zumba Instructor Revisited

Friday, June 21, 2013

A couple blogs ago I mentioned the kind of out of the ordinary Zumba instructor I had last week. Turns out he's the regular one for this class.

This week he was sipping coffee all through the routine again. (Coffee while working out makes my stomach churn, just the thought!) But he off handedly mentioned he's actually in full time dental school, so I can kind of excuse the not perfect choreography knowledge and need for caffiene. I guess. Again, the very thought of coffee while working out is not appealing to me at all. Especially HOT coffee (which this was).

He was more on it with choreography this time. And he's nice enough and good at explaining, down to Earth and what not, it just kind of threw me off when you're used to perky female instructors who dance with total enthusiasm to every song and make you wonder if they are even breathing heavy as they bounce around to see a guy who needs as many breaks as the rest of us and is relying on the ladies in the front to show HIM the choreography to some songs.

On another note, I weighed in today and didn't loser or gain from last week. I've been pretty OP this week, so who knows what's going on. Just need to keep trying, trying, trying! And at least it wasn't a gain.

(I hate my scale, BTW, it only measures in half pounds. So I may very well have lost a little but it didn't register. Then again, I also may have gained a little.)

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Salad Kits...You May Be What Saves Me This Time!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I don't know what scared me away from them before, I know they aren't a new thing. But a few weeks ago I was doing a demo (as part of my PT job) in the produce department of one of my stores and a customer raved about salad kits. So when I saw the Dole on was on sale for a pretty low price I bit the bullet and bought one.

I don't know if its too much time following frugal blogs or whole food friends who are anti-processed that made me think I needed to shy away from anything too easy for so long, but forget it, this isn't going to work if its too much work. So there we are.

Or maybe its because it said 3.5 servings and a lot of fat in it, but that's not the whole story anyway.

Anyway. I bought a couple of the dole salad kits and OMG I'm in love. Its like having a restaurant salad at home. And the points really aren't that bad on it either if you do it right.

So far each kit comes with lettuce and other fresh veggies. Different types depending on the salad. I'm anti-iceburg, but there's a lot of green even in the ones that include that type.

It also comes with a bag that contains the add ons. The Asian one has dried pineapple, crunchy noodles (or whatever those things are), sliced almonds, and an asian vineagrette. The Caesar has croutons, shaved parmesan, and caesar dressing. Endless Summer has sesame seeds, croutons, summer vineagrette, and a mix of shredded gouda and monterey jack cheeses.

And they all contain a packet of dried herbs to throw on top. Why did I never think of dried herbs on a salad? Duh. Fresh, yes. But it never occured to me to sprinkle seasoning on it.

So the trick to portion control is to control all the 'extras' and use all the herbs and veggies that you want. I've been getting two meals out of each bag. Using about 1/4-1/3 of what they give me for dressing and the other stuff I'd have to count points on per salad. (I'm definitely skimpy on the dressing

I just made the caesar for lunch with grilled chicken. So filling and it tasted like I was at a restaurant. The whole salad came to about 8 pp. I did the Asian one with shrimp yesterday it was about 7 pp.

Hopefully this cures my short attention span salad burnout issues. Because when a salad is made continuously with whatever cheese, meats, and dressing I have on hand and not much else, heck yes it gets boring!

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6/29/2013 4:56 PM
I may try one! Thanks Mindy!

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What has worked before...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Since I'm doing better all the time about being on track, I've been able to reflect on what has worked for me in the past when I've successfully lost weight with Weight Watchers.

Points plus has not worked for me...yet. And I know a lot of this is due to the timing. It was at a time where my hold on control was fragile that they switched it over. I probably would have slipped anyway. I probably would have plateaued anyway.

And giving a fruit loving food addict free reign to eat all the fruit she wants turned out to be a bad idea. (I'm sure a lot of us found that.) Whoever said "I didn't gain this weight eating fruit" never ate half a watermelon and five bananas in a single day.

So thinking back here are MY keys to success:
  • Intentional, regular exercise including weight training. I always eat healthier on days I work out. And having stronger muscles means having better metabolism.
  • Veggies. I have to eat a couple a day, period. One big salad a day works well too. Left to my own devices, I eat none. And I don't hate them! I hate some, but I love a lot! Red peppers, grilled zucchini, roasted green beans, and my newest discovery: jicima! I like them, I really like them!
  • Fruit within reason. One banana for breakfast, maybe two other types as snacks. A smoothie after a workout. (Or if I count the points like if its one from a fast food restaurant)
  • LIMITED eating out. Twice a week. We get into some major eating out ruts. And to go with that:
  • I need to cook. Nothing gets more boring than the meals I scrounge for and throw together. New recipes are fun. I just have to remember this! Put the effort in! Yes the grocery bills go up but the eating out bills go down even more.
  • Treat rationing. Ice cream isn't for every day.
  • TRACK EVERYTHING. I am so bad about the end of the day snacks being snuck. They need to be tracked for better or for worse.

Am I doing all this? Not even close. But I'm getting there. There's been major improvements on the fruit and veggie front. Exercise is improving as well.

Lots of work to be done! I am sick of being this weight. There's no excuse for it other than I just didn't want to do the work for a period of time.

Here is what I hate about my current state:

I hate that

  • Clothes are not flattering on this body. Some are less unflattering but it is hard to disguise this shape. Even 30 lbs less this won't be the case, I've just crossed some invisible line on my body that makes it this way.
  • My feet hurt the next day when I do anything. This may be something I'm stuck with forever but less weight can only make it better.
  • My legs. They're huge at this number. I can't wear a nice summer skirt without friction. Its hard to find summer clothes that flatter them. So its suffer in jeans or look a mess.
  • I NEED to be a good role model to my kids. They're five now. No weight problems there but they pick up on everything I do.
  • Honestly, I haven't had a check up in a while, but my stats cannot be good and I'm a diabetes risk genetically anyway. I really need to make the healthy choice before i "have" to make it. (I could get a check up at any time, I have insurance again, but my doctor hit somebody driving drunk and isn't practicing at the moment so I'm waiting to see what happens there because despite that I love my doctor...crazy right? And it made international news because of her funny name and that she's a 38 year old mom and doctor and its crazy)
  • And most urgently: If I'm not watching what I do and following a plan, I GAIN WEIGHT. IT DOES NOT NEED TO GET WORSE! Even if I don't lose an ounce, if I'm not gaining its better than nothing. I don't need to reach my pregnant with twins weight while not pregnant! I'm not that close as it is but I've gained twenty to thirty pounds in no time flat before.

I'm running out of characters so I may expand on that later, but that should be enough motivation.

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6/20/2013 11:01 AM
You are not alone, I have to watch what I do and follow plan EXACTLY, or I gain, too. This is one of the hardest struggles for me. And boy, can I relate to the "suffer in jeans" point! :D

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This Keychain's Journey

Monday, June 17, 2013

I mentioned that I took up geocaching...or am trying to anyway. I'm still not the best 'finder' in the world but if its getting my family out walking in nature, its a win, right?

This weekend we went to visit my in-laws in Western PA. It was their 50th anniversary so (gasp!) their middle son who hasn't visited in 7 years made an appearance. He moved to his Arizona with his wife. His very emotionally fragile, needy wife. So who knows when we'll see him again. He's a great guy, and my girls really bonded with him this weekend, and my husband was thrilled to see his big brother again, so it makes me sad that it may be another 7 years...I hope its not! (But really, we knew this woman was a mess but having him there alone fielding her phone calls, it really hits home, I can't even imagine.)

So anyway, we had vaguely planned to take him geocaching with us as a way to get out and have cheap entertainment. Plus living in Arizona, there are no forrests, and Western PA are full of them, he's got to want to get some green time in right?

Apparently not, because he politely refused, but their oldest brother, who lives in the area has geocached too (which we didn't know) so he and his wife came along. Which was great because then they got the bonding time, and before this I didn't feel like we had a lot in common.

So anyway, fast forward, we walk in this park with no cell reception so the gps program on our iphones are not navigating. But we got a walk in around the main loop of the park, then cross the street where the caches looked like they were and went exploring. We found one finally in a fallen tree! The kids were so excited. And it had a travel bug in it which made me right there with them in the excitement!

In geocaching, there are a ton of these little things floating around. Its a keychain with a number on it and you go to their website to log it and you can see where its been. And we hit the motherload with this one!

Here is the log on the website that shows its journey.

It started in Germany in April 2012. And between then and now its been to France, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Quebec, Ontario, New York, Arizona, Virginia and now Pennsylvania and Ohio!

So this week my job is to replant it. So I guess we'll have to do some more exploring! Its going to be fun to see where it goes from here.

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6/17/2013 5:48 PM
Glad you got some time with the family, even though it didn't pan out quite as you wanted. Anyhow, congrats on finding the keychain. You are making me want to geocache.

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The ....Odd...Zumba Instructor

Friday, June 14, 2013

I signed up for Zumba classes at the community center every Thursday night for 10 weeks through the summer. Our community center has punch cards which seem to be the thing to use for group fitness classes, but I really wanted the commitment of one set time, both for me to commit to and my family to commit to me going. (If its a flexible time its possible both me and my kids/husband will find reasons for me to do it 'another time'. So until I really get things going, or the kids start Kindergarten and I have set free time daily for working out...this is the way to go)

So last week was a great female instructor who went perfectly at my pace, was a lot of fun, but not over the top cheesey. She was just natural and great.

Then there was last night. It was a male instructor. You could tell he was a ballroom dancer who is just making extra money doing this. (He had a standard "Dancing with the Stars" rehearsal outfit on, all black tank top and pants, that was my first thought, and was built like a ballroom dancer). Great, a dude teaching Zumba, that's great, gives the class a different feel and I don't feel bad about watching his behind the whole time.

He started out great but I after the first two songs or so only kind of knew the choreography. It was sort of odd. And he did it all with his eyes closed. But he seemed to have 'groupies' (like some Zumba instructors do, people who follow them class to class) so maybe he was just trying out new choreo?

Like I told my husband, its not like i'll never go back, he had a decent energy (one of his groupies had brought him coffee and was drinking it the whole while working out seems odd to me?) and was likeable, just odd. I've done enough Zumba to pick up choreography fast even if its from the other class participants and not the instructor.

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6/17/2013 11:38 AM
LOL!! Coffee Really! LOL well don't give up...just keep on stepping. Does he teach all the time or was he a sub?

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I Said NO To Frosties - TWICE!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

After we go to the playground a lot of times my family likes to go to Wendy's to get Frosties.

As ice cream goes its not the worst for including points wise. A lot of days I can make it fit. But twice in the past week, I said none for me thanks since that day I was already close to or over my daily points allowance.

Baby steps, everyone, baby steps.

Not to say I'll never have a frostie again, next time I may say yes. And that's fine. Some days I find myself done with dinner with all the points in the world to blow on treats, some days I'm cutting it too close and can't afford it (like yesterday I had pizza at Mellow Mushroom, there wasn't room for another 'treat')

I have to remember after the playground or a hike or what have you, a big diet lemonade is just as much as a treat to me as a frostie (especially if I go to a Wendy's with a freestyle machine that lets you add flavors to the lemonade!)

One of my many, many, many keys to losing weight (that I tend to forget) is treat management. Treats are fine, but not all in one day.

Its so simple, why do I forget these things and fall back into bad habits so easily?!

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990003!!! (PAULA)

6/12/2013 4:15 PM
TRUE...not all in one day and yet when the treat fits in the day have it. Mellow Mushroom pizza would have been a huge treat for me.

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The Products I Promoted

Monday, June 10, 2013

I was just thinking about my last several weeks of working (in store product demonstrator at a grocery chain) and there were a couple of really good ones that I'm going to keep using myself and may as well share with you!

One day I grilled Hebrew National hot dogs. You know they're good. Pretty all-natural (though there are better on the 'all natural' scale but you pay for it), and there's a very low fat version. Of course I was giving out the full fat version.

Then another day was miscellaneous Special K products. OK I called off this day, I won't lie. Because of my brother's baby being born, I lost my babysitter for the day. But looking them over, great points friendly CHOCOLATE options. If you can have them in your house without them being gone two minutes later. Which I can't (not all because of me).

Then there was the iced tea and chicken day. These Lipton iced tea mixes were really fun. And 5 calories. I bought some for myself and have been using them to get my water in (specifically the dragonfruit-peach green tea and half and half iced tea-berry lemonade).

Then the chicken was a baked chicken marinated in italian dressing. Then I chopped tomatoes and red onions and marinated THOSE in Italian dressing. Great fresh combo.

This weekend was Green Giant veggie chips and honey nut cheerios medley crunch. Which were both low-ish calories and yummy. (Anything honey nut cheerios involved tends to be a trigger for me though)

I won't go into what else I did this weekend which was NOT low calorie. But one of the combos they had me do was waffles with yogurt spread on it (OK it was Belgian waffles and full fat yogurt), but the idea was great! I may try it with some whole grain eggos and greek yogurt sometime.

So just thought I'd share some things I picked up at work lately! Its definitely an education doing this job!

(A non-food related lesson: the floral department has some great size boxes for movie and garage sale packing! I grabbed a few on Saturday, big garage sale coming in two weeks!)

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6/13/2013 11:30 AM
I meant to put "for years" haha, got carried away with my sentence.

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Cleaning and Weight Loss Revisted

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Not too many entries before I fell off the Earth last time, I had an entry about how I was trying to get into a good cleaning routine and how similar it felt into getting in good healthy habits.

I'm not a natural at either one.

Well. The routine didn't stick that first time. But the good news is, I've got some momentum going with a routine now. And its not perfect. There's still clutter everywhere, but at least I'm not letting the surface clutter get in the way of cleaning what is underneath and making it a healthier all around environment for my family.

Without a set of 'rules' to follow I never get past the living room. My living room is a nightmare. Two five year olds a dog. Most of the toys are in there (though I'm slowly changing that) and we're home most of the day. Every few weeks I would just snap and spend three hours sorting through it all. Then I would vacuum. Maybe clean the carpet. Maybe. Then it would start all over again. I would wipe up dust as it got bad enough to notice. Eventually.

The rest of the house got neglected until I snapped on those rooms. Which took way longer than it should have. Maybe twice a year I would get in a frenzy and make real progress that never lasted.

Checksheets, 'programs', nothing worked. I looked at the fly lady program and laughed. No way.

But I finally found an app with a very doable schedule that I could stick to. There's something about being able to just pull it up on my phone and check the little stars off with my fingers, not relying on a piece of paper but having it right there, that has been working.

Every week there's a new 'zone' and I've almost made it through all of them. This week's (which means today since this was my 'let's get this done' day) was the basement. It also was the stairs and entryway but I took care of those Tuesday. Its sad that I need an app to say "hey, its time to vacuum your stairs now" but it does. And I did! And once a month is better than not at all!

The basement, that was a job. But the floor is all tidy now and not disgusting and maybe I can start doing weights down there again like I used to! Someone just needs to get a working TV down there again.

There are so many parallels between getting a cleaning routine and keeping up with healthy habits with exercise and food consumption its crazy. Some people are just naturals at one or both areas. I am not. Apparently its a good thing I was born in the technology generation so I can rely on apps and websites to keep me straight!

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6/7/2013 2:56 PM
I love it! What's the app called

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We Geocache Now (or how to not find anything but get lots of walking in anyway!)

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Over the past few days I decided that geocaching would be a good hobby for my family. I flit between hobbies like no one's business but for now, this is the one.

If you've never heard of geocaching, its a virtual treasure hunt that is insanely huge once you plug into it. There are little 'caches' hidden everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE and you get the app on your iphone or use a portable GPS and you can find them based on their coordinates. They're in parks, on bike trails, at schools, in parking lots, in cemetaries, anywhere open to the public. Right now there are 2 million cahces in the world and counting. Around Columbus along there have to be a thousand. It seems like everywhere I drive there's one within a half mile.

Inside is a piece of paper or notebook where you sign that you found it and sometimes some little trinkety toys for the kids or travel bugs (which are like keychains that move between caches and get logged in online) or other such souveniers.

So over the past few days the girls and I and sometimes hubby have looked for them. We've found one! It was probably the easiest one ever! I'm not the best at observing so that works against us, but there's been a lot of walking while we look with minimum kid complaining so bonus there.

Last night we all went to a state park to look for one. It took us to a trail we never would have discovered otherwise and we saw some pretty views.

But we'll probably have to start finding more soon or they won't stay on board. I think when my mom has them for a few hours later I may scout some out and then act like I've never been there before when I take them another time.

In other news, I'm getting back in the tracking routine slowly but surely. I just weighed myself and I've held steady through all of my foolery so that's great. And tomorrow I start 10 weeks of Zumba so if that doesn't get me going nothing will!

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6/6/2013 3:12 PM
I've always been intrigued by Geocaching. Zumba is fun, but don't concentrate on what you can't do! Instead focus on what you can and be proud when you learn a difficult step.

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The Good, The Bad, and the Waaaay Unflattering

Thursday, May 30, 2013

First off thank you Zarah and Kathleen for your advice about getting refocused. I'm still struggling but today I'm doing great, so that's something!

Yesterday was a rough one. And a great one. Different ways.

First off I was supposed to work. but I had to call off which I hate. But I love the reason. Because I didn't have a babysitter...

Because my babysitter (my mom) had to go see her new grandchild just born yesterday morning 2 hours away! My brother's baby boy is finally here! Only 11 days past due and after three years of them TTC. That little man is a slow poke just like his parents!

I'm kind of sad I couldn't go but with the kids its just too much and my introverted SIL tends to get overwhelmed. So hoping we can go up in a week or so. And the kids were upset too that they couldn't go see him. So it was a full day of activity all at the last second.

It started with McDonalds...not the best choice but the easiest. And no I didn't get points friendly things. But like I said, it was a mixed day and today so far so good.

But then I made the last minute decision to take them mini golfing for the first time. They loved the course and the mini houses and water. The game was kind of beyond them. One kid was playing croquet and one was...not sure...mostly just dropping her ball in the hole after rolling it or something. But I played!

Then later we went to the outdoor fountains at the mall and I think I finally had my 'moment' that is going to get me back on track for a good long while.

Since we were just playing in the fountains and not shopping or dining, I chose to wear some old shapeless capri sweatpants with a shapeless shirt. And when it came time to take the kids to the restroom, after walking by beautifully dressed people dining at the nice restaurants near the fountains, I caught a really, really unflattering glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror. It was bad. I looked my weight, something I could usually tell myself I don't. (I carry a lot in my legs and if I can hide my legs and wear pants and shirts with structure, I can sometimes hide 20 lbs or so...not in this outfit!)

Yup, Biggest Loser before picture, right here.

Soooo....that will keep me going for now. Definitely not going to forget that.

So today so far it was the usual cheerios-milk-banana (which I think I'm going to try to change up for breakfast, but not today). Then we went strawberry picking (see picture!) and stopped at Tim Hortons where I got a strawberry-banana smoothie and then a smart ones quesadilla and some graham crackers with apple butter. And I'm actually defrosting some chicken for dinner. That's where I've been falling apart lately is failing to plan for dinner.

So thank you ladies so much for your advice and staying with me! I have a wedding to go to in August, so that will help me ancor that much more. Do I want to look like a blob in the pictures that last forever? (Well, the bride is a marathon runner/fitness competitor and a lot of her friends are too so most of us will looks like blobs but I digress...) I also want to do the Zumba classes and not be in total pain the next day! Oh and also be healthy and live for a long, long time and not have my feet kill me every morning. That too.

Here's a picture of the girls picking strawberries. They were so excited to do this it was adorable. And they remembered details about last year's trips to this farm I had long forgotten!

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KRJPY1 (Kelly)

5/31/2013 1:09 PM
It's amazing what a mirror and the wrong (or in some cases right) outfit can do to change your outlook (or inlook)

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Still Trying to Pull It Together.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

22 days after I posted a blog saying I'm trying to get back on track, I'm still struggling!

But I tracked breakfast so that's a start.

It is way too easy for me to have a bad day or two then call it a bad week then next week doesn't start out great because I'm out of the habit and then a month is passed.

But I signed up for a weekly Zumba class next week so I need to get myself together.

Its easy to think that its all going to be so much easier when school starts in the fall but there's no reason to throw the whole summer away!

So step one, start tracking, and getting ready to start step two, meal planning because there has been way too much eating out going on here and that helps nothing!

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ZARAHA (Zarah)

5/28/2013 5:09 PM
I agree with Kathleen. You need to visualize where you want to be by labor day. Giving yourself a mini goal can really help get you back into the momentum. Also, ANCHOR yourself. You need something tangible to remind you when you are feeling challenged, tempted or lazy (at least laziness is an issue for me...). You can do it!

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Its a Slippery Slope...

Monday, May 06, 2013

When you 'forget' to track for a day.

Then the next day there's only one or two more days left in the week, so why bother? You'll start again Friday on weigh in day. May as well have fun with your 'freedom' (you know, the freedom that got you into this mess to begin with)

Then the weekend happens.

This was me this past week. It was kind of a crazy week. For one the girls' preschool year is almost over. Which means field trip to the pizza restaurant, school picnic. Food, food, food. And it didn't have to be a free for all. And it really wasn't. I did okay, but I didn't track, and not tracking equals trouble for me. Because its my baseline. If I don't do it, a lot of other good things slip too.

This week is their last week by the way. And no that's not the norm for this area, the rest of the schools have another month or so.

And then the weekend. It was Cinco de Mayo. And the store I work in celebrates every holiday weekend with mad promotions and freebies.

For those new to my recent story, for the past six months I've been an in store demonstrator at Krogers. We've switched marketing companies and now I'm 'assigned' to a particular location and have really elaborate demos. And the Cinco de Mayo one was not at all healthy. But it was deeeeelicious.

Not to make you all hungry, but I spent six hours making a dip with chicken, creamy jalepeno/pepper jack sauce and melted cheddar cheese and serving it up with tortilla chips. Down the aisle was a Budweiser rep promoting their margarita line, there was wine tastings happening all afternoon, one of the deli people was giving away guacamole, there was a couple of local companies promoting their chips and salsa, it was a serious fiesta (with face painters and balloon artists to boot...seriously this location knows how to party).

