I am only as strong as Dove Chocolates?!?

Written by newstart2010 on 1/28/2010 10:44 AM | COMMENTS (1)

If you have followed my blog, you may remember the time the marketing rep came in and delivered a muffin from Dunkin Donuts? She stopped in yesterday with Dove Chocolates.

She and I spoke about my success with Weight Watchers, and figured the points for the chocolates she brought with her. They are 1 point each... Or 10 points for the number I consumed before going home. Yikes!

I had to use my weeklies to cover for the candy. That's okay, BUT I am sitting here wondering how I lost control and ate 10 chocolate candies. 10 chocolates? People, I don't even like chocolate that much. 10 of them, wow! How did the candy take over my willpower? Does it matter, if I counted them?

The skinny sister said, "Who cares, if you can count them, who cares!?!" If that is the case, then why am I wrestling guilt today!

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  • Post Image glenda.lynn (glenda lynn)

    1/28/2010 10:50 AM
    Leave the guilt. It won't help. It is a really good question. I do the same thing. If someone gives me something, I feel obligated to eat it, or overeat it, ...even if it is something I don't normally eat.


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