My Favorite Part of the Winter Olympics

Written by editors on 3/11/2010 4:53 PM | COMMENTS (3)

I didn’t pay much attention to this year’s Winter Olympics. But there was one “event” in Vancouver among the few I saw that truly captivated me: Japadogs.

Foody blogs the world-over were a-buzz with news of this Japanese take on hot dogs during the Winter Games. More mainstream media have taken notice as well. Celebrity chef and world-traveler Anthony Bourdain featured Japadogs in a segment of his Travel Channel show Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. He said they were “delicious.”

Japadogs can be found only from street-meat vendors on two different street corners in downtown Vancouver. As a result, the dogs, which come in three flavors, were tough to get—sometimes requiring a wait of 90 minutes in the cold British Columbia winter.

Like regular hot dogs, Japadogs come on hot dog rolls, but instead of ketchup or mustard or relish, they’re topped with Japanese-style condiments. As delicious as they sound, Japadogs are a POINTS value nightmare.

Take the Terimayo. It’s an all-beef dog that’s grilled and topped with seaweed, grilled onions, teriyaki sauce, and wasabi mayo. A hog dog bun has a POINTS value of 3, as does 1 tbsp of wasabi mayo, and the all-beef dog has at least a POINTS value of 5. So we’re looking at a POINTS value of 11 or more for this Japadog alone.

The Miso Mayoa is the “light” option. It’s a turkey dog topped with sesame sauce, wasabi mayo, and daikon radish sprouts. Though better in terms of POINTS values than the Terimayo, the Miso Mayoa (as far as I can tell) has at least a POINTS value of 9.

The Oroshi is a pork sausage topped with grated radish, scallions, and soy sauce. Like the Terimayo, I’m estimating that the Oroshi has roughly a POINTS value of 11.

Of course, if I was at the Olympics I surely would have gotten at least one, if not all three. Good thing (at least for my waistline) I’m not going to Vancouver any time soon.

-Justin Marks

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  • Post Image knitalong

    3/14/2010 12:06 PM
    Okay, we really need one of these restaurants in Portland, OR.

  • Post Image kelseyharbour

    3/11/2010 8:53 PM
    I live in Vancouver so I can attest to the fact that people were lined up around the block to get Japadogs during the Olympics! Waiting at least an hour or more! Kind of astounding. I'm a vegetarian so they sort of lack appeal to me, but it was amazing how popular those things seem to be..,

  • Post Image rosie7477

    3/12/2010 2:33 PM
    I was in Vancouver this past summer and had one, I think the Oroshi. It was really yummy! You taste all the different flavors and it's really unique. I wasn't tracking points at the time, though I probably should have been.


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