“More to Love” Had a Big Heart

Written by weightwatchers.com editors on 9/28/2009 2:17 PM | COMMENTS (1)

September 15th marked the season finale of first-year Fox Network dating competition “More to Love.” If you didn’t check it out, it may be worth your Hulu-ing. The premise is simple: one single guy “looks for love” among a handpicked group of twenty bachelorettes. The twist? The leading man is what you’d call … “big & tall.” And his preference is for full-figured gals.

I dove into this potentially laughable program with low expectations. Given the early-summer Oxygen debacle “Dance Your A$$ Off,” I wasn’t especially looking forward to another proven reality premise distastefully re-imagined with overweight contestants. Boy, was I taken aback. Not only did the show feature confident, successful overweight people, it also finessed the message that beauty is relative.

Luke Conley, our kingly “hero,” takes each voluptuous competitor on a series of dinners, daytrips and other creative “dates.” Much of the show’s warmth comes from Luke’s gargantuan glee—we genuinely believe this guy considers his setup to be heaven on Earth, surrounded by a barrage of beauties vying for his affection. The women are all tickled to be lusted after. It’s downright sweet to watch.

The curvy ladies are no sillier than your average date-show contenders—they’re certainly not there to be pitied because they like to eat. Au contraire—they insist on being loved for who they are, and they’re not too shy to tell Luke when he’s being a dunderhead, which he often is. Significantly, the majority are a fairly accomplished assortment of attorneys, teachers, artists and plus-sized models. (Even one rocket scientist—seriously.) If they were all searching for a sugar daddy, they might be a tad harder to root for. They don’t need Luke’s adoration to be happy, but they sure enjoy “winning.” You know you’re watching a well-crafted reality show when you want all the contestants to win.

Talk about a pleasant surprise. I, for one, am hoping for a season two.

-Jamie Gerardi

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  • Post Image merefuss113

    9/28/2009 3:45 PM
    I hulu'd this and watched it at work on lazy Sundays (shhh! Don't tell) I was happy with who he picked and it was refreshing to see "normal" sized women on TV.


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