I didn't partake in too much because I was so stinking busy. People were bombarding me wanting this dip I was making. Which is the kind of work day I love so I am SO not complaining. People with a slight buzz on from their $.25 wine samples really love their cheesy Mexican dip.

So I didn't 'have time' to track. So flimsy so stupid, but I switched my tracking day to Mondays because I think I will have an easier time getting on a roll if I start then rather than the weekend.

So today's a new day, this week is a new week and breakfast is tracked. I'm hitting Jason's Deli again for lunch and going to plan it better this time. And this week at work is going to have many less tortilla chips. I'm promoting 'healthy' things on Wednesday so it will be a lot less tempting (and less busy because breakfast biscuits, greek yogurt and vitamin water aren't quite the pied pipper that cheesy dip is)

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5/7/2013 8:27 AM
I know what you mean about not tracking and then thinking why bother! LOL Either my store does not have too many promotional things or I am lucky enough to go to the store during the times when there is not one there! Thank goodness!

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Its a New Week

Friday, April 26, 2013

You would think getting 8 more daily points would mean I'd go over my limit less, but guess not.

This was not a great week. My weigh in was even compared to last week which I'll take. I ate out too much and didn't plan before I did, getting hit with big point value meals (but not as big as I would have gone pre-plan).

BUT it was a good week in my personal life, full of doing new things so I'll take it!

Before I get to this week in review, I'm going to set some goals for the coming week. More intentional exercise, more planning, and more water!

OK now onto this week. Or the past few days because as awful as this is I don't think I can remember what I did in particular before Tuesday or so. (as I wrote that I remembered but its nothing signficant).

So Wednesday I had to go into two different stores and put together carts for the new marketing company to do in store demonstrations. And I am in love. I wanted to rub my face all over these new carts. They were so pretty! And I want to use them now, now, now! But unfortunately this weekend's work is with the OLD marketing company and I have to use the plastic and cardboard piece of junk I have stored in my car.

I mean seriously, this cart is big and beautiful and comes with five different small applances, all of the kitchen products you could ever need (except a sink but I can walk to the meat or deli departments for that) pretty! The current set up is I bring all of what I need from home...including my own microwave sometimes and then I prop the microwave up on milk cartons. Yeah, its night and day and I'm so excited (and also the new company gave me a major pay boost...Kroger is really investing in their in store demonstrations). But this is the last week with the old company and so its half-a$$ed for another week. (Giving out chili cheese wheat thins and ID gum)

And in other news yesterday I did something totally new....I MADE A DRESS! All in one day start to finish. I've had a sewing machine for years but never made more than "sleeping bags" for the girls' dolls.

But I got a girls' sundress pattern and made a "Belle" dress for J that she can wear out and about. And its not perfect but its my first garment ever created and she loves it. I mean total love eminating from this girl when it was finished, which makes it worth it. She was sitting next to me at the table the whole time I was doing it. The kid loves 'creating'.

So here's a picture of my creation. Its going to need to be tailored a bit by my mom who is a much more experienced sewer, but its a great start. Next project is the same in "Sleeping Beauty" style for her sister. Then I may make some casual summer skirts for me.

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VFP123 (Victoria)

4/30/2013 9:05 PM
Very adorable dress that you made! Thank you for the is motivating me to try to plan some intentional exercise as well!

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Note to Self: EASY Chinese Style Dinner

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I always mess up vegetables. Always. Undercooked, overcooked...


Here is what we just ate for dinner:

Frozen Chicken Cubes (any frozen pre-cooked chicken, or cook it or whatever)
Cambell's Skillet Sauce, Toasted Sesame (easy dinner for two, found in the box dinner aisle...not that I spent two days promoting it or anything)
Brown Rice (I used one boil in bag)
A couple handfuls of veggies of your choice. I used sugar snap peas and baby carrots. (the store had them bagged together)

First I put the frozen chicken cubes in the skillet with 1/4 cup of water (eyeballed it, you can do that with water you know :) and the veggies. Covered. Steamed it all for 10 minutes or so while cooking the rice.

Added the rice and the sauce. Heated through. Voila.

The sugar snap peas are so good I was eating them straight from the skillet and counting the days to farmer's market season.

And speaking of 'farmers market season'...I love the weather lately. I mean love, love love. But the kids want to be nothing but outside. And they want their neighborhood friends to be outside too. And the mommies (me included) are getting nothing done. Good point is that I've made fast friends with a lady I've lived 100 yards from for the past 10 years since her son is a year younger than my girls and they play a lot all of the sudden. Its so funny how kids bring the neighbors together. Right now hubby is out with them. Which is I better get something real done besides blogging huh? Laundry it is! Then maybe a workout later.

This afternoon we went to the used sporting goods store to see if they had bikes for kids. Not yet but they did have 1 lb dumbells...which we now have four of. Its pretty cute.

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4/26/2013 8:42 AM
recipe sounds yummy! I am trying to make one meal for everyone..sick of one child wants this and the other child wants that and husband wants something different too!! Whew who do they think I am..a short order cook! but I have been accommodating them, but its killing my time and food budget. I'm gonna try a good dinner stir-fry and if they're hungry they'll eat if not....leftovers for my lunch at work:)

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OUCH, those figures hurt!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Twice this weekend I had lunch out and twice I got bit in the bottom by high points plus values sandwiches!

Since I'm going back to basics here, I guess I learned that lesson...again! Check BEFORE you order!

The first time was at Panera. Yeah I know, Panera, of COURSE it was crazy high. There's a Panera walking distance from my main store (I work in different area grocery stores but there's one that's my primary location). So I met hubby for lunch there. And didn't take the time to look anything up before I ordered, figured this would be a splurge meal...and 19 pp for the sandwich along later...ouch.

They seriously need to hurry up and finish building the Piada next to it so I can eat there instead. Piada for those who don't live in Columbus or Ohio NEEDS to be the next big national chain. But its huge around here. Its Italian food served Chipotle style. So you watch every ingredient being put in. They have some awesome salads and you can load up veggies in there like crazy. (the one they're building near my main store is also the one that will be closest to my house, so I'm super excited and the work site has been nothing more than a pile of dirt for months, really frustrated)

So then the next day the family and I went to Jason's Deli whose light portion of the menu mysteriously disappeared. I was worried about the kids running back and forth for mints and throwing a fit because I did not order a juice box, and figuring out what the heck they wanted, that I just ordered a California Club. Californians are skinny right?

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Its served on a croissant! A big beautiful fluffy delicious croissant, but my turkey sandwich was also 19 PP!!!!! (If I'm remembering right but that's the ballpark).

So I got an extra 8 daily points from last week compared to first week thanks to a computer glitch and I have well and fully spent them and then some!

But I busted out my Zumba game for the wii again last night and did a short workout, vowed to sign up for regular weekday night Zumba classes in my community center's summer session and be in good enough shape to more than handle an hour of it by then.

A week OP and I feel better and stronger. Work was actually pretty physically demanding this weekend, but I handled it. Purchasing and giving out 200 cups of yogurt is a lot of work! 200 yogurt cups are heavy!

And I was mobbed on Saturday when I had the brown rice triscuits. Which shocked me. But people really wanted to know what they tasted like. (BTW, they're good. Especially the roasted red pepper, but I love roasted red pepper anything).

So the weekend was mixed results but I'm on track, even eating high point sandwiches I did better than I did not OP, and this weekend my stores IS near a Piada so score for me :)

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4/23/2013 8:16 AM
Don't beat yourself up....i was just there myself this past weekend! The first BBQ of the year! Goodness...hotdogs hotdogs hotdogs...fried chicken..fried fish! soda! I went up 1.2 lbs last week. I'm mentally back on track, but i don't have much food in my house and I'm trying to stay on budget, not use my credit card, but I gotta do something...I hate that Panera is so high in PP:( It's so good

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So Now I have 8 more Daily Ponts?!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Computers are so weird.

I've been an online member before so obviously it has all my information saved.

When I re-signed up, I put in my starting weight which was unfortunately more than my last starting weight (by a big 4 lbs). But it must have had my last finishing weight in because it assigned me 31 points. I thought "That doesn't sound totally right, but whatever"

I weighed myself this morning, lost 2 lbs (I'll take it!) and was told now my daily points were 39. Oooooookay. That totally makes my food choices different!

I was hardly starving at 31 points. But I did rely on fruit a lot and did go over quite a bit. I hit the mark more than once though too.

So I guess it works out to have a week thats a little tighter to get me used to the routine again and then I can relax a little more for the second week. Not that I'm going to be getting my old break snack of a nonfat latte or frappucino from starbucks WITH a scone or cookie later today (that right there sums me off plan up perfectly. I remember the nonfat starbucks drink order...that habit will never go away...but I'm getting a pastry with it and conveniently forgetting that they're like half a day's points budget minimum). Nope, sticking to last week's fruit and yogurt or some version.

BUT not going to get too stressed if I have to take home some of the yogurt I'm giving away which is 5 pp. (I think).

Oh and on a side note, I just discovered my new scale only does 1/2 lbs. Which may be good. Less fussing over fractions.

I overheard one of my girls getting on the scale in the bathroom earlier. "48.5 lbs. Ugh. I was 49 yesterday!" Same kid who was obsessed with The Biggest Loser last season (at age 5) and is always fussing at me to exercise. Luckily she really doesn't know what the numbers mean, just that they change. Otherwise I'd be stressed about early scale obsession. But when she watched TBL I'm pretty sure she thought it corresponded to their heights. Or something. She just liked the 'beep beep beeps' and people's emotional reactions to numbers. Which along with letters are a big deal to five year olds just in their existance.

I hope I'm not messing my kid up too much by just not making a big deal over it.

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4/23/2013 8:29 AM
Is this your first time doing Points Plus version of WW? It's different from the plan where they had points/tracking or core plan to choose from

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Figuring it Out All Over Again...From the Inside...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My attempts at losing on this program have not been...let's say successful...since it switched over to points plus.

At different points I've blamed the program and myself. But I'm back because I know it all depends on me and this program's flexibility has not yet been matched anywhere else I've tried or researched.

So I knew points worked for me. (And sometimes didn't if I didn't keep it up to be fair). Because they were calorie based I thought straight calorie counting would work for me, but it didn't because the weekly allowance was a big help so I could still have some splurging but feel in control and not like I was doing something wrong.

Eating the same meals all the time is SO not going to work for me. I just know myself and prior experiences (though my mom has thrived on a meal plan program).

So I need to give points plus a good try by following it and completely starting over, forgetting everything I knew or thought I knew and going back to basics.

Which brings me to the yogurt aisle at the grocery store.

Two days a week I work in a grocery store promoting products. A lot of which are yogurt. So I hear a lot about yogurt and peoples' opinions of it.

One product was amazing but OMG high in calories (can't even imagine pp count! Not even checking) People would try it, get this "wow" look on their faces, say "that's amazing!!!" then check the calorie count and get another kind of 'wow' look on their faces. (full fat, in the 250 calories range)

Several were kind of borderline. Yummy but do I want to spend 4 or 5 pp on yogurt? Maybe if its 'dessert'.

I want to like greek yogurt, and some of it I do, but it takes a lot of 'doctoring'.

And this weekend is a whole new brand to promote, which I'm getting 300 cups of to give out! Eek. But the calorie check is a little high (190). Yogurt people want low calories. Yogurt companies, get this through your head!

Yogurt is apparently a big deal sales wise too. Did you know that they pay for positioning in the dairy case? The bigger the bucks given to the store, the better the position. (And I happen to know who has the first position at Kroger and I don't know that it helps the sales if we're going to be honest...they do A LOT of TV and internet advertising too. I've seen the backstock of the brands and they don't need to have a ton waiting in the cooler because it runs out fast, just put it that way)

So all this looking at yogurt, all of this info in my head about it and the different companies' pitches and lines, what do I buy? Good old reliable Yoplait Light. Its cheap, the flavors are fun and I know its not a reach on the points counter.

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4/19/2013 11:59 PM
Good insight. You can do this. :)

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Guess its time to buy a scale...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Probably before my first at home weigh in on Friday I should have one of those, huh?

I made my start weight my weight at the doctor's office a couple weeks ago. It may be more, may be less since it was mid day and I was fully clothed. I doubt its less because I lost any between my appointment and starting back on track because I was not a good girl! I had a baby shower to eat my way through and our anniversary cheesecake. And all the foods I felt I needed to say 'goodbye' to. (which is a really unhealthy attitude I know, I didn't say goodbye to any of them forever, I'm just not going to be visiting all of them on a daily or weekly basis.)

But so far since starting back on track I've been doing really well. Tracking, measuring, making it through a good part of my WW week hitting daily points with a little bit of a overflow on more active days.

This week is all about getting back to basics, next week I'll worry about adding routine activity and handling dining out (beyond Subway which I had yesterday and chili at Wendy's which I had during lunch at work on Saturday). We did go to the zoo and got some walking in that way and I counted my 6 hours of on my feet and moving around work as an hour of slow walking. There tends to be a lot of bending and moving while I work but its more just standing, so I figured that's fair. (Though I did do a good bit of walking this time because I had to run back and forth to clean out the pan in between cooking rounds and we kept running out of product so I was wandering the back room looking for more).

By the way, speaking of my little work tangent...this week's product that I demonstrated was Campbell's Skillet Sensations. It a pouch of sauce that is complete and you add to chicken or beef or whatever. You just cook the meat and add the sauce and heat it and its done. And the Toasted Sesame was amazing. Not kidding. In fact, its for dinner tomorrow. Its also extremely points friendly. The Fire Roasted Tomato is also very points friendly and really good but tomato sauce is not hard to come by so its not that extraordinary. They also had Thai Green Curry and Marsala which are a little richer but not that bad. And there's a Chipotle one and another that is totally slipping my mind that I didn't try. So there's your grocery store promotions lady tip for the day.

This week I'm doing Koru yogurt and Brown Rice Triscuits which are not quite the points plus winners but oh well. (The Koru yogurt one is me giving out 300 cups of it for free.)

The company who does promos at these stores around here is about to change so I spent all morning while the girls were at preschool doing online training. It looks pretty interesting if its all that they say its going to be. Lets hope because I like my job complicated. I may be the only one that feels that way but it makes the day quicker!

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Comments (see all 2 comments)

ZARAHA (Zarah)

4/16/2013 2:10 PM
Ha Ha, YES you need a scale to do weigh-ins at home! Funny! Glad to hear you are doing well your first week back!

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The Walking Dead, Too Much Milk, and Justin Bieber (?!) (The Fill in the Blank Game)

Monday, April 15, 2013

1. If calories don't count....I won't lie, it would be all pizza and chocolate all the time.

2. On Prom night...I went with friends the first year and with a male friend (probably the biggest dork in our class) but not boyfriend the 2nd. It was a closed prom so we couldn't bring dates from outside of our two grade levels at our school anyway, so it limited the date options. And as a girl who really didn't date in high school that was fine by me.

3. When I grocery shop I always buy .....milk. We go through so much milk here its insane. Better than it used to be, but still nuts. It used to be 8 gallons a week for four people, one of whom (me) drank no more than 1 cup a day. One of my girls and to a lesser extent the other, sucked it down like nobody's business

4. Family Functions typically ......are huge and fun. My family is kind of weird, we all like each other. Even my husband has people he looks forward to seeing.

5. My blog readers.....probably wondered where I disappeared to for so long :)

6. I had rather the bathtub with a book. Any given time that's my happy place. Really though, I'm home with my kids, I have a great PT job I enjoy, and live in a neighborhood with tons of little ones and very cool parents. I'd love a bigger house and my own yard but there's a lot of positives in my place in life right now.

7. I have an Obsession with.....The Walking Dead. Its one I share with my husband. It may have saved our marriage (that's dramatic but we were getting a little disconnected until we discovered this show and started catching up on it together.) Its very much a grown up only show and we needed that.

8. Facebook...don't kow that I could have done stay at home parenthood without it.

9. Least favorite word...p00p. And its my childrens' current favorite.

10. Don't remember.....A lot at any given moment. But do remember a lot of stupid things. someone I can't believe I have an opinion on but I hope his 15 minutes are up long before my kids are old enough to catch "Bieber-fever" (though I do know that there will always be another big group or singer for young girls to go nuts over...gotta say though I kind of like 1D myself, so I don't mind if its them)

(Picture is Norman Reedus as Daryl F#$%#ing Dixon on The Walking of the highlights of the show)

Categories: Fun


Comments (see all 4 comments)


4/23/2013 8:36 AM
OMG!! I am also obsessed with the Walking Dead! My hubby is not a fan..oh well He is missing out! Fun Read! Hang in can do it:)

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Barcode App Adventures

Friday, April 12, 2013

So now its official. I'm OP again. I measured, ate, and tracked my first meal, which was still saved from last time around in my tracker as a 'favorite' (multi-grain cheerios, banana, 1 cup of milk split between the cereal and my coffee).

I paid my online fee last night so it activated my apps completely. Including the barcode app.

Now, I'm late to the iPhone game, up until a couple months ago I had a regular old phone...figuring it would be financially irresponsible for someone whose family has had bad 'job security' luck to upgrade. Until my child grabbed it at the same time as me while it was flipped open and it broke in half. So I had to upgrade.

Luckily my mom had just switched carriers and switched to a Galaxy so her iPhone 4 was up for grabs. See how hip and 'now' I am? I get a used older gen iPhone from my mom...but doesn't matter, I love it anyway. And now I'm never going back.

So the barcode app was activated. Of course I had to try it out. Instant fun for people of all ages around here. The kids were making me scan everything in our cabinet and they didn't really have to twist my arm.

I wasn't even really paying attention for points values because honestly, I knew them all since even though I'm technically new again WW is ingrained in my brain (and I really don't mix up my food purchases even over the course of years). It was just fun to see the tiny picture of the food come up and hear the sound it makes. The kids found it super entertaining that their chicken noodle soup with character shapes came up as completely different character soup when you scan it. Cars came up as Dora, Scooby Doo as Batman. Pretty entertaining.

The only things not in the data base were some little thing of decorating icing gel and the Kroger brand natural oatmeal thats only been on the market a couple of months (I know because the reason I have it is because I was promoting it for them at work a month or so ago...which is why I have it).

So that was fun. AND I have to go to work today. Which involves standing in the middle of a grocery store for 6 hours. You think I'll be using this app to entertain myself here and there? Yes, yes I will.

I work part time as an 'event specialist' (sample lady) at Kroger stores. Which is a blast. We have a different product every day (though this weekend its the same both days) and market it there in the store. Its a great part time job. You could never live off of it alone, but to supplement its as good as it gets. Sometimes boring, but no one ever gets mad at you.

Today's product is Campbell's skillet sauces. So I have to heat them up with premade chicken strips in an electric skillet and try to get some takers. I've tried these, they're pretty good, and super easy. I have a feeling I'm going to hear it about the sodium though. That's one of the usual complaints about products. Sodium, calories/fat content and is it gluten free? (and sometimes is it truly vegetarian or did they sneak meat in like for soups, etc) Though truthfully most people are all over anything sweet or snacky. They may not buy it but they want the sample. Fruit is huge. I always get takers for fruit. Also the time I had pie I was mega popular. And the time I had pizza too.

So enough about this its getting to be that time, get dressed, get the kids off to grammy, get to work. My work hours are 12 to 6, its a rough life.

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990003!!! (PAULA)

4/12/2013 1:48 PM
Enjoy the app.... My Krogers has PB2 in the organic section...have you tried that?

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Wow, Since August, Huh?

Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Not officially. I'm not starting up again until Thursday or Friday but figured I'd check in and see how many friends are still here and who can give me a little inspiration to get this thing going.

Haven't updated my blog since August so I'm guessing that's when I stopped 'trying'. Which sounds about right.

Actually its not because I did go to workout classes for the first few months the kids were in school. So maybe November?

Anyway. I stopped doing Weight Watchers on purpose. I wasn't losing. We didn't have the money for me to keep paying for something that wasn't doing it for me. So I said "I'll track elsewhere for free." And for a little while I did. Then the Kindle broke, my husband was still laid off and always on the computer and God knows how we ever took care of ourselves before technology, right?

Then Christmas came and cookies tasted good.

Oh and I started working PT which made things harder too.

Because what job am I doing? I'm a food demonstrator. Which means FOOD, all the time. Good food, bad food, its all right in front of me for 6 hours a day 2 days a week. And I'm pushing it on people. And I'm not supposed to eat it all day. And I don't, but there are leftovers oftentimes. Like the guacamole I made yesterday to promote avocados had chips with it, so of course there were chips left to bring home.

So instead of paying to not lose, I wasn't paying but I was gaining. And I gained plenty. And I'm sick of being out of shape and looking like a stuffed sausage in my clothes and I don't want to buy more size 20's when most of my clothes are 16s or 18s, and I have an iPhone now AND a new Kindle AND my husband is working again so the computer is free so NO EXCUSES.

Now I just need to wrap my mind around it...

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4/10/2013 3:27 PM
Wecome Back Mindy! We're all glad you're back! You can do this - you are much stronger than you think!

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Cleaning and Weight Loss

Thursday, August 09, 2012

They have a lot in common.

I kind of am a horrible housekeeper left to my own devices. Really awful, not even kidding.

And its been bugging me so thanks to Pinterest (yay Pinterest! I have the same screen name there and here if you want to be pinning buddies) I had a bunch of cleaning plans 'pinned' so I called some up, printed some out and now I'm on a 'program'.

The first day I was kind of exhausted doing all the things they told me to do. You know, basic stuff like putting things away, vacuuming, and dusting. Things that people work 10 hours a day and come home and do, but me? My natural state is 'lazy' so it doesn't happen.

I posted a link to this plan on my moms' group message board and one of the other mommies said "cleaning schedules are like diets for me, I'm great for a few days and then miss a day and it all goes out the window, I do better just addressing things as they need addressed'.

