My First Thanksgiving as a Father

Written by editors on 12/4/2009 5:37 PM | COMMENTS (1)

It was a beautiful day; sunny and about 56 degrees, which is remarkable for this time of year in New York City. My wife and I took our 10 month old twin son and daughter to the playground. On the way out, the halls of our building were filled with the succulent scents of all the Thanksgiving meals being prepared.

We stepped outside. The autumn foliage was at its peak—brilliant reds, yellows and oranges on every branch and lining the sidewalks and streets. Other families were out enjoying the afternoon. Everyone seemed at ease.

We moved to this neighborhood two months ago, so we’re still getting to know it. Walking to the playground, we found a new little store filled with all sorts of great food finds—a large selection of micro-brewed beers, wonderful gourmet cheeses, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s just what we’ve been looking for to help us feel more at home.

And so was the playground. We met other couples (one even had twins!), which helped us feel even more connected to the neighborhood. All of them had kids that were older than ours, so unfortunately their kids couldn’t play with ours. But that didn’t matter. Our kids seemed perfectly happy for us to push them on the baby swings and take them down the slides. After an hour or so, we headed home.

The twins fell asleep in their stroller on the leisurely walk home. By now, the whole neighborhood was an aromatic amalgam of sweets, meat and vegetables, sauces, a hint of cider and the freshly fallen leaves.

Back at our apartment, the kids played together while my wife and I—each with one eye on the kids and one on our task at hand—prepared our first Thanksgiving meal together as parents. Glazed sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing and of course turkey and gravy. I sliced my thumb while peeling the potatoes. It didn’t matter. I was joyous. The worries of the work-a-day world were far away. My family was near. The day was beautiful. I was thankful for it all.

As far as POINTS values go, I tracked some of what I ate, but decided that I wouldn’t really worry about it. I just made sure to keep the servings under control, or at least not pile food on my plate. And it worked. I actually lost weight this week.

-Justin Marks

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