You’re Eating THAT????

Written by editors on 2/11/2010 9:50 AM | COMMENTS (1)

Yes, I am. I’m a nutritionist and I practice what I preach – anything in moderation.

Some foods are good for your health and some foods are good for your soul. Nothing is off-limits when you focus on balanced eating overall.

So I am going to enjoy my hot chocolate piled high with whipped cream and some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to go with it.

Feel free to watch as I savor every drop. And I might even lick the crumbs off my plate!

Leslie Fink, MS, RD

Categories: Food

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  • Post Image linx_lady

    2/11/2010 11:20 AM
    Yes! I totally agree with your philosophy. Eat what you really like - but keep portions smaller. However, some things are so delicious that it's hard not to go back for more!


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