Which is awesome for her, in fact, I'm kind of jealous. She's lost a lot of weight herself just by eating when she's hungry and not when she's not (which means skipping breakfast she's said) and integrating activity into her life naturally (she bikes everywhere).

For me? This does not work. Weight loss and cleaning, I have to have a plan. And I stick to it for a long time. Unfortunately when I stop paying attention and try to go by instinct it all goes in the toilet because my instinct is to sit on the couch and eat cookies. (Although I can't help but be resentful that six months of not paying attention brought so much weight back because I was not THAT bad with my eating habits. I still didn't buy out and out junk food to keep around at home. My cooking still involved low fat everything. But that's my lot in life.)

I don't pay attention to cleaning the house, it gets to crazy point where everyone is miserable. (I'm not a candidate for a hoarder show but I kind of understand how they get there). Then I go all crazy and only partially get it together before I burn myself out and it all goes bad again.

So much better if I do a little bit every day to make it better, right?

I'll get there eventually. Have a healthy weight and a clean house. Miracles can happen, can't they?

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10/31/2012 12:11 PM
ugh. Housework. I'm really awful, too, but I WANT to be good! Going to have to look on Pinterest...

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Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Saturday, August 04, 2012

I swear that describles my weight loss journey this time.

Gain 1 one week, lost 1.5 the next, then gain 2, lose 3. Lather, rinse, repeat.

So frustrating. The only thing I can think of is I crossed some magic age line that is making it even harder than a year ago to get rid of weight I gained in like an hour.

Add to the frustration my husband is still looking for a job (though there's some hope something will break this week) so its been four months with him at home all day and me at home all day and then kids at home all day and I'm shocked we're all surviving. Family togetherness time yay. Except I don't have a gym to escape to anymore. Boo.

My gym closed last year around the holidays and I haven't been able to justify finding a replacement. And I'm starting to really miss it. It was a nice place to escape to. Now that I'm working out consistently again, I'm managing at home but its so frustrating to have to stop between sets to get a kid a banana. Or have them in the way as I'm trying to do lunges. I totally snapped the other night.

Its not that there aren't gyms around but no one in this house is getting an income from a job, how can I justify a brand new gym membership? I justified continueing to pay a low one before. As it is paying for WW meetings and community center group class packages is about the limit. My Sunday Zumba class is almost over though, but I do have a group fitness studio that I go to that I bought a punch card for that has all the classes my old gym did (the owners of the group fitness studio were from the old gym) and that's great, but its on their schedule not mine. When I really need to escape I have to wait until a class begins and hope its one I want.

Even when he does start working again (please, God, soon), I'm going to start looking for something part time to try to get somewhere on bills (kids are starting preschool in the fall, I'm waiting til they get used to that change before springing another one). We have several gyms but here's what I want:

1. VERY nearby (where I live this isn't that much to ask)
2. Childcare
3. Group classes included (good ones please)
4. Not that big of a monthly fee.

One chain has it and they have awful business practices and are huge and busy and I'm not going there. The other options have a couple but not the others. Childcare I can deal without. There is one with group classes but they are kind of not great (either have fees or are targeted at senior citizens). One has no group classes or childcare but is cheap. There's a big luxury chain with two not closeby locations that are way expensive but they have childcare and great group classes. There are community centers with fees for both childcare and group classes. And several offshoots of my old gym that would be great if they were just a little closer. Or not in a neighborhood my husband thinks is 'the ghetto' even though its not but I don't want to hear it every time I go.

Oh and the community center down the street is very cheap, has just a workout room and nothing else, but is closed sundays.

Sometimes when you have too many options you have none at all.

Probably what is going to happen is I'm going to buy monthly passes to the group studio and then just deal without use of cardio machines and weight rooms. I have plenty of equipment to use at home (wii with zumba game, dumbells, swiss ball, yoga mat, tons of dvd's and two kids to LOVE it when mommy works out...) I also have a mall to do laps around if I'm really not wanting to deal with the great outdoors.

So I guess I'll be fine. Doesn't mean I can't get annoyed when I have to drop everything to deal with a kid fight when I'd love to just zone out on a treadmill!

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8/5/2012 3:15 PM
You're right, sometimes when I have lots of options, it's like I'm a deer in the headlights. If these places have no contracts, I'd start trying out places on a month-long probation-type thing, to see if they're a fit. Good luck!! You'll find something that's just right for you :)

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Really, Scale, REALLY?!

Monday, July 30, 2012

We were leaving town on Friday to visit my in-laws in the Pittsburgh area so I did an express weigh in on Friday morning.

Only to find I'm up 1 lb.

After one of the best activity weeks on record and a pretty good eating week (save one day).


I guess all I can do is make this a good week.

But wait, this weekend I was out of town, out of my comfort zone, away from my food, away from my Zumba class and exercise stuff. And with my in-laws and their habits and questions.

Two things. First, my in-laws are regular coffee drinkers. Why the F don't they have a coffee maker?! They make instant. That's gross. My MIL's explanation is "we don't have a coffee pot". They cost what, $20? The one I used to use was probably in use 10+ years. Until I got my Keurig. Which rocks and has spoiled me. I'm not drinking instant I'm not that desperate. (I'm sending dh to starbucks)

Another, they make jumbo cinnamon rolls from a can every Sunday mid-morning. How hard are these to make that MIL has to make them the night before and leave them sitting out until morning? Aren't they best fresh? (She's notorious for doing everything way ahead because she stresses it won't get done). I didn't partake, I told dh secretly do not let me even be tempted by those.

Also one of my girls was not a happy traveler and let us know from the word go. "I don't want to go, I'm afraid of hills" (seriously). Whine whine whine. You know what? I wanted to go home too (she got her bad travel attitude genetically from me) but I'm not saying anything.

In other news a friend joined me to a Facebook weight loss group. I unjoined. I hate Facebook groups, and I get all the support I get from you guys and my meeting friends. And also I don't want to hear about how a mutual friend needs to lose 6 lbs. (Talking about weight loss with real friends is awkward, especially if they're not doing the same ways you are or are in totally different places)

So hopefully this will be a good week! I did plenty of walking Saturday (a mall and Steelers training camp) but the food this weekend was just so-so. Back to routine today, wish me luck!

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ZARAHA (Zarah)

7/31/2012 2:22 PM
Hope your weekend goes ok! Travel can be tricky, especially when around in-laws!

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At Least I'm Having More Fun...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I've mentioned before, my mom is on Medi-Fast.

Well now my dad is too. He doesn't particularly need to lose weight, but he's eating along with her I guess

If you're unfamiliar with that plan, they get five meals a day from the program, and then one "lean and green" meal where they basically can have lean meat and green veggies and that's it. (Some salad dressing is okay).

My mom has been losing weight left and right on this. Dropping 7 lbs and even 9 a week sometimes. (Mostly in the 2-3 range I think though).

Meanwhile, I've been OP about the same amount of time and since April have only lost a little over 10 lbs. Which is frustrating...but at least I'm having more fun!

I'm sorry but their plan sounds like it would kill me with boredom! I like food! I like preparing food! I like to find new healthy ways to eat it!

Here are things that are super healthy that I can eat and love that they can't:

Fruit. All of it.
Greek Yorgurt parfait with blueberries and honey nut cheerios on top
Chicken teriyaki with brown rice
French toast with fruit topping
Oatmeal with blueberries, bananas, and almonds
Turkey wrap with thin sliced provolone and ranch (which I make with ranch mix and cottage cheese in the blender)
A good chilli
PIZZA (healthy or not, I'm not giving it up!)
ICE CREAM (same deal)

Just a short list, but c'mon, can you really live on freeze dried soup, shakes from a powder, 'meal' bars and one measly meal of grilled chicken and lettuce a day forever?

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7/25/2012 2:11 AM
I agree--but I wish I had the money to get those fresh meals delivered for about a month--although I know I can't live like that forever but I just want to stop worrying about food for a while and still loose weight.--too much $$ though

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My Little Ballerinas...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Had to share this picture!

My twin 4 1/2 year olds started pre-ballet today at the community center.

I grew up in dance class. It was my main form of activity. But I actually did not want to steer them toward dancing because I felt that it didn't provide enough consistent activity for me to keep me active and felt like sports would have been better for me and set me up for a active lifestyle as an adult.

But then I forgot about personalities. They're girly girls. They hated soccer (which I pushed), love ballet (so far, we're talking one class). It was actually E's idea and J jumped right on board. While they were taking swim lessons which she magnificently failed at (E that is, J did fine...and I mean failed as in, she got water in her nose ten minutes in and said "I'm out" and came and sat on my lap for the duration of the next two weeks' worth of lessons...her report card said she learned to get in the pool and get out of the pool and that was it).

Annnnyyyyyyyyywaaaaayyyy...while E was in my lap during swim lessons she said "I'll do better at ballet class."

What ballet class? Did I say anything about ballet class?

So I checked our community centers' schedules (there are three that offer classes in close driving distance, all with the same instructor), and there was a class starting a month from then perfect for them, and here we are. I'm a dance mom. Which I never thought would happen (its one class yes...I had visions of J in competitive swimming after I saw she liked the water, but by the end of the session, I know she'll probably be like me, enjoys swimming, not amazing at it)

If you read my blog title, I actually love dancing, but the dance school I grew up in was kind of intense and competitive and it turned me off to it for my kids. But looking back, maybe it was good for me? So we'll just see how this class goes, sign them up for another community center class, and another, and another, and then maybe find a real dance school as the money situation gets better (please, soon on that part of it!) I'm just going to be very selective about the dance school. Structured but fun is number one. And no hoochie dancing 8 year olds please.

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7/20/2012 3:46 PM
It's harder than I thought to help kids find their "thing." I'm sure with 2 at the same age, it gets even more challenging. My little one does ballet, and although I'm not sure she'll win awards, she enjoys it a lot. Hope your little ones have fun. :)

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Let's Give This a Try...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm getting kind of desperate to jumpstart something. Not desperate enough to starve myself or buy diet pills or anything, but desperate enough that this caught my eye:

On Pinterest the other day a pin that said "Scientifically proven workout to shrink one dress size in 14 days".

I am SICK of wearing size 18 clothes. I have a ton of really nice size 16's. I'm also sick of little gains for two weeks in a row followed by a good size loss for a net loss of 1 lb in three weeks. I'm losing but it is so frustrating!

So I click half expecting it to be a scam link (that happens on there) or some person's blog with their own opinions and no proof.

Lo and behold its Prevention Magazine! And a real trainer I've heard of!

And its a make sense, not impossible routine that I can handle.

Here it is!

Do I believe by some miracle I'm going to lost 12 lbs in the next two weeks like these people? No. Do I think it may help get me going on strength training again which is something that really helps me lose but I'm struggling to get a routine going with this time around? YES!

I started yesterday. My only modification is I'm doing my Zumba Wii game instead of the power walk since I cannot guarantee I'll get out for a 30 minute walk every day since it is crazy hot here and I have two four and a half year old shadows all the time. But I can do Zumba daily no problem so it erases some excuses. And I'm following the points plan instead of their 1600 calories (but I get close to that anyway, and I'm going to be extra good with my choices.)

So we'll see how this goes!

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7/19/2012 2:23 PM
Sounds really really good!--I'll have to check this out when I have more time--I'm glad you found some things that are keeping you going down!My WL is slow --I was stuck for a while but now I'm starting to head in the right direction--slowly--but at least I'm doing it!

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THOSE are some massive zucchinis...

Monday, July 16, 2012

I mean look at them! (Sorry for the sideways picture, but THEY'RE JUST THAT BIG, lol...for perspective those are two pretty big 4 1/2 year olds holding them)

Over the last few days I've been doing my once a month cooking. I've decided to split it into a few days rather than all in one afternoon. So like two recipes a day, pretty easy. The downside is my dishwasher is nonstop full.

I use the website and cherry pick the recipes I like from mostly their Diet, Whole Foods, and Gluten Free/Dairy Free menus. (the whole food menu is minimally processed which is usually very WW friendly but can sometimes involve a lot of butter which is easily modified. The GF/DF menu is also usually on the natural side and has no butter!)

The site makes a point of keeping in mind seasonal produce in the recipes they choose to make it more economical. So July's recipes feature a lot of zucchini. Good thing! I had these three big boys in my fridge! Between the first three recipes I made I used up two. One of them called for three zucchinis and I only needed one.

How did I get these? I grew them! Due to condo association restrictions (don't get me started) I couldn't have a veggie garden here, so I put one in at my parents' house. Just a raised bed 4x4' one. I planted some plants and seeds and more or less walked away and left it. I checked here and there, but as of a couple weeks ago, had nothing except some chewed up broccoli plants. And we've been in a drought so I kind of gave up on them.

But my parents have an irrigation system and one day my mom brought my kids home from their house toting these three GIANT zucchinis!

So what recipes am I using them with?

This one: (Zucchini and corn quesadillas)

This one: (Zucchini pizza casserole...basically a shredded zucchini/cheese/egg 'crust' topped with ground turkey and marinara and baked, should be interesting!)

Tomorrow's dinner will be lemon pepper chicken and roasted zucchini.

This week's baked goodie will be zucchini bread. (My kids love baking, I always find a healthy recipe)

Maybe one of my other vegetables will grow so we can start doing a different one!

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7/19/2012 1:26 PM
Omgosh they are so ADORABLE and I'm not talking about the zuchs, lol. I am so ready for grandkids! Love the posting you do of websites. We should all post those (I have one, lol). Have a good one~

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Monkey Wrenches. All over the place.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Well last week ended up being not so good for the old scale and the direction it should be going in...

I checked in during this ordeal, but for those who didn't read my last blog post, a week ago last Friday central Ohio got hit with a 20 minute long storm that knocked 40% of Franklin County (the county I live in, which is where Columbus is)'s power out.

So Friday night, my pre-WI night, where I would have been a good little girl watching my salt because I don't want the pre-WI bloat, I was at Smokey Bones BBQ scarfing down chicken fingers (with corn on the side, score one for healthy choices) because it was the only restaurant we could find with power after driving around for 45 minutes but never being more than 5 miles from home.

The power went out as I was in the exact middle of cooking a very healthy dinner BTW.

We were joined at Smokey Bones by the entire Friday night staff from Target because in addition to a blackout, they had a gas leak. So they all went out to dinner.

It was a cluster fudge of epic proportions all over our area. For days. We ended up going to my parents' and the electricity did not come back on and stay on until Tuesday.

So we lost a bunch of fresh food. The healthy stuff. And we ate out a lot. And I didn't want to eat low PP salads I wanted to eat cheeseburgers and fries. To my credit I got the tiny versions.

Yes we were staying at my parents' but my mom is on medifast and my dad lives on meals out because of this, so the only food there was what they give my kids. Great, right?

Oh and when it came time to shop again my friendly neighborhood Kroger which had also been without power had just thrown out $250,000 worth of food (!) and had zero bananas and about three bags of lettuce in stock. So mentally even though there were fruits and veggies available, I decided to wait until my 'big trip' in three days to get them and just get the basics and what I needed to take to the 4th of July potluck at my grandma's the next day (watermelon).

The monkey wrenches were all mine, I could have handled this better, but I didn't. And I gained 2.4 lbs at my weigh in the following Saturday. Oh and also I skipped the WI before but it turned out they didn't have power at the WW center either so I didn't miss anything.

But I'm doing what I need to do now, so hopefully that weight will come off as easily as it was put on.

Of course there is one more monkey wrench in self diagnosed plantar fasciitis.

For the past several months every time I move a lot, I wake up the next day with screaming foot pain as soon as I get out of bed and its been getting worse.

So finally a month after my friend says matter of factly when I say "I'm getting tired of the foot pain after I wake up", "Yeah that's plantar fasciitis, it is annoying", I get around to looking it up, and yup, it has to be what it is.

Well yesterday was my one hour Zumba and where I can usually shake off the pain in an hour or two after waking, today it lasted all day because I abused my feet so much yesterday. The recommendation on every site I saw said limit activity, but lost weight. Nope, not happening. I need to move to lose, this has been proven. And I love Zumba, I'm not giving it up!

So what am I going to do? You've got me! Today I kept super supportive shoes on all day and it was just uncomfortable not painful with them on. I also iced my feet off and on and did the arch stretches they recommend and hoping for the best. Beyond that, I'll take the day off (like today) after intense classes and buy the big jar of ibuprofin I guess!

And rock the tennis shoes with shorts look at the playground because sandles are no good for my feet it turns out :P

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7/10/2012 11:20 AM
Yokes! I'd say you handled the situation beautifully. Life happens, you made it through and are right back on plan, sounds like a win to me (although I get those numbers on the scale). Plantar fasciitis is excruciating. I'm so sorry you are suffer from this. I echo your statement - losing weight will help this. Mine went away as I lost weight and hasn't returned! Keep up the good work:) Rosemarie

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Quick Update

Sunday, July 01, 2012

So Central Ohio got hit with a storm that lasted all of 20 minutes on Friday at 5 and we lost our power.  They're guessing it won't be back until the 7th. 

DH, kids and I are staying with my parents who have power.  My poor doggie is at our house because bringing the dog would be major imposing (our dog who sheds and is not the best about going outside for her business) so we're going over three or four times a day to see if the power is still out and to check on the dog.  Amazingly the house has been pretty comfortable for her (considering the high temps have been 100) since there aren't four bodies sharing it and creating body heat most of the time.

So its really really hard to stay OP.  In fact yesterday I was not at all.  But it was the start of my week.  I missed my meeting even though I have no idea if it was on or not (at that point 35% of the county was without power).  I didn't track at all.  I ate out two meals.  But I'm figuring I'll use my substitute leader's policy and say it was a free day and just do AP's + dailies the other days.  (Including the 4th, EEK!) 

I have the one hour Zumba class today and I'm going, no excuses.  (Its location has power). 

So everyone, I really, really hope we can go home soon!  But definitely acknowledging how grateful I am to have somewhere beyond comfortable (more comfortable than home full restored to power truth be told, except its not home) to go.

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7/4/2012 10:50 AM
I can't imagine trying to stay on track through that! We have some friends in the area and they are still waiting on power to return. We lost a huge tree in the storms but thankfully maintained power. I hope thinks are looking brighter soon!

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Look who else had thick legs...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Its summer which means I hate the shape of my legs.

But then this came around Pinterest...

Who else had 'thick' legs?

Marilyn Freaking Monroe, that's who.

Being that I still weigh 237 lbs (10 lbs down for this leg of the journey as of today, woo hoo!) and I am not in any kind of denial, I know I am not shaped like Marilyn Monroe. But when I was within 20 lbs of my 'ideal' range, I was shaped a lot more like her than like today's 'beauties'.

Anyway, I thought a few of you out there would appreciate this picture. Its source is kind of hilarious, its a man's twitter feed about cigars, booze, and sexy women. Old fashioned sexy though.

So on another topic, I'm going to have a little week in review.

I lost 3.2 lbs. Which isn't as impressive as it looks since I gained 2 last week. So net 1.2. I accumulated 38 AP's. Which is a new record for this leg.

My kids love to make me workout. I mean love it. Except today they got in a fight over who got to hold the extra dumbbells. They thought they were both supposed to have two. So I'm going to have to hit Play it Again Sports to find some little 1 lb-ers. One of my girls is totally mommy's little shadow and has to do everything I am. If I'm on the floor doing sit ups, she's next to me doing them too. And the other one likes 'stuff' and dumbbells are 'stuff'. I've already talked about their love for Zumba.

Speaking of Zumba last Sunday was my first community center class. And this one whooped my behind which is awesome. I had been doing Thursday classes here and there at a fitness studio and the teacher, not so sure about her. She has a background in bellydancing and latin ballroom and is great, but her Zumba classes are kind of slow. On one hand I would suggest her to any Zumba beginner because she is not intimidating at all, on the other, I'm paying for the class, whip my bo0ty into shape please. I want to count at least 1/3 of it as high intensity AP's and feel it tomorrow. If the video game is wearing me out more, we have a problem.

I stayed pretty on track with my point consumption and probably would have been better if my parents hadn't brought me back chocolate covered almonds from Italy. Luckily my kids are chocoholics too. I could use the excuse that I didn't understand the nutrition label, but I kind of did. Kcal is calorie even in Italian. I think they had protein first under that. I won't lie, I didn't analyze it too much just gave myself a flat estimated point value and moved on.

They also brought me back a leather purse though, which is still here unlike the candy.

So tomorrow I'm celebrating my 10 lbs loss with a movie ("Brave" without the kids...they know we're going, the excuse is that we have to make sure its not to scary in the movie theatre for probably is, "Beauty and the Beast" was)

Then out for Mexican which I will track. Then a good week of being OP. I'll have Zumba again tomorrow (the b00ty kicking one) and I planned out my activity all week and hoping for at least 30 AP's. The week after this one will be a challenge so gotta get some losing done now. I'm 2 lbs from 5%!

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6/25/2012 3:43 PM
She did look beautiful with curves. I think celebrities are way too skinny today. I think my ideal is 143. Awesome job on your weight loss this week and it totally deserves a reward. Tell us what you thought of Brave. I can't wait to take my daughters to see it. They are 4 and 6. And yes, one is a spunky redhead.

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Oh No's and Ah Ha's

Monday, June 18, 2012

If you were one of my friends and saw my post weigh in update, you'd see my weigh in on Saturday was a downer. I gained 2 lbs. Boo hiss, boo. But I stayed for the meeting and was in a much better mood coming out of it.

And two days later I confirmed my suspicion of why I gained 2 lbs. That's right, ladies, you know why.

So it should be gone next week.

The sad thing is I actually had a hard time going to sleep the night before because I was fearing water weight which was why I stopped meetings before, the psychological mind games I play from having one weigh in not on my own scale. But what I get out of meetings is worth it, so I'm not stopping. (Especially because two of the last three saturdays my kids have been little hellions before I head off to my meeting so I am THRILLED to leave them with daddy and relax with adults...and the one kid their age who is always there but he's not mine!)

