In Praise of Moderation

Written by editors on 8/26/2009 10:55 AM | COMMENTS (1)

Over the years working at Weight Watchers, I’ve noticed its basic framework (the whole “everything-in-moderation-with-momentarily-splurges-as-long-as-you-hold-yourself- accountable” deal) works so well that it can be applied to other areas in life. The obvious comparison is finances. Say you’re doing OK financially at the moment, so you buy an amazing, somewhat pricey dress to wear on the town that night. It was a much-deserved treat but then you’d probably be cautious when it comes to spending that evening, AND the rest of that pay period too, right? We all learn this lesson pretty young. (Although some of us forget it from time to time. Like me.)

It’s a bit more complicated, but this system can also be applied to emotions. You’re getting ready to go on your date, but you can’t find the right shoes to go with the dress, you’re running late, and you’re a bit nervous. So you yell some expletives and/or stamp your feet, which isn’t exactly grounding, but you know it’s temporary and you’re alone. By the time you head out, you’ve calmed down. If you did that every day, you’d know you have more serious issues. But most grownups are aware that a freak-out here and there can actually be healthy. The way I see it is, I have a sort of “freak-out allowance” – perhaps even room for small daily freak-outs – but the goal is to not “overspend” emotionally, or I’m in dangerous territory.

In both of these situations, just like with Weight Watchers, you can always start over, and the system allows for slip-ups. I’d be interested in knowing if anyone has other ideas about what this framework can apply to.

-- Rebecca Turner

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  • Post Image littlemedic (whitney)

    9/2/2009 12:17 PM
    I love things like this -- realizing how concepts can apply across the whole spectrum of human experiences! Thanks for the insight!


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