Life Saver Mints

Written by klsjohnson on 3/3/2010 5:07 PM | COMMENTS (3)

I eat these all day long...they are an addiction and something that keep me from munching on more fattening things...the downside of that is that I eat them without thinking therefore without tracking. For the first time ever, I checked the points and they are 1 pt for 4 of them, and I eat between 6 and 10 a day. Time to start adding those in - sadly. I need to start chewing gum.

So that smoothie I told you all about yesterday was not filling enough and I ended up starving the rest of the day. I recommend pairing it with a granola bar, hard boiled egg, etc. to get something else into the system. Yesterday, if I saw "it", I stuffed it in my face, I was ravenous.

Today is day 7 of hubby being gone, which means that I have 7 days to go. I can do it! I'm thinking of treating my girls somewhere tonight - likely McDonalds. I like their southwest salad and it's only 6 pts.

Have a good day all!

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  • Post Image newcopeland812

    3/4/2010 3:58 PM
    I understand that completely. I did the same thing with those mints!

  • Post Image kims65 (kimberly)

    3/3/2010 10:04 PM
    its the little things that will add up hope your next 7 days go by fast and have a great week

  • Post Image snow17048

    3/3/2010 5:23 PM
    Jillian Michaels has a new protein shake mix, 100 cal 3 fib 2 fat. It's a powder to mix/blend as you like. It's really yummy, highly recommend it but like the yoplait you gotta put something with it. Have a good night! (found the powder at Walmart near vitamins)


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