More ah-has. I've been doing much better with the eating out without even trying. We're poor, that helps. But what else has helped is a habit I picked up before I even got back on the WW wagon (but was taking baby steps toward getting my mind right again).

I cook 14-16 dinners in one afternoon and stick them in the freezer. So there's not a lot to worry about most days. Get it out the day before, let it thaw, throw it in the crockpot or in the oven. There's a website that I've been using called which has menus every month for this. They have traditional, diet (VERY WW friendly), whole foods, gluten/dairy free, vegetarian and more. I choose from all the menus because we are picky eaters around here. They have offerings for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I always do the dinners (I do make freezer lunches on other days on the fly, just do the dinners all at once).

Well, this month I chose right because they have been AWESOME. Well, except today's was just okay. It was strawberry almond chicken. I kind of undercooked it so that was my bad (though the sugar snap peas I cooked with it were pretty great). Apple cherry pork loin, teriyaki chicken, ranch burgers, pulled pork, all big hits.

I got my WW meeting breakfast from them too. Every Saturday, I blend up coffee, milk (its coconut milk in their recipe but I just go regular), and a frozen banana with a small spoonful of chocolate milk mix. 4 pp, filling, and yummy.

I also got one of the recipes I made for Father's Day for my husband and my dad. My dad's got put in their freezer because they came back from Italy tonight. So for breakfast I made (with the kids' help) sausage, egg and cheese mini quiches. Then alongside I made a recipe I saw on Pinterest, blueberry banana bread. The twist is that its made with greek yogurt and only 1/2 cup of brown sugar in the whole loaf (the recipe called for whole wheat pastry flour, but I just used regular white flour since it was for 'the guys'). When divided into 8 slices (which were BIG) it came to 5 pp per slice. Check that recipe out here:

And I'm running out of characters so I'll cut this off now. My parents are back from Italy and taking the kids tomorrow. AND I AM THRILLED TO GIVE THEM OVER. Love these children but wow they've made me nuts today!

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6/19/2012 12:54 PM
I wouldn't mind making that many meals at once, but I would hate the mess. You must have more freezer space than me. As far as the fluctuating weight...what can you do?

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I'm not fat I'm an endomorph...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

In the matter of a day or two I ran across a couple different articles about body types. Ectomorph/Mesomorph/Endomorphs. Meanwhile I'm shopping for summer pants and lamenting the size of my legs. (They're awful. I mean its just not right I gain so much weight from my ankles on up. There are millions of fat women with good legs! Not me!) Turns out my legs may not be my fault. It has to do with my body type!

So reading about these body types answers a lot of questions. Probably for a lot of you too.

So the three body types are Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph.

If you're reading this, I'm 99% sure you're not the first one. They are naturally skinny and can't gain fat OR muscle to save their lives. Skinny b%#ches. Not that it makes them healthy.

Mesomorph are somewhere in the middle. They're probably the people fighting the same 20-30 lbs their whole lives. But they can build muscle really well and torch calories if they put their minds to it. They're the people who may find themselves with some extra weight through whatever circumstance, make some changes, and they get where they're going without a lot of resistance. They're also typically who you see in body building competitions. They also tend to gain weight around the middle and extra weight can be more dangerous health-wise than on the endomorph type. Examples of Mesomorph women are Halle Berry and Madonna.

Then there's the endomorphs. Which is me. And probably a lot of you. We smell food and gain 10 lbs. We have thick limbs and can have some strong muscles under our curves but probably aren't going to have a lot of definition (I think of linebackers...big strong people).

But its not a sentense to fatness for life. I saw an article saying that celebrities examples of endomorphs include Marilyn Monroe, Sofia Loren, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. Amazingly enough all people I would LOVE to be shaped like. We just have to WORK FOR IT. Our metabolism is awful. We have to work the cardio hard and include some moderate weight training. We have to be aware at all times where our weight is and keep track of what we eat (sound familiar?)

We also have to accept that we will never be shaped like an ectomorph or even a mesomorph. (And vice versa for the other types) We'll be shaped like us. Jessica Simpson (an endomorph) is never going to look like Taylor Swift (an ectomorph) and vice versa

Here are some great articles I found about this topic:

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6/16/2012 7:27 AM
Thanks for sharing this! It helps to understand:) rosemarie

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Summer Goals

Monday, June 11, 2012

It seems like a lot of people are writing about their goals to aim for by Labor Day. Go figure, that was this week's meeting topic! (As of Saturday anyway!)

So I got to thinking about mine.

I hate putting an actual number and giving it a deadline as a goal. Because it never works out that way and I just get discouraged when it doesn't. But I think I can safely say that I want to be at 10% by then. 13 weeks, about (do the math in my head quickly) 15 lbs.

I want that keychain SO bad. I can't even explain.

I had one once. I got it the very first time I did WW which was leading up to my wedding. I started before we got formally engaged but I knew it was coming. I was a weight loss rock star. I was also (uh oh doing math again)...25. And hadn't had kids. I'm only 33 now. But I've had kids and that changes everything. Body chemistry, stress level, time availability, EVERYTHING.

And that thing was on my keychain for eons. I got 10% again online but no keychain for that. The other two times I did meetings I never got far enough to get a new one. And lo and behold, it broke a few months ago. I need a new one. And now there are accessories too. But one step at a time. (I'll get my 16 week charm sometime in there too).

Which leads to goal #2...get the 16 week charm!

No reason not to. I've prepaid for the next 8 weeks. I've already done 8. Money will not be an issue. Our money is super tight but I told dh that I do not want to hear about how meetings aren't worth it because then I won't do them. And I need them. And after a few weeks he understood. (There was an 11 weeks for $99 special in my area...and maybe in yours too but I live in Columbus, OH where there is a franchise so we have different specials than Weight Watchers has nationally, like we can't get the monthly pass for example...though I did hear away around that I won't share so people won't get in trouble, shhhhh. Anyway. I also managed to get on a focus group study that paid me $90. Which I flipped around to use to pay for 11 weeks of meetings. The focus group was on snack foods and potato salad. Not a joke. I gave my opinion on snack foods and potato salad to pay for weight watchers.)

Goal #3...complete the Zumba class I'm in for the next 10 weeks! It was supposed to start yesterday but there was a miscommunication and the instructor didn't show and didn't find a sub. So we get another week at the end.

Goal #4, be strong enough to start BodyPump again! My gym closed where I used to do it but nearby as a response to that, some of the group fitness junkies started up their own studio which gives these classes at a very reasonable rate. You can drop in or buy a monthly unlimited pass. By the end of the summer I'd like to be a regular there.

Most importantly, still be on track! That is always the primary goal, still be doing all that I can do to be good to my body!

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6/12/2012 12:18 PM
You are always so organized with your goals and plans. I find it motivating.

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My Pinterest Obsession

Sunday, June 10, 2012

One of the few internet trends i can say I got in pretty early on is Pinterest. Do you pin? Its addicting!

And inspiring and totally tempting all at the same time.

On the food and weighloss front you get exercise routines and crazy desserts that no one could possibly really eat and not feel guilty and sick to their stomach (today I saw chocolate chip cookie sandwiches with chocolate chip cookie dough as the filler, I'm not even joking).

Its also full of fun ideas of things to do with my kids, crafts that are the stuff of genius and pictures of baby animals which are great to file away if I get the urge to say "awwwwww" over and over again (or need to distract the kids...hey kids, stop screaming and look at this baby panda!)

And once in a while I make something from it. Today that something was this: Yummy muffins. They were chocolate chip muffins that used NO flour or sugar or oil and were made to be a vita muffin knock off. The major ingredients were greek yogurt, applesauce, unsweetened cocoa, oatmeal (and chocolate chips). They come out to about 3 PP per muffin. My kids had so much fun helping me make them. Only problem is I remember why I can't bake stuff. I ate three. And a bunch of chocolate chips. (But I tracked them and my policy lately is be a WW rockstar all week and a little more lax on the weekends...but not totally! Like yesterday was a cookout. I went a little nuts but I tracked and the other two meals were very, very small in points)

BTW, that is a link to my pinterest pin for it...follow me! I'm mindyanne44. And I'll follow you! I need more WW conscious pinterst friends! Not that we don't all pin the evil desserts. True story, one of my pinterst bff's (we're bff's if we're constantly repinning each other's pins in my mind) is my cousin's girlfriend who is a marathon champ AND a fitness show competitor who goes weeks living on chicken and asparagus meanwhile pinning the most evil desserts you can dream up (with some 'eat clean' recipes and fitness motivational cards thrown in). Cake batter puppy chow, s'mores brownies, 125 different cupcakes. And the girl's sixpack has a sixpack. (She does actually bake too, she brought nutella brownies to a family event once!)

Guess I should call it a night, hope everyone has a healthy Monday!

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6/11/2012 7:06 PM
Pinterest has definitely sidetracked me from WW - a habit I AM going to change!

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A Four Year Old's Perspective on Zumba

Saturday, June 09, 2012

I've been doing Zumba Fitness 2 on the Wii for a few months now as my primary form of exercise. So my kids are very familiar with it. They actually ask me to do it. They help me make the playlist, have favorite songs, favorite settings (usually the rooftop or the pool, least favorite are the night club and the dance studio). They're quite the Zumba aficionados, especially E.

The first few times I did it, she had to change into 'exercise clothes' with me and put her hair in a pony tail too. Before then she wouldn't let me touch her hair. All of the sudden she wanted pony tails.

So the following conversation has evolved every time I do Zumba on the wii.

"Mommy why does she have her belly showing and why don't you?" ("She" being the virtual instructor"

My first reply was "because my belly is too fat to show" but I backtracked that because I don't want to give them way, way premature body issues by picking on my own body (even though its true). So then I said "Because her belly is cute and mine had two babies in it so mine got all stretched out and its not as cute as hers. But if I eat healthy and exercise maybe mine will be someday."

"Is my belly cute?"

"Yes yours is adorable."

So every time I do this we have this conversation and then at random she'll say "Is your belly cute yet? Let me see!" and lift my shirt up.

I could probably also explain that the lady on the game is not real, but if you see the real people the cartoons that do the routines are based on their bellies are even cuter than the cartoons.

So when the time came to go to a real class, I got all kinds of new questions.

"Are you taking the wii remote and zumba belt? Is it the man teaching or the ladies? Are they going to do Dance, Dance, Dance and Left hand in the air?" (those are the same song for those aren't in the know)

They both pretty much think I go to a live version of the video game when I go to class.

So tomorrow is the first of 10 classes on Sundays I signed up for at the community center. Wonder if they'll ask if I'm dancing on the roof.

They have their favorite songs for sure, and one of them is "Pause" which is by Pitbull. And I am SO glad that they don't really pay attention to song lyrics yet because one line says VERY clearly "I'm such a dirty, dirty dog, my teeth will unsnap your bra" and I don't even want to THINK about the questions that will bring up!

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6/11/2012 4:06 PM
as they say kids say the darndest things!

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I'm Back (with a longer post!)

Thursday, June 07, 2012

So I've gotten a chance to cruise around and 'visit' my old friends' blogs.

I had been putting it off, because truth be told, I was afraid that everyone had gotten to goal or made major progress and left me in the dust and I would feel like a massive failure because I got off track, ate everything in my path, did not exercise, and gained (gulp) 40 lbs since last time I updated.

And guess what? THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN!

Yes I gained 40 lbs, that did happen.

But you aren't all at goal! Some of you are. Some of you are chugging along sticking to it, some of you disappeared about when I did and came back (or didn't) and some of you (a surprising number) HAD BABIES!

WHAT IS WITH THE MINDY'S WW BLOG FRIENDS BABY BOOM?! You all weren't pregnant when I left! Well a couple were.

Which puts it into perspective. In the time that I slipped off of plan, not one but a handful of blog friends got pregnant and had babies.

But regardless, its been fun to catch up and makes me feel much better because I am not alone in my **** ups (is WW still sensoring that word?) and the 'journey' is never over. There are second, third, fourth chances (let's not lie, I'll probably need chance # six, seven and eight too...but hopefully to lose 10 or 15 lbs I gained back not forty).


What have I been up to?

I'm still staying home with my kids. For now. The plan is they start preschool in the fall and I start part time work. My husband is unemployed AGAIN which is frustrating as all get out but it was partly by choice this time. He was miserable in his old job and it didn't pay near enough so he left for a contract job that paid better but had an end date. Now the end date happened. Hopefully something will come up soon because its been two months and it was fun but now its getting annoying.

My girls are now 4 1/2 and little characters. And driving me up the wall at times. But so much fun too. Not exercising because of them is no longer an excuse. E (the darker haired one) is a DRILL SERGENT. She loves Zumba and downloaded workouts to my Kindle. Yes the kids downloaded them. And they watch them. And know what a "basic crunch" and "overhead press" is and say "Mommy do basic crunch. Here's some celery. Is that healthy food?" At the playground E strongly suggests I do the adult exercise stations there too.

I've been back at meetings since the beginning of May (I think) and Saturdays are my new weight in day. I think I'm going to do great this week if I don't sabotage myself at the dairy farm we're going to tomorrow (they make ice cream and have their own restaurant!) I stopped drinking pop this week and started drinking lemon water which is supposed to help with water weight. I'm 2 lbs from my first 10 and 4 from my 5%. And I'm determined to earn 10% in meetings for the first time since my first go-round on WW which was nearly 10 years ago (!). My 10% keychain has broken. I need a new one.

I'm attaching a picture of my girls so you guys can see how they've grown in my absense. This picture was one of an album of awesome ones that were my mother's day gift from the girls (and my parents). My mom took them to a portrait studio without my knowledge and they were little super models (unlike when I took them to the same studio the year before and they screamed the whole time). J is the blonde and E is the brunette with braids. They look sweet and innocent and like they love each other and don't randomly beat on each other don't they? DON'T BE FOOLED.

Thanks to everyone who commented and welcomed me back, it feels great to be back in the saddle!

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6/11/2012 7:54 AM
Welcome back! Your girls are cuties! And you can do it!

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I'm Here!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Its been over a year since I updated my status on here!

And I've been back on the wagon for a couple months, lost 8 lbs of what I put back on in my "I don't care, let me eat everything" months, and am going to meetings and loving them.

Just wanted to send a quick update out to blog land. I hope some of my friends are still here! I need to check in on you all!

I can't really get on the actual computer that much because my husband is not currently working (he had a contract job that ended) and he kind of hogs it. I have a kindle fire that I use most of the time, but its not so great for writing things out.

But here's a quick note, I'm back, I'm more on track than ever, eating better than ever and did 1 hour of zumba on the wii today which allegedly burned 969 calories. I don't buy that but if its even 2/3's right I'll take it!

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6/7/2012 3:31 PM
It's good to hear from you again!

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Still trying to get my mind right...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wow it has been darn near a month since my last update. 

So did I get it together and start tracking?  Nope.

Did I put on a bunch of weight?  Not really.  Still kind of holding steady (though at last check I was up 3 lbs.)

Am I still not giving up?  YES!

So tomorrow.  Back on track again.  I work better with Thursdays or Fridays being my weigh in day, so here we go again.  One of these days its going to click into place again and I'll be on the right track and stay there.

I swear sometimes you just need to slip your control a little so you can get it back again even stronger.  But then its a risk because you let it slip too much and you can find yourself drowning.

But I like myself better when I'm aware of what I'm eating and exercising regularly.  I feel better, I'm in a better mood generally, I'm more confident...

So I just need to get there again.  Its a journey, that isn't just a cliche!

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KNITGIRL1974 (Maura)

11/11/2011 8:21 AM
I am right there with you.

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Wow Am I Off Track...

Friday, July 29, 2011

For whatever reason, these last two weeks or so have been a lazy, non-tracking self indulgent nightmare.

I'm not making bad food choices, but I'm not tracking them and not checking quantities and grabbing a stack of whole wheat ritz crackers and noshing them until I make myself stop. 

I've been counting points sporadically at best.  I've reset my weigh in date about three or four times (let's start new on this day...) and its a slippery slope.  Exercise has been not non-existent but nothing to brag about either.

So starting today (again) I'm back on track.

I don't know what's made me derail.  I started scrapbooking again.  Which is something I do in fits and starts.  And I think my brain only has room for one 'hobby' so I've been focusing on that instead of Weight Watchers (which is silly I know, because WW is NOT a hobby but I think my brain has being an active part of it in the hobby compartment, right along with scrapbooking and direct sales when I did that.)

There's also the summer heat that has really set in and made exercising and cooking wholly unappealing.  I've been able to get myself to do about half the exercising that I do at my peak.  So give me credit, I'm doing something, but not nearly enough.

Then there's the general frustration with not losing any real weight when I have been trying over the course of the past six months and the general fatigue that comes from being on any weight loss program for more than 18 months. 

I weighed myself this morning (and have regularly enough over the past two weeks to know what's going on) and I'm on the top end of my little window I typically bounce around in so there hasn't been any real damage.  Just no real progress and I need to break these habits that have crept back before they become even more ingrained.

So starting today for one week, I'm counting points.  That may sound like nothing but its a big step right now.  I. Am. Counting. Points.  All of 'em.

Exercise and GHG's will be emphasized again after this week.  I'll be mindful of them and get regular doses of both but no pressure on myself until I get the points counting down again.

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8/26/2011 1:56 PM
I've been going through the same ordel for about 6 months, giving this week my all! We can do this.

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Prayers for this Family!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A friend of a friend, who is also a member of the same mom's group chapter as me (but I've never met her in person, just exchanged notes online here and there) just lost her husband to a massive stroke.

He was 33 years old.

They were visiting family out of state and it happened three days ago. He had to go on life support and today he passed.

This just breaks my heart. Three kids lost their dad, she lost her husband, so incredibly sad.

And he was one year older than I am.

I honestly don't know anything about this man or his lifestyle other than his age and where he worked (car repair shop manager) so I don't know if it was preventable but I know sometimes I feel like at my age, those are problems to worry about down the road. Heart disease, stroke, etc. Maybe there are early signs (I have high cholesterol that is always going to be high but gets out of control if I don't exercise and watch what I eat) but its nothing to sweat right now, because I'm in my early 30's.

Apparently not.

So I did some internet research and there is a huge rise in strokes in younger men and women (more men than women). Smoking, inactive lifestyle, obesity, high blood pressure all play a part.

Also contributing? Alcoholic binges, energy drinks (not coffee, but the artificial ones that have been popping up everywhere lately), and massages (or other pressure applying activities) that hit the wrong spot on the cartoid artery.

Also, fat burning supplements.

For slightly older men, 40s and 50s, prolonged intense physical activity can cause a stroke as well because of the arteries stiffening at that age.

So I guess the message is, hug your kids and your loved ones, and take care of yourself! And please give this woman and her children your prayers. This is really going to be a rough time for them.

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7/28/2011 3:19 PM
My prayers are out there for them. A reminder for the rest of us of the fleeting preciousness of life...

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Random Updates from My Glorious Week of "Meh"

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm sorry, I cannot get myself to be a good little WWer in this heat. I want salt salt, salt. Since I'm a sweets craver it has to be an instinct right? And I don't want to workout. So for three days beyond wandering the mall and our nightly dog walks with the kids, I haven't. Sorry.

However, Sunday I did and then some. I went to the opening party for the studio I take Zumba and Hip Hop from's new location and it was a 2 hour long dance party. I didn't miss a song. Two hours of dancing, some of it pretty high intensity with a 10 minute half time break. It was a blast.

My friend (who sometimes reads this, so hi friend!) who introduced me to this rstudio and the hip hop instructor also brought her husband who had a great time. So my husband had declared that maybe he may want to try it sometime. But not with 200 people (which was about how many were at this event). I state that its not 200 normally, its more like 30 at most 50 for hip hop so he's coming sometime!

This hip hop class is kind of done in the same format as Zumba but with this guy's choreography and rap/dance music. And its harder. Sorry Zumba devotees, hip hop wipes the floor with it. Or Mike's does anyway.

So anyway, this week will be a better week. Last week was just okay for maintaining but this week I'm going to try and try harder!

Though if there's 110 degree feeling heat you may not see long workouts from me. Sorry activity point tracker!

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7/21/2011 9:10 AM
On Tues there MAY have been 20 of us - there was so much space! It was still ridiculously hot, though. Yesterday there were a bunch more people (because it was Mike?), but still plenty of space. Yet of course some people came in halfway through and one had to stand in front of me, making her own line and taking up my space. Grr. That will be awesome if you get the hubs to come! You should have him check out the tutorials online so he won't feel too discouraged when he comes.

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Where in the HECK have I been?!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My blog entries have been becoming fewer and fewer lately. There are several reasons for this...

* I've had 400 some blog posts already. There's only so much I can say!
*My computer that I use most often is kind of a pain in the rear to blog on lately. Sticking keys, thinking I hit back when I didn't and losing a post, etc
* I've been a busy girl! Dh was off last week and then this week I was using a lot of my free time to prepare for a big garage sale this weekend. And over all dejunking and organizing my basement. Which uncovered my scrapbooking stuff. Which led me to start doing that again.

And of course all the mommy of two three year olds in the summertime busyness

I've also not been a super star Weight Watcher but haven't been exactly off the wagon either.

This week I had vowed to only count calories on another site and not count points at all just to mix things up. And it just didn't feel right. So it lasted all of two days. I did track my food. I did log in activity, I just didn't count 'points'. But I reached the conclusion that I need WW's flexibility even if it means I'm maintaining and not losing until I get it all together so here we are again.

I've been a dancing machine too. Taking full advantage of the Zumba month I bought through groupon. In fact, I went today and THEN carted five heavy boxes up my stairs, to my car, and to my aunt's house for the garage sale. So I've torched some calories today even if I don't know how many!

I also checked out BodyCombat at my gym twice. Its a cardio kickboxing class. And it whips my bottom.

So there we go. I'm still here, I swear!

