Goodbye, Buffet!

Written by editors on 1/11/2010 4:10 PM | COMMENTS (2)

On the last Sunday of our winter break, my husband, stepson and I decided to treat ourselves to our favorite Indian buffet. Initially I thought, “Is this necessary?” Over our “staycation” we made chocolate-pecan pie, ate Skor bars (we traditionally each get one in our stocking), and even visited the Italian Hot Dog place. I knew we needed to start eating less. But I wanted to end the holiday season on a festive note. So we decided to do (but not overdo) the buffet.

Raagini is fancy, with a big, sunny dining room and ornate décor, but the weekend lunch buffet is affordable and offers lots of choices. I always ignore the salad, but this time I piled it high, and spooned raita, coriander and tamarind sauces on it. The crunchy cucumbers were a great foil for the tangy sauces.

Then I made a small appetizer plate. I loaded just one pakora with the aforementioned sauces, and added a tandoori chicken leg, and a small portion of veggie korma.

For my third “entrée” trip up I took small portions of Chicken Tikka and Lamb Rogan Jhosh, a bit of rice and an oniony pancake. Once again I added spoonfuls of all the sauces for interest.

And then, instinctively, and without discussing it, we didn’t go back for more. Usually we get a few more servings of all our favorites. To sort of say, “Goodbye, chicken! Goodbye, lamb!” My husband calls this “the victory lap.”

It turns out that smaller portions and skipping the victory lap make the difference between overdoing it and not. We left full and happy but not stuffed. And that was a great way to close out the holiday. As we drove home, my husband said: “This is the first time I’ve left there and not felt like I’ve stolen a bowling ball.”

PS: We did have small bowls of dessert; just a few bites of a sweet carrot melange and rosewater milk balls (which I loved, but a certain 13-year-old said they “tasted like detergent”).

--Rebecca Turner

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  • Post Image dmoamin

    1/11/2010 10:12 PM
    I love Indian food, and coming from a Middle Eastern background, I love Middle Eastern food which is very similiar in nature to Indian food. I hope you enjoyed your meal and your "staycation". :)

  • Post Image gharries (gail)

    1/12/2010 5:53 AM
    This is so timely Rebecca! I went to a local Indian Buffet over the holidays with one of the docs at work' he usually goes once a week...I had no clue what I was eating, but knew it was too much , LOL. Thanks for all your info as I'm going again today!! And I loved your term "staycation"!!


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