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7/14/2011 1:18 PM
I want to find a kickboxing class!! I wish they offered on at my gym. I just have a hard time paying for a class when I already pay for a gym membership! Glad to see you back on here! You don't have to explain to anyone your busy schedule. It is good to hear from you again!

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Market Research...

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Like probably a lot of stay at home moms and just a lot of people period, I do the occassional market research study. Mostly nationally through Pinecone Research becauase they give you a check for $3 for every survey (I have about $21 sitting here ready to deposit right now) and send you actual products to try here and there.

I am sworn to secrecy about these products but they are big named brands you see all the time.

I think I mentioned once getting sixteen cups of yogurt from UPS. Then another sixteen a few weeks later. Right now its a lotion, I've had cleaning wipes before.

But I just did one I really, really hope they send me.

FRUITS! And some veggies too. Very WW friendly!

But then there's the in person one I just qualified to do next Tuesday...

I'm on the roster for a couple of local market research firms and rarely qualify but get calls all the time.

The first study I did was for diapers. I had to take home a big bag of diapers to try on one and only one of my babies (having twins wasn't a qualification, but they only wanted one child) and then fill out a form. For this I got $75 and free diapers for a month (they were Pampers which I used anyway). Then i got to go in and do a follow up (mind numbing) interview with a panel for $50 about said diapers.

That was a couple years ago. Then more recently I qualified for another one where I got to sit in a car hooked up to all sorts of weird body signals reading electrodes and try out a new undisclosed feature in the car. I got $65 for that one. (And it was SO COOL! I wish I could tell you all about it!)

So that brings us to today. I lied like a dog to qualify for this one and dened my Weight Watchers status. See, the eliminate you from food studies if you're on a 'diet program' which they site WW specfically as. But I don't have diet restrictions, I just log my food. So there.

And the questions were kind of embarassing to admit to since I am a WW'er. "Whch of these fast food restaurants have you eaten at in the last two months?" All of them. Okay not taco bell or KFC. I think. "What haveyou ordered off the Wendy's menu in the last two months?" This, yup, that, yup,. How often do you get Frostys. Once a month at least. Yup. Try once a week lately. (But I get the teeny tiny ones! Mostly!)

So guess what I'm getting paid to eat next Tuesday? Frostys. Going to make sure I have some points left over for test time on that day! They also asked about a bunch of ingredients and do I have a problem eating them? Heck no! Maybe I'll redeem my Weight Watcher status and tell the researchers that frozen yogurt ones would be awesomesauce.

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7/7/2011 1:22 PM
Hah, awesome! I'd love to participate in these, but I don't think they offer them overseas. ;-\ Oh well, I get stuff from work on occasion and while it's not spending money or food...they can be fun. hehe

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All The Shorties in the Club, Let Me Hear Ya...

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Have you ever heard of Bikram Yoga?  Where you do yoga in a super hot room to get the toxins out of ya...I just did Bikram Hip Hop.

It had to have been 100 degrees in that room easily because my car thermometer said it was 95 outside and it felt GREAT! 

We also went to the zoo this morning.  How easy would it have been to say "Its hot, I'm not doing anything"?  Guess I should pat myself on the back for that!

Also done today, put stuff together for the garage sale in a couple weeks.

Oh yeah and went out for FroYo.  BTW, how much do I love that there are frozen yogurt shops popping up all over town? 

What else do I love?  That I know off the top of my head that the national Zumba convention is getting ready to kick off.  Of course, doesn't everyone know that?  (I have two zumba instructors and three studios on my Facebook roster...they're providing updates)

I guess I never updated on how I survived traveling in the holiday weekend.  I'm still here.  That's something.  Not my best, not my worst, time to move on.  I think my in laws may want to smack me around when I flip their macaoni salad over to read the nutrition on the bottom and say "ouch" then carefully eyeball 1/4 cup.  But of course MIL still pushes seconds of everything on me.  I kind of snapped and said "This is a normal portion!" when she questioned the amount of chicken and mashed potatos on my plate ("that's all you're going to eat?!) 

Okay enough random babbling I need to make a recovery smoothie from that hot, hot hip hop class :)

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JENWILSON411 (Jennifer)

7/7/2011 10:44 AM
i love it - bikram hip hop :) And good for you for sticking to normal portions despite your MIL.

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My (Current) Fitness Bucket List

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I've done a similar list before but this is evolving! Here is my fitness bucket list!

  • Drag hubby to salsa dancing lessons
  • Take kickboxing/mma class where you actually hit things (which I have done before but its been since college)
  • Run a 5K (NOT giving up on this one!)
  • Walk a half marathon
  • Do the Avon 3 day walk for a cure (this is a long term goal not because I don't think I could do it now fitness wise, it would take training, but I could...its 60 miles of walkng in three days btw...But because don't want to leave my kids for a weekend yet.)
  • Do a charity bike event (will take some research, the popular one around here is 100 miles)
  • Do a climbing wall (kind of a fear overcoming thing)
  • Do a two hour spinning class (my gym has special ones on Friday nights)
  • Do a full pushup (still eluding me!)
  • Do a chin up (okay so I haven't even tried yet...but I never could in school)
  • Bike from Worthington to Downtown Columbus on the Olentangy Trail and back (10 miles each way)

    Its evolving but this is my list right now!

    To give credit where credit is due, my journey so far has seen me walk a 5K, walk a 10K, run a mile, take several Zumba, BodyPump, Spinning, and Hip Hop classes, get good at the full plank, VASTLY improve with lunges, and get a lot better at balancing on one foot (which was a big challenge for me). So the adventure continues!

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7/5/2011 3:22 PM
Such a great list. I need to write one of these.

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The Bicycle Chronicles

Monday, June 27, 2011

I haven't had my own bike since I outgrew my childhood one. As a teenager, I borrowed my mom's. Then my dad's when my mom's was out of commission (I actually took it to college with me for a quarter or two).

Then as a real grown up on my own, I still haven't had one. And off and on I've really wanted one but I have no place to put it and no extra money to spend on one.

But lately I've been lusting over the idea of having a bike to ride for fun outside time and activity points.

Checking Craigslist, thinking of ways to justify it...

Until I remember the bike in our basement.

How could I forget, right? I didn't really, but its my husband's and he hasn't used it since I've known him which is coming up on nine years.

I think he convinced me and himself it was broken and its been in the back corner orf our basement for years.

So I decide I'm going to fix it or attempt to anyway...

And I did!

What did it need? A $10 bicycle pump. The tires were flat. That's it.

I asked him how many times he actually rode it.

Five or six he says. He bought it a year or so before we met to go on long-ish rides with a couple of his friends. He did a few times, then met me and we did other things.

So I pumped up those tires,took it out on Friday and it was fine! I got rained on, but that's not the bike's fault.

Then Sunday I asked my dad if we could borrow his and hubby and I both went out! And it kind of kicked his booty since he didn't have the occassional spinning class behind him to get him used to the motions (especially because he got all competitive and insisted on beating me back to my parents' driveway)

So we got five miles in and a new activity together. I can't wait to ride again! Don't have a trailer for the kiddies so not sure when I'll be able to, but I'm excited that its even possible!

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7/2/2011 6:06 AM
My husband and I just pulled our bikes out and started riding them again, its been quite a few years. We have a dog who isn't even 2 yet and he is always horrible when bikes go by us when walking so I was afraid to bike with the dog, but we tried it and he is great so we have added a new activity.

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Shifts, Adjustments, Threats, and Oreos to get back on track...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My new weigh in date is now Monday.

Why is that?  Because this weekend was best put behind me.

I was kind of thinking of changing it anyway so that I could have a 'save up' for the weekend mentality rather than a splurge and then make up for it later habit like I had been.

I also adjusted it so that I am using activity points first.  And so far, so good.  But we haven't had a weekend yet, now have we?

I figured out the key to my mid week ice cream with candy in it habit is oreos.  Yes oreos.  They really aren't that bad of a points hit compared to M&M's or Reese's cups being put in things.  I just had a mini mint oreo blizzard from dairy queen and it was 10 PP.  Which is a lot, but not as bad as it could have been.  And I've been pretty on track yesterday and Monday. 

Monday got off to a bang activity wise.  I said in a previous blog I have problems getting significant activity in on Mondays and Tuesdays and it starts this "I'm lazy" spiral which isn't pretty. 

So what did I do?  Threaten bodily harm.  And I got to go to a Zumba class, yay!

Okay here's the story.  The kids and I were out of town all weekend with my parents but not my husband.  So we get home, I get a little run to the grocery break, and then its time for bed.  Fast forward to Monday.  He has to work all day.  And wow these kids are making me CRAZY!  My patience is GONE, their tempers are short, its all in all not a pretty picture.

So I send him a message.  "These kids are making me nuts.  I'm on the verge of losing it.  If I don't get out of this house for a significant amount of time by myself tonight someone is getting hurt."  I think he knows I wouldn't hurt the kids so you do the math.

So he calls soon after getting this message and things are better by then but I tell him there is a 6:30 Zumba class at the gym tonight and I WILL be there. 

I don't make it to Zumba often but dance classes like that are a great stress reliever.  Seriously, you are NOT thinking about your problems while you are trying to keep up with the instructor.  Yoga, sure, if you're good at shutting it out, but I think too much myself.

So I went.  And it was great.  It made me feel so much better and its great to start the week with a bunch of AP's in the bank.  You know what else is great?  This class didn't have any 'pro's' in it, so honestly I was one of the better dancers.  Go me! (I don't know if anyone else has had Zumba through different instructors but this and the other class I took not affiliated with my gym had the same routines.  So I know them!  Not super well but I was familiar)

Maybe I'll have to threaten bodily harm again next Monday.  (Eh, its probably not going to work twice in a row, but maybe since he had an easy-ish time with the kids this time it will be easier to convince him)

And everyone was calm until bed time when we lost little E's favorite friend, Mickey Mouse right before bed (she is super attached) and the stuff hit the fan.  Turned out her sister hid it.  They are really pushing each other's buttons these days.  Its funny and maddening at the same time.

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6/23/2011 4:46 PM
I was chuckling over the message you sent DH! Way to be assertive and put your needs first for a few hours. Hope you are able to make Zumba a weekly habit since it seems to start your week off on the right foot!. :-) (I also track by using my AP's before my WP's and for some reason that seems to work better for me... think it's just a mental thing! LOL)

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Off the Map...But Aren't We Cute?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Spent the weekend in Indiana for my cousin's wedding with very sporadic internet access. So as a result, tracking was spotty at best.

I really hate the after affects of being out of control with this stuff. I feel like I made decent choices but who knows. I guess there's still time to try to remember the damage...

It was a good time though. What time i got to spend at the wedding. Traveling with two 3 1/2 year olds means they don't last long in social situations. The ceremony, was nice. But I got to see none of it past the procession. One of my kids started saying in a not inside voice "I've got to go potty!" over and over and we ducked out as soon as the bride was down the aisle. And it was a short ceremony so we never went back in. But we got to greet the new husband and wife before anyone else!

Then the recepton. Well, first, there were bubbles outside the church which was a roaring success with the kids.

THEN the reception. We made it through dinner. That was it. Than the other child hit a wall and started a screaming fit so we left. But we (the child who had NOT hit the wall and I) demanded that cupcakes be brought to us when my parents and brother and sister in law were done enjoying the reception without the screaming children. And they were. And we enjoyed them in the hotel. I didn't do too bad eating at the reception but that's because the food choices were kind of biarre (a lot of chicken and pork...A LOT. Hardly anything else...)

I did manage to get a little bit of working out in. But I'll tell you, if I don't get some significant activity in today, as in hopefully a trip to the gym this evening, I'm going to be INSANE. I love these adorable little girls but they are stressing me out with their post travel let down!

But anyway, here we are all dressed up, aren't we adorable? :)

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6/22/2011 2:47 PM
Love the photo! Sorry you didn't get to spend more time enjoying the wedding festivites. But it sounds like you handled the eating situation as best you could. Good job!

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My Personal Danger Zones...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wednesday, oh Wednesday. You are such a great OP day and awful one at the same time...

This happens every week and I'm getting kind of sick of it.

Wednesdays are one of my big workout days. Its the day that my mom picks up the kids after work at noon and I get me time. I also get me time on Fridays but its packed with errands and Sundays turn into 'us' time since hubby is home too. Yes I get breaks from the kids all three days and yes i know how incredibly lucky I am.

So Wednesdays. Somewhere in my psychology around 2 pm, I feel like I need to go shopping and get ice cream. And 4 pp McDonalds cones won't do it. Something with candy stirred into it is preferable.

So yesterday, sure enough, I go to Target and pick some stuff up but first hit the Wendy's drive thru for a Oreo Frosty Parfait that is *only* 10 pp. (Which sounds like a lot but it is an improvement from the 15 pp Sonic Blasts and the who knows how many DQ Blizzards or Steak and Shake milkshakes that clock in at more than 25.)

This would be fine if this was my one weekly indulgence but its not. Its just the most unnecessary one.

So the pattern follows I get that, have a small snack, go workout for a long time, and then come home and have a very small dinner to help curb the damage that the ice cream earlier did. Then I get hungry and go nuts on graham crackers or whole wheat or something else harmless in small portions but adds up quick.

It also doesn't help that Mondays and Tuesdays include very little exercise due to just how my schedule falls (I do a lot on the weekend and Wednesdays, Mondays Tuesdays and Thursdays are tough though...I get 20 or 30 minutes in at best). I get plenty of exercise, that's not a problem for me right now, but the small amount two days in a row makes me feel like a lazy couch potato again and triggers the feeding instinct.

Plus, this week, I did great on Saturday and Sunday with working out, but for some reason it didn't feel that way to me because it wasn't a big interruption of my day. Saturday I did a morning spinning class before we got the day started and Sunday was a long walk with hubby which is more fun than exercise to me since its not high intensity.

So pretty much if exercise doesn't feel like a chore, I feel like I didn't do enough, isn't that lovely?

Anyway, I feel the sugar addiction getting out of control so it may be time to do a no sugar week again. Which can't be this week because I'm going out of town for a couple days for a wedding (I don't like food lockdowns during special occasions...reasonable limits yes, lockdowns, no). But the week after, I got nothing. So maybe this will be time to get it together.

I know ideally I should be doing one day of reasonable indulging and 6 of normal control but maybe my one day of indulging is coming too early in the week? Maybe I should change my WI day to Mondays so the weekend is at the end of my tracking week? I used to WI Saturday mornings (way back) and then did my indulging on Fridays so it was a reward for keeping my points around to do it. (Which went great until I got my scre-w it attitude going and it didn't matter...that was the beginning of the end that time around)

We all have our pitfalls I guess and if we don't we haven't acknowledged them yet (or you're too strict with yourself and your perfectionist attitude will bring you down instead).

All I can do is make today a great day, survive this weekend of traveling and being around take out, hotel food, wedding food, and small exerise windows of opportunity (last time I did make it to the hotel gym because I was up at the crack of dawn since I can't sleep well in hotel mom stayed in the room with the still sleeping kids)

(My food blog actually kind of helps those situations since I'm seeking out meals that are 500 calories or under.)

Anyway, thanks for listening, I'll try harder! Wish me luck!

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6/20/2011 11:30 AM
I don't know if this will help, but what I do is have a planned indulgence every day. Tonight's dessert, for example is a strawberry ice cream cone (Haagen Dagz, in a sugar cone). 8 planned PP, emphasis on "planned." Heavy workouts can totally lead to overeating, especially sugar, especially if you are tired. Try to eat a healthy snack with protein just before exercising and a healthy meal shortly afterward (or vice versa).

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My Driver's License

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Maybe when I have time I'll scan it and crop the picture to show the world...

I know not every state has weight listed, but if yours does, how accurate is your driver's license weight? Or was it when you put it on there.

I think my weight fudge is the biggest of all time.

105 lbs. less than what I really was at the time.

And I don't feel bad about it! (Well, the blatant lie anyway)

The story is, when i put that weight on there, right after I got married in 2005, I really did weigh that. I was kind of proud I was being truthful because it had alws been a 20 lb fudge before. I said I was 160 when I got it and I was 180 and I just kind of kept it on there through a couple renewals.

Then after my wedding, I really did weigh 175 lbs, so I proudly told them that.

Fastforward to my scheduled renewal in November of 2007 and I was on my way to being on bed rest in my final month of a twin pregnancy. So I weighed a lot. More than I'd ever dreamed I would. But I was fine with it. It was kind of a joke to me because I actually had gained exactly as much as I was supposed to according to my doctor. Not thrilled that I started out as high as I had (my exact starting weight from my first WW know, the weight I was never supposed to see again. I did. And then got 40 lbs heavier thanks to two babies growing in me) but while you're pregnant you can't do much about it anyway.

So I stood there at the license agency weighing 280 lbs (which I knew for a fact because I had just came from the doctor) and when they asked my weight, I said "Just keep the 175 on there"

But here I am now, within almost 20 lbs again!

And I'm due to renew in November. I could very well be there. In fact that's my goal, by November match of be under my driver's license weight. Wouldn't that be a crazy way to come full circle in 6 and a half years?

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6/16/2011 1:15 PM
My driver's license has my goal weight on it, I'm 18 pounds away. But it has ALWAYS had my goal weight on it, even when I was 50 pounds heavier! My old WW leader used to give a "Driver License Award" for people who hit the weight they listed on their license. :)

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Yoga with added weight (about 35 lbs worth..)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This morning I was thinking about more ways to integrate workouts into my day to day at home with the kids. Because I have time, but I don't if that makes sense. Its not easy for me to make it to formal classes except certain days and times, but I'm not exactly booked up with formal activities. I have a lot of just hanging out with the kids time.

So I decided to maybe try to get some basic yoga and calisthenics in while the kids are playing and watching TV. Just duck into the dining room and do some sun salutes and segue into Pilates. Because my abs do kind of need some work (they're never going to be flat...they got stretched WAY out carrying these children...and I know better than to spot tone, but since they tend to be at the end of my usual routines they get rushed through a lot)

Yeah that's a nice idea. Until the girls notice mommy is upside down. Then they hae to come in and participate. And the dog too. Soon, I'm laying down getting ready to do straight leg raises and there's a child sitting on me laughing.

I stand on one leg to do tree pose and she's climbing through the other bent leg.

Okay so its kind of fun this way :)

Then I figure, maybe get some cardio in and dance since they're participating anyway. I turn our music channels on the cable, find a dance party one and we're bopping around to Rhianna. But they get bored three minutes in.

Oh well, I tried!

I really need to work on getting them to the gym with me again but it is just so STRESSFUL! My little separation anxiety girl did play by herself in Chick Fil a l's play area last week (in fact she tried to leave the restaurant without me) so maybe we've turned a corner. We've just been so busy with outside stuff too.

I think tonight after hubby gets home and we eat dinner I'm going to try to get out and run some intervals just around the neighborhood. Some solid cardio that i don't have to make a big production about. Even if he wants to take the kids to the playground, maybe I can run the trails near there.

This weekend, i'm going to an out of town wedding, so Friday/Saturday/Sunday when a lot of my workouts happen are going to be rough. I may be able to make it late sunday since he's not coming with us so I will have no problem saying "your turn with the kids, I'm going to the gym" if I'm not totally exhausted. Happy Father's Day, he's getting the weekend off, lol (We're traveling with my parents and brother and sister in law, I'm not handling the kids on my own or anything, he's staying behind to make traveling logistics easier and to get stuff done at home)

Anywho, its going to be creative AP getting this week. Now if I could only keep the food aspect together it wouldn't be such a big deal!

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6/15/2011 3:33 PM
What a cute image I have of the kids "helping" and "doing" yoga with you! :-) I'm sure you will great this weekend. You've done well in the past when you've traveled and will do it again!

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Beautiful Day, Great Walk, Dead Camera :(

Sunday, June 12, 2011

It was darn near perfect here in Central Ohio today. High of 75, just enough couds in the sky to make it pretty, and not a raindrop to be seen.

So when my parents had the kids this afternoon, hubby and I took a four mile walk on the Olentangy Trail on a section we'd never done before. Which isn't far from our house. Go figure.

Great walk, but it killed my camera. Smarty pants me decided to take it along in my pack, along with my iPod which lives in there since its my gym bag, and my cell phone. And a bottle of water. Which leaked. So now my camera is done. My cell phone seems to be okay which is good news since it would have been the third one to die in three months if it was a goner.

Me and electronics. Not a good combo.

So we keep walking and round the corner, and there blocking our way...

A mother and baby deer!

And did I get a picture? No, my camera was broke! Perfect kodak moment and a leaky water bottle ruined it (tried to get it with my phone, it didn't save...which they never do when I really want them to! I think I hit wrong buttons or something)

Oh well, at least we'll remember it!

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6/13/2011 4:50 PM
Oh man... sorry about your camera! Hopefully once it dries out it will work... But glad you got to have a long walk with your hubby! :-)

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SYTYCD Inspiration...

Thursday, June 09, 2011

I swear I've written this blog post, probably last season, but I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance on my DVR right now and I am so inspired by them!

Not that I have any great dance aspirations. I took a hip hop class though, and you can read about it on my other blog, here! Dance for me is fun, a workout, and something I've known for years I had no talent for whatsoever.

But these young men and women (they all have to be under 30 to be on this show, since I'm 32, they're young to me!) their bodies are their art. Their legs serve a function, their arms, their cores. Its not vanity, though appearances are important, but when you get to their levels, its so much dedication and skill it boggles my mind. And even the most successful dancers, they'll never get rich doing it. They work through injuries, all day, in the heat, until they hurt, its pretty amazing when you think about it.

Can you imagine having that much passion for a life's calling? Or maybe you can, but I certainly can't!

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6/11/2011 6:26 AM
I love to dance but I have zero rhythm. It is a gift to be so graceful. I admire people with callings. I am 45 and still waiting for mine. LOL

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If we could all have a three year old's body confidence...

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

What a wonderful world this would be!

I was just outside playing with my three and a half year old twin girls in the sprinkler. We live in a condo surrounded by a lot of other condos and get a lot of foot traffic even in the middle of the day. The easiest walking and jogging circle to take in this neighborhood goes right by our place and the community dumpster is nearby.

So I'm not heading out there in a bikini.

Waterplay wear of choice for me: my husband's knee length workout shorts (not that he works out...) and a blue t-shirt so it doesn't turn into a wet t-shirt display

Waterplay wear of choice for them: boldly patterned bright one pieces with ruffles because ruffles are FUN not because they're hiding anything

Then there's the formal wear category. We're going to a wedding soon. Me: long dress so I don't have to wear heels. Don't want to wear heels because they're uncomfortable and a knee length dress without heels would make my calves look like tree trunks.

Them: whatever strikes their fancy of the choices we have. Probably the Hello Kitty dress from Easter for one of them. And they'll be adorable no matter what! No one cares what their legs look like. Chubby legs = all the better!


Me: probably workout pants and a loose t-shirt.

Them: if I can get clothes on them in the house its a miracle. They sit aroud in their undies all day and point out their chubby bellies with a giggle.

And if someone comes to the door? I make sure I always wear a bra even in the house. They don't care how dressed they are, they've been known to walk out after me when I run to the car in their panties. (not encouraged)

In fact as we were coming back in the house after the sprinkler, in my attempt to get one child in before stripping, the other one had stripped naked behind me for any passerby to see. And if they did, she would probaby smile and point out her 'cute little butt'.

Not that we should all turn into the nudists that my three year olds would be if allowed but there are some lessons to be learned there.

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6/9/2011 3:43 PM
I am a lot like you.... certain clothes for certain events. I'm getting better at feeling more confident about my clothing choices, but my first reaction is to look for clothes that will "hide" me. :-)

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New Food Blog!!!

Monday, June 06, 2011

I started a new food blog after an epiphany in line at Panera yesterday!

I was standing there adding up the calorie count thinking "You know, I should probably tell people what I came up with to eat here for under 500 calories".

We're all old hat at picking healthy options, but this is a foreign concept to a lot of folks. I know i've had a lot of people who know that I'm pretty aware of this stuff ask me for tips. I just could never focus the ideas enough for a blog, until now! (And I also debated about taking my weight loss and personal issues to the non WW online people I really know. Because you know my grandmother is going to read it and how many details does she need?)

Five Hundred Calories or Less is my new blogger blog with pictures of the meals I come up with (I've made it calories rather than points so its more accessable to everyone...its also not about weight loss, its about healthy, so skinny people can use it too :)

So check it out and tell your health conscious friends! Its the next phenomenon, I'm telling you!

(This is one of the first pictures of my under 500 calorie meals...actually about 350. My dog wanted some :)

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6/9/2011 1:03 PM
Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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Let Me Just Tell You What All I Did Today (and why i'm exhausted)

Friday, June 03, 2011

Wow, its been a busy day. I've officially logged 9 AP's but I bet I could come up with more if I considered some things activity that I don't necessarily on paper...

Okay, here goes...

This morning, took the kids to the playground. I'm the mom who climbs and goes down the slides, btw. 3 1/2 year old twins, playground, no I'm not sitting on a bench...

Then my mom picks them up and its grocery day. Grocery shopping, hauled everything in, put it away. It was a relatively light day so not too bad (two trips to the car instead of who knows how many...)

THEN I go to the gym and did 10 minutes of walking on the treadmill, 10 minutes of sprint intervals and 20 minutes of weights. (And a hot guy talked to me, so you know, HE HIT ON ME :) I'm married, not into running around on my man, its not like it matters what his intention was about asking about my t-shirt)

Then come home, walk the dog. Not far but whatever. Mailbox and back, probably 1/4 mile tops. (Mailbox is down the street)

THEN the kids come home and I put new batteries in Dance Star Mickey and its DANCE PARTY TIME! And they did not let me quit for a while.

So whew, I'm tired. And the kids napped at my mom's so who knows when they'll go to sleep tonight. Its 9:30 and I haven't even taken them up yet. They seriously don't sleep until 11 when they nap. Which is crazy, I'm well aware.

So tomorrow I'm hoping to go to a Spinning class. They have them at 8:30 and 9:30 at the gym closest to me. We'll see if i'm up in time :P (If I'm not, there's Zumba at 10:30 at a gym not too far away and another dance class at 11:30 at another gym which hubby thinks is in the 'ghetto'...its I may tell him I'm going to another one, shhhh!)

Oh and I only ate 33 PP and 1550 calories today btw :)

Saturday morning update: I totally didn't go to any of those classes, but I vow to this week! I was really sore from yesterday's workout and didn't want to put my legs through spinning. I did spend a lot of time outside with the kids walking and playing and am going to find some youtube zumba action or something later to add a short high intensity cardio session to the 40 minutes or so of walking.

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6/6/2011 1:30 PM
high 5s - quite a workout- great to be on the slide with the twins - great memories they'll have

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Not to Brag But I Was an Inferno on the Dancefloor...

Thursday, June 02, 2011

I was sweating enough anyway...

So last night I went with a friend to try out a hip hop dance class. The first one is free at this studio and then after that you can buy a 10 class package for $50 to use whenever, on hip hop or zumba or any others they offer (I think just yoga and zumbatonic other than that)

And I probably will buy this package...once I have an extra $50 :P It'll be nice to have schedule options other than gym classes.

It was a great time and a definite testament to how far I've come!

I took dance lessons as a kid. For YEARS. And I was never great. Coordination and me, not friends. I actually had to have tutoring to stay in the ballet class with my friends and not be demoted.

So when I started working out this time, I thought dancing was not going t obe my chosen way to do it. I have problems picking up steps. The dance workout DVD's I have reinforced that.

But, not to say it was easy, between this and Zumba, steps really aren't the issue in a group class. Who cares if you're perfect? No one else is! Move your body, get your arms in the air, do your thing and love it!

Another thing, the jumping. A year and a half ago, I would have sworn jumping wasn't my thing. My chest is too big you know (excuse). Now, no problem getting air. I actually really enjoyed the short "Jump Around" segment ("Jump! Jump! Jump!")

Great way to get that heart rate up and did it ever! The heart rate monitor had me at my max a couple times. Okay above it! 220-your age is your max. For me that's 188. I read 190 once. But my body can handle it. I was never gasping for breath or anything. (Not that I recommend sustaining that, but it did peak there)

So I think I am going to start incorporating more dancing in to mix sit up, because its FUN :)

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ZARAHA (Zarah)

6/2/2011 3:40 PM
Burn it up Mindy!

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OPF - Other People's Food

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Its really hard to spend a weekend at someone else's house waround someone else's food and keep your momentum going.

I'm not going to say this weekend was a massive fail. I'm not going to say I was a weight loss superstar. But I did fine. I tracked it all, both on here and on My Fitness Pal. I said no to a lot of bad stuff, and my previous hissy fits worked and MIL did NOT buy chips ahoy and oreos strictly in honor of our visit (the chocolate chip teddy grahams had the kids in enough of an uproar).

But I did use every single one of my available points and am now in negatives waiting to earn some APs to put me above water. I only need a couple and I'll get them tonight either after hubby gets home or the kids go to sleep (I've already tracked dinner)

And I can't say it was the visit that messed me up with my points balance anyway. It was that silly box of raisinets at the movies on Friday night that did it. Four servings in that thing, FOUR. I thought there were two. There are two in the same size box of M&M's. And of course I ate them all because I have issues.

Back on track, back in the saddle and back racking up the AP's!

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5/31/2011 5:34 PM
I think it sounds like you are doing well. Remember, you're in this for the long run, and there will always be holiday weekends and movies!

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Now You Know My ABC's...

Monday, May 30, 2011

A is for Age: 32
B is for Bedtime: Usually ends up about 11ish...last night, 8:30!
C is for Car you drive: Nissan Xterra
D is for Dogs: Bonnie, a shiba inu
E is for Energy: Not until after 10 am
F is for Favorite color: Purple
G is for Gold or silver: Gold
H is for Height: 5’ 6"
I is for Instruments you play(ed): Clarinet and Oboe
J is for Job title: Mommy
K is for Kids: Twin girls, 3 1/2, The Princess and The Bunny as they're known on this blog (though I am thinking of just starting to use their names, what am I trying to hide?)
L is for where you Live: Suburban Columbus, Ohio
M is for Marital status: Married
N is for Nicknames: Mindy is my nickname (full name is Melinda, but if you use it I will think you're a telemarketer)
O is for Overnight hospital stays: Just for the babies
P is for Pet peeve: Incessant complaining about things you can do something about but never will
Q is for Quote: "I have found the paradox that if you love until it hurts that there will be no hurt, only love" - Mother Teresa
R is for Righty or lefty: Righty
S is for Siblings: One brother, two years younger
T is for Time I wake up: 7-7:30 ish, whenever the kids do
U is for Underwear: yes
V is for Veggies: Raw!
W is for Workouts: Today biking.  Usually walking, lifting, elliptical, gym, at home, a little of all of it.
X is for X-rays: just teeth
Y is for Year I got married: 2005
Z is for favorite animals at the Zoo: Elephants and tigers

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990003!!! (PAULA)

5/30/2011 6:08 PM
A very talented mommy. Mommy was my favorite title until I became a grandmother, now I waffle between the two. My very very favorite title is wife, that is how I got to be a mommy.

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It worked!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Double tracking for a week worked!

I trackd both points and calories on My Fitness Pal and then also kind of planned ahead my meals.

The planning the day ahead thing worked for the first week but I really didn't stick to it at all so I'm not going to continue doing that. It was great to give me perspective on budgeting though. For some reason budgeting points has been lost on me lately. But putting into calories too helped. Now on the fly I know I can look at my little calorie counter book and figure if I find a meal under 500 calories, I'm golden.

500 calories or less per meal is the new standard and it is very doable. In fact, I don't think I ever broke it. That's in a week that includeed a girls' night out, eating at a nice Italian place, and Arby's roast beef and curly fries (GNO was a half chicken sandwich and chips, Italian was half of the Pasta Pomodoro, angel hair with tomato sauce and chicken, and the curley fries got thrown in the trash before I even started eating them except for 1/4 of them, just to satisfy my craving)

This week I'm going to keep doing this and hope it gets me through a weekend at the in-laws. (I think i've said before, the meals aren't that bad, its the snacks)

And I should note I barely worked out this week. A few little 20 minute workouts just to keep myself on track and walking. I wanted to emphasize the food and then build the workouts back up once that was in control. I ended up earning 15 AP's when its usually more than 30. I probably could have stretched it to more if I counted cleaning and playing with the kids, but oh well. I needed to get stuff done around the house anyway.

Next week I'm going to shift more time to cardio and less to weight training. Weight train at home for a half hour three times and spend my gym time doing cardio. Maybe go to a hip hop class with my friend instead of BodyPump. I've done this before, shifting the focus and I think its a good way to mix things up.

Oh and one more lesson from this week, four fruit servings a day is plenty, no reason to have 10 just because they're 'free' (worth noting I was NOT eating fruit instead of something else, I was just eating it in addition)

I'm not going to double track forever but maybe until I feel secure. A month maybe?

I lost 3.2 lbs from last week (1.8 from two weeks ago, I ticked up last week), for a total of 59 lbs. I'm 197 now! One more pound and it will be 60 and I'm buying an iTunes gift card! I don't have a credit card hooked up to my account because it gets way too easy to buy and buy and buy songs and I want some new tunes!

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6/1/2011 12:23 PM
Congrats on your success! That is so wonderful!

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Random Thoughts and Updates

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

To begin with, tracking two ways and aiming for a calorie rather than point goal is going GREAT!  I think its going to really help me put into perspective how many points are good for me and get rid of the 'over my daily target, OH WELL!' guilt.  Because I'm always over my daily target.  Always.  And I have been this week aiming at a doctor and My Fitness Pal recommended calorie total.  BUT unlike most weeks I have significant weekly points in the bank (like 20 maybe?) still with two days left to go.  I'm usually into the AP's and feeling like the week is a wash by now.

I'm going to stop feeling guilty about dipping into the weeklies almost every day too.  I am an active mom, not a sedentary person even on days I don't purposely workout.  I need fuel.  (YMMV on that, just saying, that's my life at this time.  It was different when I sat 8 hours a day)

Keeping tabs on my fruit intake and not just grazing it all day is a big help too.  Its making me feel so much more in control.  Though I'm not tracking the fresh veggie intake and never will.  That I should be able to graze on :)

Oh and BTW, for dinner last night was Swedish Meatballs from  EXCELLENT recipe!  Best meatballs I've ever made!

And on to a completely other topic...running.

For some reason, my head has decided running is not natural to me. 

Funny way my body proved otherwise today.

The girls and I were playing in front of our condo when a gust of wind picked up their $1 Target Hello Kitty bag.  Ga-wd forbid we lose that.  So I took off in my flip flops chasing it.  And I had to SPRINT.  And you know what?  Running is natural to me.  I got going at a really good clip because I had to catch that thing before it got too far because hello, kids left unsupervised in a slightly busy neighborhood (busy foot traffic wise, not car traffic wise). 

And I didn't trip, I didn't injure myself.  It was fine.  Even in flip flops (nice, more athletic than dressy flip flops)

Okay enough babbling, gotta get back to sorting through the kids' clothes.  Which is depressing.  We're garage sale-ing the stuff they've grown out of and it makes me sad that my babies are growing up :(

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5/25/2011 4:40 PM
You should try running you might really like it - get to that gym and set a super slow pace - run for a minute walk fast for a minute - that for 30 minutes. Gradually increase your running time. See how that feels. Love garage sales - people will love getting your deals and you can clean house...but understand it's kinda sad too.

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Three Days of Double Tracking and What I'm Learning

Monday, May 23, 2011

Starting Friday I've planned all my meals ahead on My Fitness Pal and then tracked what I've actually ate on there and on WW Online hoping to get an idea of where I need to be.

I'm aiming for 1500 calories per day as recommended by my doctor and seeing how the points fall in there. To lose 1 lb a week, My Fitness Pal has me on 1690 calories so I figure that's my upper limit.

So have I stuck to my pre-planned daily meals? Heck no! But have I met my calorie goals, amazingly, yes!

And did it translate to my daily points target? Nope!

So far, 1500-1700 calories per day has shaked out to about 35-37 PP. And my daily target is 30.

So guess what? Your weekly points allowance is there for a reason!

I've also found that eating fruit mindlessly does me no favors. I've planned fruit in my My Fitness Pal plans. And tracked it on there. And I'm getting my 5 fruits and veggies a day but no more. Not 10, with 2 being veggies, for no reason at all other than I wanted to munch and a banana is there. Or the strawberries taste good so why not eat the whole pint?

Here is where I think a lot of us are running into problems since PP was introduced. Mindless fruit consumption. I'm glad its free but there need to be limits. And I wouldn't be shocked if next Fall, when they switch things up, WW introduces them.

It seems to be universal that people are having problems losing on this new program especially if they've been at it a while and I think that's a big part. Its not just on here. I was at a friend's house picking up a grill that she was selling me (long story there, we have no grill after all and almost cause major traffic accidents getting it home), and she mentioned how her sister was struggling.

And I'm not going to diss my maintenance, that's a huge deal.

I know I wasn't following the plan to the letter, but I think that the lack of progress and mindless eating of 'free' fruit has led to more mindless eating.

So for now, I'm keeping this double tracking thing going at least for a couple weeks until I feel comfortable and then switching back to just PP and being mindful of my fruit snacking. Maybe just 2 servings a day in addition to the 2 I always have with breakfast.

My other lesson in this is that budgeting is huge. I think the new program has also thrown me off because the change meant I didn't have the super familiar points values in my head to budget out through the day so I was just eating then tracking, not really planning. I always stayed within the ponts allowed but I was using an awful lot of AP's which I would prefer not to. (I am a big believer in using the weeklies though so don't think I'm using dailies only. As I said before, its dailies and a few weeklies every day that seem to be helping me hit the calorie goal)

I have eaten out all three of the days I was doing this, btw. And planned ahead and knew exactly what I wanted to order. Friday I only ate half of my pasta with non-cream tomato sauce meal, Saturday a half chicken sandwich and chips (and beer!) and Sunday a low calorie shrimp and rice dish at Applebee's. I just planned the rest of my day so exactly that they fit in just fine. I even got a Blast from Sonic yesterday because my lunch at Applebee's was so low in calories and I could have a super light dinner to help fit the big time treat in. (before this I was just saying 'who cares, I have the points...' and then dealing with the consequences later)

So there we go. We'll see if a loss comes, and if it doesn't, it will next week I'm sure (darn birth control pills and the no losses except one week a month thing...I am going to check into switching those out)

I'm not going nuts on the exercise this week while I get the food together. Definitely doing it but not going to push myself to new levels or anything. Maybe take the chance to get things done around the house instead of long gym hours.

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6/3/2011 2:52 PM
You are right on!

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Tracking the Week Ahead - The Planning Phase

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Starting tomorrow, for one week (at least), I'm planning my food ahead of time! Like the entire week charted before Friday (which is grocery day and the start of my WW week)

My doctor suggested I try sticking to 1500 calories per day and see if that starts me losing again. Then start cutting 100 at a time if its not doing it but NEVER go below 1200.

So I'm doing my planning on MyFitnessPal, then printing each day's page out and tracking in WW as I eat it.

The first day's chart seemed to take forever. But it really wasn't that hard to get to 1500 calories and only 1500 with foods I usually eat. I've done probably 4 of 7 days now and it started going a lot faster after the first one.

I bought the updated Calorie King book so I won't walk into a restaurant totally blind about what I'm ordering.

Then as I track the points, I'm going to see how the points shake out. I"m putting fruits in my calorie total but not vegetables necessarily. Yes if they're part of a meal but if I feel like munching some baby carrots or celery I'm not going to freak because they aren't on my list.

So we'll see how the grand experiment goes! And yes, I'm willing to swap food out if I'm not feeling it for foods with similar calories (like + or - 50)

Exercise will be like it always is, but I'm going to chart the calories for that as I do it too.

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5/20/2011 8:57 AM
Good plan! That's probably a good way to shake up your metabolism again.

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And the Doctor Said...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just got back to the doctor to check in and to look into my lack of weight loss...

We need to do blood tests to be sure but insulin resistance is a possibility (I've had that checked before and never was diagnosed but when I had gestational diabetes, I was on insulin and they took me off because it didn't do anything for me).

She also said I may need to up my cardio (I'm doing plenty of strength training which she was happy about)

She also suggested I call my OB/GYN and change my birth control pill to Yaz because I may need to change the estrogen since I never lose, even when I was losing, during the times I take the pill.  I've been on the same birth control pill for over 10 years, except when I was TTC, I should probably add.

She said if I felt like I was retaining water she could give me a mild diuretic but since my blood pressure is perfect she wasn't real keen on it (and neither am I...I'm not big on temporary fixes which that would be).

So there we go.  We'll find out more after I get my blood work done.

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5/20/2011 8:27 AM
If you are insulin resistent, did she mention the possibility of trying out metformin?

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Or Maybe...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I think actually what I'm going to do next week is plan the menu for the entire week, breakfasts lunches dinners snacks, and post it on my refrigerator and STICK TO IT! Try to make the meals very Power Food heavy without going to Simply Filling.

The more I've thought about it, the more I remembered how Core just did not work out for me at all. And I haven't said anything to my husband about switching plans and that's not a good sign (because he hated when I was on Core. I mean, HATED. I think it was because I restricted myself too much. He's not an adventurous eater at all so thought the meals got kind of boring because it turned into too much grilled chicken and whole wheat pasta...not that we don't do that at all but adding more restrictions to our already pretty restricted parameters because of both of us being picky eaters...yeah it got annoying. I could write a novel about how picky we are, but to sum it up. Him: no veggies, me: no red meat, no eggs, and pretty much just raw veggies. Both of us no mushrooms.)

So that's what I'm going to do and I'm going to start planning soon!

One of my recent pittfalls has been eating out. We've been going out to restaurants three times a week lately instead of four. Why? Because hubby is sad and its raining too much.

Okay that doesn't make sense, right? Well he hates his job, I mean really really really hates it and is looking for a new one. He's waiting to hear back from several interviews and is getting kind of restless. Our house is tiny and depressing. It reminds him of how much he hates his job.

And the kids are doing better in restaurants and its been raining or threatening to constantly so where we could use go out to a playground or for a walk as a way to get out, the weather isn't cooperating so we go out to eat. It distracts him and makes him feel better and I honestly do make decent choices when we're there, but out to eat is still never as good as eating at home.

So some of that will be solved when it stops raining and being too cold for May in Ohio and he finally gets a new job.

But for now, we never plan to go out, we just do. And its getting expensive and fattening and it needs to stop but I can't really be sorry because it is helping him feel better. There's only so much mall we can do and getting out of the house in the evening with 3 year olds when its raining only gives you so many options.

So there it is. I'm planning. Really, really planning. and giving myself flexibility only in that if we choose to go out, I have to pick something with the same points as I had planned for dinner. I have to get control back. Really, really have to.

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5/18/2011 4:10 PM
Sometimes when my friends and I meet out, I join them, but just order a drink. Then I fix myself a sandwich at home later. They eat out, but just because I am there, doesn't mean I HAVE to eat out. I know what is best for my health, and I prefer to make something delicious at home that I will look forward to. That is another thing you might try. Let the hubby and the kids eat out. Join them for support and family time, but save your points and eat at home later maybe?

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Simply Filling?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm sure anyone who follows my blog has heard and heard and heard, I've been more or less stuck for months. I've been OP for almost a full year and a half. Getting stuck happens. Supposedly it will start up again and I'm ready for that to begin!

I've never stopped tracking in that time (beyond a lapse of a few days near Christmas), never stopped getting AP's. I honestly feel like I could be better with my eating habits but I am doing enough to get at least small losses and I'm getting nothing at all.

So now I'm thinking about a week of simply filling starting Friday. Pretty much to change some habits and maybe jumpstart my body. My standard breakfast is already there and I think with some planning lunches and dinners could be. (its the snacks that are getting me!)

I can't commit to two weeks because we're visiting my in laws memorial day weekend and I don't want to be a PITA with food restrictions.

Has anyone had good experiences doing this? I'm talking to the long termers especially because weight loss in the first six months of being OP is much different than after a year or so.

I did it when it was the Core plan and honestly that was the beginning of the end of my being OP at all because it felt too 'diet' like but I'm a different person with a different life now. (And I was on the downhill slide anyway)

I'll still be tracking and I think that's the difference. Because I don't trust myself to know what is free and what isn't!

Going to the doctor to get a check up and check in to see if there are any answers to this weight loss stall. People tell me I look thinner left and right so I must be doing something right! (Even my cousin's 21 year old girlfriend went out of her way to email me and tell me thing!) I do about 2 hours of weight lifting weekly so there's some muscle building happening but I'm not building 5 lbs of muscle a month to replace the fat I had been losing (I've read women can't really gain more than 2 lbs a month, even if they are hard core)

I do think the articles I cited a couple posts ago are on to something but I'm ready to start losing again soon!

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JANICE2348 (Janice)

1/25/2013 3:23 PM
I am thinking of giving this a try. Just one week in and I find tracking tedious. I'm looking to try something a little different. Best of luck!

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What 50,000 people earning AP's together looks like...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

They're also raising money for a good cause :)

Here's my view at one point during Columbus, OH's Race for the Cure on May 14, 2011. 

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5/15/2011 3:19 PM
Love it - sure there is just people all around - don't move to the right or left w/o getting trampled. Kinda like going to the state fair. Congrats on walking and supporting.

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Thinking PINK

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Race for the Cure 2011 is in the books!

I walked it. The original plan was to be able to run it but running just hasn't worked out for me (yet).

I was on a team with my brother and sister in law (who did run), my husband, three of my cousins and their sig. others and my uncle and some miscellaneous other people they all know. So it was nice to have a team there.

The morning was kind of a booty kicker. Not so much because of the 5K as the 5K plus the hour and a half or so of standing around waiting for it and the walking around trying to find people we know and walking from our parking garage to the starting line and back. Oh yeah and waking up at a way earlier hour than I prefer to get there before the roads closed.

In Columbus, about 50,000 people turned up to walk or run. A big HOARDE of people! It was a lot of fun. Lots of pink, lots of fun outfits. Lots of spirit.

All along the course there was music and people cheering us on. But the best part? The final mile, there was a line of about 50 Harley Davidsons revving their engines on either side of the street. It was so LOUD and so much fun! Didn't think of Harley engines as something to get you going in that last mile but it was great!

I'll post pics later when I upload them. It was a beautiful morning to earn some AP's with 50,000 of my closest friends :)

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ZARAHA (Zarah)

5/16/2011 2:44 PM
Good for you for getting out there!

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Size 12's Left in the Dressing Room and a "Ya Think?!" Moment

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little NSV for me.  Well and some discouragement but I'm a 32 year old mother of two, I've accepted that it is what it is...

Ahem, anyway.

Went to buy shorts or capri's today.  Tried on shorts.  Um, no.  My legs are still terrible.  And they probably always will be.  This isn't me putting myself down, I just have really oddly shaped legs.  I'm doing what I can to help them, but as I said, it is what it is.  Thick from the tops to the bottoms.  Not that I don't still have weight to lose, because I definitely do, but if the calves are still this thick just imagine before I lost 58 lbs and started 3 day a week weight training and logging in all the walking and elliptical time.

I've long since accepted, I'm never going to have amazing legs.  But I can have the best version of my own.

So the victory.  I'm a size 14 now.  Pretty consistently.  Which is great because I have a lot of size 14 clothes and its a 'normal' size.  And what I graduated high school as. 

But at Kohl's today someone left their size 12's in the dressing room.  So I tried them on...

And they fit!  Not flattering, kind of stuffed sausage-like, but they fit and they could be zipped up!  Size 12 is in sight!

And now the second part of the blog entry.  I've mentioned before my BIL and his wife did the HCG diet program and raved about it.  500 calories a day and HCG drops to curb the hunger for 6 weeks at a time.  (HCG being hormone taken from pregnant womens' urine.  Not kidding...I took it to stimulate ovulation when I was TTC under doctor's orders)

I've been saying since it came up that this is not the way to lose weight, they will gain it back and gain it back quickly at best, and really hurt themselves at worst.  But they live in AZ and we live in OH and the only updates we get are through Facebook or once in a while phone conversations so we really can't do much about it other than let them learn (the bad thing is she's an acupuncturist and was recommending it to patients)

So...hubby talked to his brother the other night.  He got down to 217 lbs in August after being in the mid-300's to start...

And now he's back to 270 and climbing.  More than 50 lbs since August.

He said he's trying a new way to lose again, and hubby didn't catch what it was but I hope its some kind of reasonable common sense calorie reduction plan if not Weight Watchers.  Yes I drank the WW kool aid a long time ago and am very devoted but as long as its a reasonable, healthy, proven plan that you can make work for you without gimmicks, I'm going to root you on.  Even Jenny Craig or Nutri System or something (though I prefer to not buy expensive frozen meals and rely on them but its all the same idea of eat less, move more anyway)

But if you're being crazy and dangerous and starving yourself or doing something unsustainable, I'll join the chorus of nay-sayers. 

I just don't understand peoples' thinking.  They're educated and intelligent, but sure, eat 500 calories a day and be forbidden to use even lotions (because oils through your skin will throw everything off) and take unnecessary hormones to lose weight.  That's going to end well....

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5/15/2011 9:47 AM
Great NSV! Congrats! I always buy one pair of too-small jeans/pants, etc. and try them on every few weeks. It is great inspiration and I am now in size 8's!

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Making Peace with the Plateau - By Googling

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I know a lot of you are in the same place as me so I thought I'd share some info I found searching the web this morning for 'six month plateau'

To review for those who aren't following this blog that closely, I've lost just shy of 60 lbs. I started WW this time on 1/1/10. I do weight training three days a week, get lots of cardio in, pretty much workout 5-7 days per week, log 30-40 AP's per week, am a naturally active person because of being a mom even without exercise, and track pretty consistently. Though I use more weeklies and AP's than I'd like.

And I have only lost 2 lbs since before Christmas.

I've had smaller plateaus and busted through them. A week or two, a month, its frustrating but it happens. I'm just under 200 lbs now, still need to lose at least 40 more and am NOT giving up but I refuse to do anything to lose weight I can't keep up forever (hours and hours of exercise every day, strict food intake limits)

So I started searching the entire world wide web for clues as to what's happening and found lots to make me feel better.

First I found this article. It talks about a study that combines 80 different weight loss studies. Here's what it found:

"In trials that used calorie-cutting alone and in those that added exercise, weight loss typically hit a plateau after six months. After that, participants gained a few pounds back, on average."

The researchers went on to suggest that "after six months, people should be prepared for their weight loss to taper off. Then the goal should be maintaining whatever success has been achieved."

Now many of you folks out there have managed to keep losing well past the first six months and 10-20 pounds. Hooray for you--you're exceptional! But for others of you who are finding yourself "stuck" after six months, losing the same five or ten pounds over and over--well, it turns out there's nothing wrong with you. Your results are quite typical."

Then I found a link to this:

"A weight loss plateau is normal and good and this is the simple truth: a plateau is the time to build muscle – and calorie intake has to increase for that. A plateau is not time for discouragement, sitting on a pity potty, or the shooting oneself in the foot. Reactions to weight loss plateaus have to be managed because it is no time to lose ground.

Think of a plateau as a half time break. It is time to rest and replenish the stores. During the weight loss phase (i.e. before the plateau), fat is lost but muscle is lost too, and so the dismal dieter weighs less but the fat-to-muscle ratio is the same - and out of whack. By building the major muscle groups as well as the muscles of the heart and diaphragm that supports the lungs, the fat-to-muscle ratio is improved and hormonal balance is eventually restored. (By now, mostly everyone knows that muscle burns more calories than fat does, right?)

To build muscle, calorie intake must be high enough to spare protein for building. When calories are low, protein is burned for fuel and a little goes to repair. During the plateau, it is important to eat the number of calories it takes to maintain the new weight. And then, according to George Blackburn, MD, the planet's leading metabolic nutritionist, one must plan to hold the new weight steady for at least six months; after that, a calorie reduction will produce the loss of another 10 percent of extra weight at least.
And so weight loss plateaus are real and good and they happen like clockwork. And it only makes sense that they are just a mini-test for maintenance."

So guess what, fellow frustrated plateau-ers? We're fine! We're in mini maintenance! (But I'm still seeing the doctor just to make sure!)

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5/13/2011 4:25 PM
I purchased George Blackburn's book "Break Through Your Set Point" after reading this blog - and it makes tons of sense. Patience and perseverance and we will resume weight loss after our body adjusts. Great to know!!

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So, Doc...Why Am I Still Fat?

Monday, May 09, 2011

So at the encouraging of my husband, I put in a request for an appointment with my doctor to see if there's a reason for this plateau other than my body being stubborn.

In four months, I've lost 2 lbs. This is pathetic. I am still 200 lbs ish, still obese. I am not gaining THIS much muscle weight training. And with my levels of exercise and eating, I should be at least getting half a pound a week out of it, you would think?

This all started with a little mini-breakdown I had the other night because on Friday, the week that I should get a loss, right after my period, I got nothing. I actually gained. But it wasn't the best eating week...BUT I was OP.

So I know that most likely it is an eating problem, but I'm still going to get it all checked out. Its also worth noting that for probably the past 8 months the only time I lose has been right after my period. The other three weeks are maintains or very small losses at best. That's not right.

I really don't want to have to live on a super strict eating plan but if that's what I have to do...

So I'm going to see her just to make sure that there's not something else at work here. I should add that since I battled infertility I've been through a lot of blood work in the past five years. Most of it 3-5 years ago. I know I don't have PCOS, I did have gestational diabetes but never had blood sugar readings that were off when i wasn't pregnant, my thyroid has always been fine....

So chances are its bad luck metabolism and not being strict enough with the eating :P But its always good to know for sure (any suggestions on possibilities to bring up are appreciated!)

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DIVA@500 (Patricia)

5/9/2011 9:58 PM
When I hit my plateau I hired a personal trainer and I lost almost 20 lbs in one is all about cardio....and strength spikes up my metabolism that when I didnt do any exercise for three days I still lost 2.2 Lbs during those three days...WoooHoooo and I watched EVERYTHING I ate and drank...

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How did my no take out week go?

Friday, May 06, 2011

Um, not so well.

It just didn't work out for me at all. I ate lunch more at home, that's something, but I ate more dinners out than usual. Which is partly because hubby has been kind of down about his job and this tiny house that we hoped we'd be out of long ago, and it was a convenient reason to get out.

Plus this kids have been good in restaurants lately which is great but kind of dangerous that we can trust them now.

And i honestly haven't been making horrible choices, just salty ones (Homestyle Chicken Fillet at Wendy's for lunch one day, tortilla soup and salad at Max and Erma's last night, turkey club at Steak Escape Tuesday...).

So I gained this week when its the week I should be losing. But if it is just salt, I'll lose again next week.

So I did try to cook more this week for the kids and for me. My chicke salad was a great idea and it got me through four meals. And the mandarin orange chicken salad one more. Maybe two if I make it today.

But then I tried to cook some muffins for the kids for breakfast. They refused even one I ate three and threw the rest away. 5 PP per muffin. Healthy ingredients, but still 5 PP. Lovely.

I guess all I can say is this week I try harder. I used every point available to me including my 35 earned AP's. That's fine for maintaining but not for losing. We are getting dessert tonight but not eating dinner out first, that's a start. (Hubby wants to get dessert to treat me for Mother's Day...getting one 'bad' dessert won't stop me from losing, its everything else I do that week. This week the big picture will be on track!)


Categories: Eating out, Food, My weight loss


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5/6/2011 4:42 PM
You are absolutely isn't one small splurge it is the daily splurge that kills the wl! Enjoy your dessert tonight :)

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Feeding Team Picky

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I got three cookbooks out of the library recently trying to get excited about cooking again. I've truthfully kind of been burnt out on it until very, very recently. I have a tiny kitchen and two 'helpers' who are no help at all.

Buying a foreman grill and getting a blender has helped a little. But we're still in a rut. Especially with what I feed the kids because they are SO picky. They eat healthy for the most part (minus the McDonalds runs) but its a lot of whole wheat pasta and chicken and noodles. With the occasional pizza and chicken nugget thrown in. The saving grace is that they like veggies okay. They don't love them but they don't fight me over them any more than anything else.

If I could just give the children a sandwich my life would be so much easier. But The Bunny will not eat bread. Of all things to be picky about, right? She'll eat soft pretzels and pizza but not bread.

And breakfast is a problem too. They will not sit for it and honestly, I'm not a morning person, I don't feel like putting effort into food that gets thrown on the floor and eaten by the dog. (Yes I am the biggest slacker mom ever). It has been better lately, in my and their defense. This morning The Princess ate some honey nut cheerios (baby bumble bee cheerios) and an apple and The Bunny had a granola bar and an apple. And they both drink plenty of milk.

So. One of the books I got out was "Deceptively Delicious" by Jessica Seinfeld partly enticed by the yogurt pop recipe I posted a couple posts ago. I was thinking there may be some ways to make some good stuff for all of us.

And I was pleasantly surprised. Her whole concept is adding pureed vegetables into kid favorite dishes. Though I have a hard time picturing her and her husband Jerry standing around in the kitchen making the purees as she claims they do on Sunday nights to have ready during the week (hello, if you were married to Jerry Seinfeld would you cook anything at all? I wouldn't. That's what private chefs are for) she had some great ideas.

One, mixing yellow squash with buttered noodles or mac and cheese. Trying that one. And lots of recipes for muffins and banana breads and even brownies with vegetables as a big ingredient that you supposedly will not taste. And even better, the other ingredients are pretty healthy too! (What would be the points of making brownies with spinach and carrots and 2 cups of sugar and 2 cups of butter?)

So I'm going to try a couple. I'm hoping the brownies, which are 133 calories per serving will turn out great. Especially because she says you need to let them cool all the way and not eat them warm or you will still taste the spinach. I love to bake but eating the goods warm out of the oven is kind of a problem for me. Maybe this will solve it :)

Another recipe I'm going to try that I'm hoping I can make a staple for the kids? Tofu nuggets. That's right, I'm going to go for the gold and try to get them to eat tofu. But here's the trick that I think will make it work. You can cut them into fun shapes before you bread them and bake them. The cookbook says kids will think they're cheese or chicken. Crossing fingers.

Pictured are the little darlings at the farm this past weekend. They picked their own clothes. The Bunny likes things with flowers on them whether they coordinate or not and The Princess is obsessed with wearing "Daddy Football Shirts" lately :)

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ZARAHA (Zarah)

5/3/2011 9:00 PM
interesting note about spinach in brownies...I don't know if I could handle the waiting for them to cool...

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Chicken Salad with Grapes and Apples

Monday, May 02, 2011

So here's what I just ate for lunch. Very yummy. Just as yummy as chicken salad salads from Potbelly's or other restaurants and much more points friendly.

And when I put this recipe into the recipe builder? Tons of little green triangles! I think the only ingredients that didn't get one was the olive oil and the dijon mustard!

So here it is:

Chicken Salad Dijon with Grapes and Apples (from the Biggest Loser Family Cookbook with my modifications)

1 lb trimmed boneless, skinless chicken breasts
3 tsp extra virgin olive oil
Salt, to taste
Black Pepper, to taste
3 Tbsp fat free plain greek yogurt
1 Tbsp milk
2 Tbsp Dijon mustard (I'm not a big Dijon fan so here's where the modifications came in, I substituted 1 Tbsp of the original recipe's 3 for the 1Tbsp of milk which was not in the original recipe. The original recipe also called for plain regular yogurt, not Greek)
1/3 cup chopped celery
1/3 cup grapes, cut in half
1/3 cup chopped red apple

Preheat a grill to high heat.

Rub the chicken with 1 tsp of the olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Grill until no longer pink and juices run clear. Allow to cool and then cut into bite sized cubes.

In a large glass or plastic mixing bowl, whisk together the 2 tsp of olive oil, yogurt, milk, and mustard. Add the chicken, celery, grapes and apples and toss well to combine. Season with salt and pepper and serve.

4 servings, about 4 PP per serving.

I served it with spinach. You could aso do butter lettuce or multi-grain bread (or a bagel thin like I probably will tomorrow!)

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Robin Davis

5/2/2011 1:13 PM
Thank you for posting this! I LOVE chicken salad, and have been looking for a PP friendly one...this looks great, and I may just have to try it this weekend!

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The Good and Bad of Being Busy

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Good: SO much walking and moving!
Bad: My no take out vow went out the window all weekend.

Guess I'll make it a during the week thing :P

The weekend started Friday since hubby took the day off. His company is a provider for Honda, and because of the earthquakes, production is way slowed. So they gave everyone a 10% paycut for the next couple months but more days off. They also shut down production on Fridays so its pretty easy to take a day off.

So he was off.

This is how busy we were. Around Coumbus there are 'metro parks' which are different big scale parks run by the county and city and I don't know who else since some are not in teh county or city. Anywho, in one and a half days, we went to three.

First it was Inniswood Gardens which is a smaller park with lots of gardens and fun stuff like that. The kids had a blast. We met up with a mom from my moms' group and her little boy. We'd never been there but its super cool.

So walking there. Then hubby and I did a 3.8 mile loop at another park when the kids went to my mom and dad's house this afternoon. And this idiot right here, I wore jeans. Why. It made my legs hurt, lesson learned.

Then we went out to eat at BJ's Brewhouse and ordered dessert. Because this was my last meal out for a while, right? Um, no.

Regardless, the next day we went to Slate Run which is a working historic farm run by the same park system. We'd never been there either! It was so much fun, lots of animals to visit. The pic is the girls saying hi to the roosters. Yes they picked their own clothes.

And of course on the way there we ate donut holes. And of course I didn't say no to them.

Then that evening we went to Whole Foods for gelato which is technically not take out since we paid for it at a grocery store cash register, right? Then went to the aquarium store to visit the fishies.

Then today it was church and Potbelly's. Where I got a yummy grilled chicken sub that turned out to be 13 PP.

So all my weeklies are history but I've earned 22 AP's since Friday so tomorrow is a new day! With NO take out!

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5/2/2011 8:27 AM
I used to stop by my favorite doughnut shop every day too on the way to work - or just every Saturday - because everyone likes doughnuts - nope They were mostly for me - and I ended up eating most of them....with a lot of garage sales coming up - ohh - that was for sure an excuse to get a doughnut in my past. NO - I will not they are not for me or do they make me feel good anymore. You can do this mindy - pack fruit and sandwiches - your kiddos will thank you too...

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My New Challenge

Thursday, April 28, 2011

One week, no eating out.

Well, except going out to dinner tomorrow :)

No lunches from the drive thru, no Subway at the mall, no snacks from Starbucks or Auntie Anne's. For the kids, maybe, but not for me! I will wait until we get home, thank you!

So to help this I've planned dinners like usual but then am also giving myself some ready made or easy to make lunch options. I looked through two cookbooks (this time WW's Take Out Tonight book from who knows how long ago, and the Biggest Loser Famiy Cookbook).

I came up with Hummus (made from scratch) ready to go on a turkey wrap, a simple chicken salad made ahead with grapes and appes mixed in, and a mandarin orange grilled chicken salad that would be easy to throw together.

I'm going to be buying a lot of chicken :)

I also reserved some new cookbooks at the library so that will be nice to get myself excited about cooking again. Including for the kids Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious to get some fun ideas for them. A mom from my moms' group posted a recipe that sounded awesome from it.

2 c Greek Yogurt
2 c Berries
1/2 c powdered sugar (eek)

Throw it in a blender, pour it in Dixie Cups with sticks and freeze to make popsicles!

I may need to put that in the recipe builder because it may or may not be points friendly with all that sugar.

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5/6/2011 1:03 PM
I do greek yogurt with a teaspoon of the powder from fat free jello and it is delicious!

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Stepping Down from the Holiday...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Isn't it bad how when you give yourself permission to indulge for one day, maybe two, its really hard to get it together after that.

I wasn't too bad with my indulging, really I wasn't.  I tracked, even if dinner on Saturday turned into "let's just call it a 30 PP meal and make sure I have AP's leftover at the end of the week in case its more" tracking.

Its that darn sugar.  My cravings are getting me BAD.  And I'm probably going to go get some ice cream now that the kids are gone to satisfy them.  Reasonable, tracked ice cream, I promise.  As it was, Monday I bought some skinny cows (they were on sale) and got a petite whoppee pie from Starbucks, and Tuesday I went a little nuts on the mashed bananas on chocolate graham cracker thing.

But I'll get the AP's to make up for it and as of this morning, anyway, I'm maintaining so that's always good.  I may even do another no sugar week starting Friday (the beginning of my new week) to curb it all over again.

Today the gym plan is BodyPump for an hour (barbell lifting class) and at least 20 minutes of elliptical beforehand.  Then tomorrow I'm taking the kids in with me to the gym again (The Princess who had problems before seems to be cool with it and even a little excited, we've been talking a lot about it.  The Bunny who did fine is fussing a little about it but she's kind of a drama queen anyway, so half of it is fake fussing)  I'm hoping to do the half hour spinning class that starts at noon but I have to make sure my membership includes Kids Club AND Spinning (some memberships don't and I've belonged to this gym for 8 years, before they changed ownership so I'm not positive I have the membership that does...but I'm pretty sure I do)

But on a happy note, my size 14 boot cut Ralph Lauren jeans that my mom bought me for my birthday when I weighed 20 lbs less than now about 5 years ago fit again!  They zipped and buttoned!  I'm not wearing them anywhere with a lot of sitting but never mind that!  That means more likely than not everything in my closet fits.  I have some size 12 dress pants that are iffy but I think they would too (they were stretch and not boot cut, which for giant leg girls like me are a hard fit).

At one point in the first Weight Watchers journey I weighed thirty pounds less than I do now, but I did not have the muscle tone I have this time.  So 200 lbs now may be like 190 was then. 

But not in my belly :(  I got a new rug in the bathroom where I weigh myself so I end up putting the scale in front of the mirror and get a nice side view of myself with no clothes.  Good **** (eta: haha, I got censored for ga-w-d); Its funny how even though I'm down over 50 lbs, I've been at this weight so long I don't feel thin with it anymore.  Yes I still have 40 lbs at least to go, but you get used to your current body and forget the old one.  Which is good and bad.  And may I repeat, I carried twins, and they grew to full size in there.  Its not what it used to be.  (I never had major tummy problems before pregnancy...It was all about the hips and thighs then :P  Now its all of it!)


So anyway, since I posted a picture of The Princess (who is really more of The Engineer now since she's in a new cars and trains and building stuff phase but she's still a princess) yesterday, here is The Bunny today.  She could also be The Talker because she never stops!  She also takes awful pictures.  Its really rare to get a shot of her where she's not turning her head the last minute or closing her eyes or looking like she's ready to sneeze or something.  So this is a rare one!

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4/28/2011 9:29 AM
I had to throw out all of the Reeses eggs that were lingering around the house. Then I went to the grocery store and they had the 6 packs for half off and I did a double take before running away as fast as I could. Oh Reeses, why do you torture me so?

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The Genetic Lottery

Monday, April 25, 2011

I was just thinking about it today.

I was at the mall with my grandma and my girls. She's visiting from the next state over and is the same one who asks if food is on my 'diet' (everyone has that person in their lives). She's never had a weight problem (though she may have something different to say about that) and is kind of fascinated by the process I think. I think she asked me twice what I ordered from Subway in the food court.


Anyway, lifelong high metabolism for her, handles food just fine. She has a major sweet tooth but just naturally doesn't over indulge.

Other grandma? Same thing. Neither has fluctuated more than 10 lbs in 50 years I'm guessing.

My grandfathers have both passed on. One pretty recently and one at age 36 from mysterious but natural causes. His entire side of the family? No one lived long. And there are 'jokes' about the curse because now my mom's generation mosty has weight problems. More of her cousins than not. The ones with the more unhealthy lifestyle beyond food (smokers and drinkers) some serious early medical issues.

Its kind of not fair, you know. I don't think I eat any more than a lot of people but its pulling teeth to even be just 'overweight' for me. I can't even imagine being in my height's healthy weight range because I haven't seen it since I was 14 years old.

This was further confirmed when I was talking to my cousin's tiny, perfectly built wife who mentioned she eats entire bags of jelly beans during her shift as a nurse. Like several days in a couple weeks' period. And she really wants to stop but can't! Even thinking about that, I'm up 20 lbs.

Of my cousins on my mom's side, (there are 10 of us, all between 24 and 32), there are five of us who struggle with our weight, five with no worries at all.

And I think everyone has different weight gain tendencies. Everyone gains to a certain point and its all different. I tend to settle into the mid 200's when I'm not paying attention. Others it gets higher. Others have a high point that is much lower.

There are ways to battle genetic predispositions toward slow metabolism. Namely, exercise. Specifically resistance training. Metabolism goes up with muscle mass.

So if you're not a genetic lottery winner either, get lifting those weights!

Pictured is The Princess coloring eggs. Unfortunately, the poor thing takes after me so far. But there's a lot of my brother's traits in there too and he's much more naturally active and has an easier time with weight maintenance than me, so let's cross our fingers for both kids! And keep them active so maybe they won't have to worry about their weight when they're my age!

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4/26/2011 12:49 PM
I was recently diagnosed with Metabolic syndrome. I saw a specialist & his medical advice was to lose, hello! I am trying here! But it's true. It is SO hard when your body naturally runs on low!!

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Making it through the Holiday and Best Compliment in a While!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I've survived Easter.

There is no remaining candy in our house. The kids ate some, we ate some, and we tossed a good bit.

I'm surviving my foot in mouth disease grandmother being in town. Fawning over my non-existant weight loss since she saw me last (seriously, grandma, the 2 lbs I've lost since you were here last didn't make that much of a difference...she has a tendency to over compliment) then in the next minute asking me if the cake I'm eating is 'on my diet' in a not quiet but trying to act like it is voice.

The woman has never had a weight problem and doesn't really understand them. Except what she sees on Biggest Loser.

I can't say I handled all the food exceptionally well, but I tracked (Saturday night's potluck dinner went in one big 30 PP lump) and I worked out yesterday and today. Yesterday at 9 pm lifting weights and doing Pilates in my basement, today being one of the last people at the gym on Easter Sunday. (I also went to the gym on Thanksgiving and New Year's Day btw. And i may have on Christmas if it wasn't closed.)

And now for the best compliment ever. Best because it was so casual and offhand not a 'let's make Mindy feel good about herself because I know she's trying to lose weight' compliment.

At my family Easter party last night, my cousin mentions the show "Parenthood". Her dad, my uncle says "that's the one with the lady who looks like Mindy, right?" My cousin says yeah.

Wait, which person looks like me?

Lauren Graham!

That is awesome! She's gorgeous! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Frankly, when people say celebrities look like me, its usually preceeded by "Don't take this the wrong way, but..."

Seriously, Monica Lewinsky in the height of that scandal...all. the.time. and craziest of all, a nurse who was taking my blood said I looked like John Travolta. But in a good way (huh?)

So yes, Lauren Graham, I'll take it!

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4/26/2011 6:17 PM
Congrats on the compliment! Sounds like you were in control over the holiday. Awesome job! I know that it feels so good! Debbie :)

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Sooooo Sleepy (and Hungry!)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

And I have no idea why!

I got plenty of sleep last night. And the couple nights before. I do have my rough nights since I have two three year olds who sometimes wake up at the crack of dawn but recently, sleep has been fine.

I haven't eaten badly today. Pretty typical.

Best I can think of is either I haven't had enough caffiene (which is possible...I did stop at Starbucks this morning but only drank half and never had a diet soda of any type, which I may or may not have with lunch on typical days)

...or my workout from last night is catching up with me.

I did push myself pretty hard. Its not a workout that I've never done or anything but I kicked it up to a new level.

Started with 20 minutes on the elliptical and kept up a high intensity pace the whole time. Then off to BodyPump class.

BodyPump is a barbell class that concentrates on one muscle grouping per (extended) song. So about 5-6 minutes of squats, one for chest presses, one for glutes/back/quads, one for bicep curls, one for triceps, one for lunges (the worst!), oen for shoulders, one for abs, one for stretching.

And I added about 5 extra lbs to all of them except triceps, shoulders, and abs (because we don't use weight for that one). And kind of not lunges because I just use body weight.

So I worked :) I guess if I'm tired because of extra muscle recovery, that's not a bad thing.

And yes I feel it today. Then this morning we went to a shopping center and walked. But I don't know how much exercise that was since the kids were driving me beyond nuts with the wandering they were doing. One way ahead, one lingering behind. Luckily I was with my cousin and her baby so I had an extra set of eyes (and it wasn't busy).

So waaaaa, I'm tired and I'm hungry. Guess this calls for early dinner! (and early bed time for my anti-napping children. I coud have napped, why didn't they want to?)

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What is going in our Easter baskets...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I declare the girls' baskets DONE!

Seriously, I'm not buying another thing.  Really I'M NOT!

I'm a chronic get stuff done early person.  Like I get nervous if I leave something as simple as this until the last day.  If I could have them hid already, I would.  (this only applies to fun stuff, I'm a procrastinator in some cases and then some, just look at the state of my pile of laundry to find that out)

So here is what is in my daughters' Easter baskets.  Pretty much identical baskets, and really trying to keep the candy reasonable without denying it all together.

The baskets are pretty much identical because I know if one finds the other's basket, there won't be reasoning with them ("No, that's sissy's, keep looking!")

Bunny-shaped lollipop
Princess Chocolate Bunny
M&M Egg
Egg with Toy Story stickers and candy
Individual pack of Lifesavers jelly beans
Little felt flower bag from Target dollar section
Coloring book (one Hello Kitty one Elmo)
Washable crayons (its all about the washable crayons here in this house)

Then I'm also hiding eggs with hot wheels cars and the stickers from the coloring books separately since they were ALL about finding stuff the Easter Bunny hides when we talked about it this morning.

They each have a present wrapped from the Easter Bunny too, a starter Thomas the Train set for the Princess (my girly girl is ALL about trains and cars lately) and a Dora's Ballet Adventures doll for the Bunny (she asks for it every time she sees the commercial and demands trips to Target to get it)

I really, really tried to avoid buying any candy that there would be extras of.  No bags of candy to fill the eggs, no leftovers at all.  This way we have candy for a day or two, not for weeks.

I won't lie and say that half of their chocolate bunnies and probably some of their jelly beans will end up being eaten by mommy and daddy.  Because they probably will.  But the bunnies aren't gigantic and the jelly beans are a single kind of big serving.  So we'll be fine. 

No weight gain this holiday, I still want to be in the 180's by late June!  (9 lbs or so to go!)

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KRJPY1 (Kelly)

4/21/2011 11:43 AM
We always did quarters in ny DS's Easter Eggs and put a little chocolate and jelly beans in his basket that the Easter Bunny left. If you have a Wegman's local to you, they have a buy the lb candy section of easter type candy. It is a great way to get a couple of each type of thing you would normally have to buy a whole bag of and then either throw it out or (God forbid) eat it.

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Longest 20 Minute Workout Ever

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I finally bit the bullet and took the kids to the gym with me.

They were super excited to go. I really talked it up big time. I called it a 'play area' at mommy's gym and they would play there while mommy goes upstairs to exercise.

Now to give some background, my kids are three year old twin girls who have never been left with anyone but my parents, my husband, and me. The one time we tried to leave them with his parents was a disaster but they weren't even two.

I'm proud that I'm a stay at home mom and my kids are used to me always being there, but it can kind of be a problem too.

So I talk myself into it and decide today's the day. I would love to be able to hit the gym for a couple of the daytime classes and have something to do for all of us on days when we want out of the house but don't want to spend money so I figure we'll start with 20 minutes. Drop them off, get on the elliptical, come back.

The kids club is pretty regimented with the routine. Sign them in, take shoes off, hand sanitizer, let them in, mommy LEAVE. So I did. And they were fine.

But they weren't.

I come back after 17 minutes and 30 seconds on the machine and 250 calories burned and The Bunny is standing there not smiling but not crying either.

But The Princess is curled up in a ball sobbing on the couch and had been the whole time.

So I'm well aware the first time is the hardest, that they need to learn mommy will come back but I'm kind of heartbroken about it and hesitant to try again anytime soon.

I will, obviously she has to get used to it someday but I'm having a hard time with the idea. (and for the record, the attendant was great with her and very nice about it. They tend to hire moms and let them earn money while bringing their own kids along rather than just whoever they can get for minimum wage)

So we'll give it a week at least. It may be hard to get them excited to go next time though :(

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DEB-DEB75 (Debra)

4/19/2011 7:42 PM
*to go

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Everyday Heroes in Healthy Lifestyles

Monday, April 18, 2011

So here are three little examples of people inspiring me in my quest to become a fitter person.

First, my friend who just finished the Boston Marathon in 3 hours and 40 minutes. How cool is that? If you're not familiar with marathons, Boston is not easy to qualify for, even running it is a big, big deal. (Running any marathon is a big deal!)

Her T-Shirt that she was going to wear for the run says "Will Run For Cake"...just goes to prove even the 2% body fat (my unscientific estimate) superwomen appreciate cake :)

Second, the lady behind me at BodyPump class the other day. Not that she did anything special besides just being there, until I was leaving class and I noticed her coming out of the gym's daycare...


They were just a couple years older than mine. I cannot imagine the superhero you have to be to handle three boys the same age!

Maybe its because I have girls but I picture little boy multiples to be like a pack of puppies constantly rolling around and snarling and tussling. Not that my girls don't have their moments.

My first thought was "wow, she makes time for this, I will never have an excuse not to!"

And finally, the man in my Weight Watchers meeting who is 17 lbs away from goal at 103 lbs lost. He had just returned to this meeting after three months of being South for the Winter and I'd only been going to meetings for three weeks so I didn't know him but I know he really gave the whole room a boost just in time for a holiday weekend.

So here's to the superheroes of healthy lifestyles in our lives!

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4/19/2011 1:22 PM

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"Get Those Cookies OUT OF MY HOUSE!"

Sunday, April 17, 2011

So I may have unintentionally offended my mother in law.

They came to visit this weekend and brought with them what they think are our favorite goodies.  Chipped ham from their deli counter (which for some reason they think we can't get here)...which is fine.

And boxes of cookies.  Which is not.

Not home baked special cookies.  Junk I can buy from the grocery store anytime I want.

Chips Ahoy, mini Poptarts and some weird strawberry shortbread thing they think is healthy (and is something like 4 pp for two)

This was after they asked if they should bring them and hubby said expressly, NO.

I don't keep sweets in my house unless they're sweets I approve.  Period.  Its taken years of being on and off Weight Watchers and self reflection to know what is safe for me to keep around.  Those are not.

"But what about the kids?  Don't they get cookies?"

Yes they do, we go out and get them as a treat.  A limited serving and we move on with our lives and don't graze on them 24/7.

Because my kids are grazers.  They're three year olds.  They're going to want nonstop chocolate chip cookies if they're in the house too.  So they're not in the house!

We have graham crackers, we have granola bars.  They aren't deprived.

Plus its almost Easter, don't you think there's going to be enough sugar in their systems without the help of that junk?

So she took it back with her not without several comments about how she brought something 'illegal'.

And for the record, this has been my way of doing things since I've lived on my own.  I know what I can and can't handle.  I limit exposure to it. 

And here's what a lot of people don't get, KIDS DON'T NEED IT EITHER!

My girls are going to grown up as the kids with a strict mommy regarding food.  So what.  I'm not as bad as other moms out there, they'll survive.  I don't strap them to the chair to make them eat vegetables.  We just don't keep chips or cookies or candy in the house. 

Okay rant over.  I honestly don't care if she was offended.  If she is maybe its time for some reflection.  Us accepting your bag of Chips Ahoy that can be bought at any grocery store in America does not mean we love you.  And vice versa.

And a long term Weight Watcher will guards what goes into her own kitchen like a Rottweiler.  Deal.

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4/19/2011 1:21 PM
Way to set the boundaries! Ah, family dynamics! Hopefully MIL will get the point & support you instead of whatever it is she's doing now!!

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What's For Dinner?

Friday, April 15, 2011

For the one day meatless people who won't eat fish and can't have cheese?



1 (1 pound) loaf French bread, cut diagonally in 1 inch slices
8 eggs
2 cups milk
1 1/2 cups half-and-half cream
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
3/4 cup butter
1 1/3 cups brown sugar
3 tablespoons light corn syrup


Butter a 9x13 inch baking dish. Arrange the slices of bread in the bottom. In a large bowl, beat together eggs, milk, cream, vanilla and cinnamon. Pour over bread slices, cover, and refrigerate overnight.
The next morning, preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). In a small saucepan, combine butter, brown sugar and corn syrup; heat until bubbling. Pour over bread and egg mixture.
Bake in preheated oven, uncovered, for 40 minutes.

Its for the in-laws who are visiting tonight. We're all Catholic, its Friday during Lent, no meat for any of us, hubby and I won't eat fish, and MIL can't have cheese.

Healthy, huh? lol

I did make some modifications. Light butter, 1% milk, multi-grain bread, egg whites (except for two full eggs).

Still, for 10 servings, its 12 PP per serving.

But you only live once, right? I'm serving it with fresh fruit.

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Early Morning Fashion Show

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I keep a lot of my not so frequently worn clothes in my kids' closet. Dresses, suits, heavy sweaters, dress pants...

So this morning, The Bunny pulled my red wrap dress that I wore to my cousin's wedding reception about five years ago and told me to put it on (she's a little bossy sometimes).

It is not a very structured dress and very formfitting. Even then, before the babies I had to wear some stuff under it to make it work.

I hadn't gained all the weight back from my first loss but definitely some. I was probably about the same weight I am now, or maybe 10 lbs less.

But we all know motherhood does funny things to our bodies so I thought when the time came to try this dress on I would be pretty lumpy in it.

Guess what? I wasn't!

It probably fits me even better now than then!

The skirt is a little flowier and goes just below my knees so I don't know what y calves will look like, but the rest of me, looks great!

I still may need some spanx but only the underwear type ones. (This was first thing in the morning was trying it on.)

I am much more toned underneath everything than I was then, but I did carry two huge babies at once and once weighed 80 lbs more than I do now (while pregnant) so the tummy does need some help.

The girls approved and said I needed a crown :)

** I added a picture.  This is me in the dress just after lunch, no shapewear :) 

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4/14/2011 10:17 AM
You look fabulous!!!!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First of all, here are my adorable children. Aren't they cute? This is them at the zoo on Sunday. Its really rare to get even an okay picture of both of them so I've got to show it off! (You can't see, but The Princess, who is in teh back, is wearing a long sleeve striped shirt and a pair of pants with different but similar colored stripes. Because stripes and stripes match just like pink pants and pink shirt and green polka dot sweater with green polka dot leggings. OF COURE!)

First NSV - I went to another Sunday meeting and definitely feel better about it. Its great just to see adults that aren't connected to my kids somehow. Even though I think I talk about my kids too much.

I also feel like I connected more with the leader and kind of helped the other member I talked to a bunch last week (someone lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks. She commented that she's only lost 7 lbs in two months, so what the heck. I mentioned how everyone is different and sometimes if the new way of eating is a total 180 you can lose fast, among other factors).

I think I've decided I'm going to use my meeting start weight as a new start points for my 10%, 10 lbs lost, etc just for the meetings but will mention my total weight loss because I know it helps others to hear big numbers. (there was a member in a meeting I used to go to who had lost something like 75 lbs on her own before starting WW and she always acknowledged it)

Next NSV - measurements! 1" each off my chest, hips, and waist. The waist it was a new 1", the other two I'd seen that number before but then bounced back for a while. So 8" off my waist total, 9" off my chest and 10" off my hips. Which isn't as big of a clothing size change as you'd expect. I'm a pretty solid 14 now, and started as an 18 who probably should have been a 20. According to some size charts I'm a 12 on my hips but not yet on waist and chest. I used to think I had a big booty, haha. Yeah, not really, proportionally.

Finally, yesterday, I left 1 pp unused at the end of the day! That's huge for me. And if I went by what the meeting receptionist said my target was it was 3 pp. And yesterday included pizza and M&M's. It was just Newman's Own pizza (which huubby has said "don't buy again") and not many M&M's.

I took a break from added activity yesterday and hopefully can get some in today but I am exhausted since these littel darlings woke up at 5:30 am. And only one napped. So its going to be a weird night. But hubby took a half day off work for an interview for another job so I should be able to get some in tonight. I hope.

If not, more tomorrow! On top of all the cleaning. Ugh.

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4/12/2011 4:00 PM
Great NSV's - glad that you are enjoying your new meeting, and a little time for just you! You deserve that Mindy.

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The In-Laws are Coming, The In-Laws are Coming...

Monday, April 11, 2011

They're coming to visit this coming weekend. Which is great since it means we don't have to go there!

Tentatively planning to take them and the kids to an Easter Egg Hunt if the weather cooperates. And I have a lot of cleaning to do but since I have two 3 year olds there's no point in starting until at least Wednesday (and lucky us, they stay at a hotel since our house is so small, so I only have to do the first floor)

So instead of thinking about cleaning (I hate cleaning. HATE), or worrying about the weather that I can't control, I'm fussing about what to make for dinner on Friday.

We're all Catholic so we don't eat meat on Fridays right now, and his mom has digestion issues with cheese. Oh and DH and I aren't fans of fish.

SO, I was thinking of making baked french toast. I had picked out a recipe here on this site but the reviews are kind of so-so. No big deal, I'll track down another recipe. But I was thinking 'what else?'.

Had anyone ever had vegetarian sausage? Is it any good?

Should I make scrambled eggs when I'm already making a dish with eggs in it? (I cannot stand eggs, personally so this would be for htem not me)

I was originally looking at a recipe with fruit in it but I suppose I could do a fruit salad if I do a recipe without fruit...

I'm only really responsible for one meal because we just get deli stuff for lunch and go out to dinner the other day they're here.

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4/11/2011 10:20 AM
What about tacos using the morning star crumble?

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Yay Springtime!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I love being able to do more outside!

Yesterday morning we took the girls to the playground. Even though I don't count the AP's, you know that's burning some calories, following a three year old around a huge playground (the playground we go to was just built last year, and when my grandma saw it, asked if it charged admission, its that big!)

Here's a picture of me and both my baby girls on the swings :) Hubby kind of tends to camp out with the Bunny on the swing (that's her on the bigger swing). She could swing forever. The Princess just learned how to sit on the big kid swing so she wanted me to push her for a little while. She tends to be all over the place so usually I follow her.

Then this morning, it was the zoo! We have an awesome zoo. I am so glad its zoo weather again. The trips there will definitely be pretty regular from now until Winter again (we have a membership). That is my favorite activity with the kids period and its just that much more fun now that they really understand. The Bunny kept asking where the mommy and daddy animals were (the first animals we saw were the lions where there was a mommy and daddy and baby and aunt, and there was a volunteer there to explain. So of course there's always a mommy and daddy and baby animal wherever we go.)

I definitely appreciate Spring more now that I have kids and am losing weight. I guess this is a progress photo too. 198 lbs! 58 lbs gone and counting (how great is it to say a new number, I've been saying '56' for months now).

Love, love, love long walks outside and playgrounds and the zoo. Now if the trees will really start blooming it will be complete!

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