Hungry Girl Goes... In Search of More Cheese!

Written by lisa lillien on 5/3/2010 11:43 AM | COMMENTS (19)

You can never have too many amazing, low-fat cheesy finds, so I'm giving you the cheesy scoop on some of my favorites right now...

Mini Babybel Light Semisoft Cheese

These little wax-coated cheese wheels have been around forever, but I just recently fell in love with 'em all over again. They make great little snacks or lunch components and you can cook with them! Break 'em up into smallish pieces, and they melt really well. (Full disclosure: I also really like playing with the red wax wrappers.)

One piece has 50 calories, 3g fat, 0g fiber, and a POINTS® value of 1.

Kraft 100 Calorie Packs Cheese Bites

These things just started popping up in some grocery stores, and I'm kind of excited. I've spotted four kinds: Cheddar, Three Cheese Blend, Cheddar & Monterey Jack, and Mozzarella, Garlic & Herb. Little bags of portion-controlled cheese cubes rock! My sole complaint: Full-fat cheese in 100-calorie packs? Come on, Kraft...

Each pack has 100 calories, 8g fat, 0g fiber, and a POINTS value of 3.

Sargento Reduced Fat Colby-Jack Cheese Sticks

String cheese is terrific, but sometimes I like a change from the same old mozzarella. These are convenient for on-the-go snacking if you need a quick cheese fix. Plus, the color combo of Colby and Monterey Jack is SO pretty. (Yep, pretty food tastes better.)

One piece has 60 calories, 4.5g fat, 0g fiber, and a POINTS value of 2.

Pirate's Booty, Aged White Cheddar

This stuff is the perfect snack for anyone who's into things like Cheetos and Cheez Doodles but trying to pull away from scary, neon-colored food items. My biggest warning to you is that it's addictive — so if you're not eating from a single-serve bag, portion some out into a bowl or baggie before you chew. To the kitchen scales!

A 1-oz. serving has 130 calories, 5g fat, 0g fiber, and a POINTS value of 3.

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  • Post Image jewlsjd9 (julie)

    9/23/2012 11:55 AM
    sargento low fat sharp cheddar cheese is very good 60 cal, julie point value of 2

  • Post Image kaycee03

    5/28/2010 7:26 PM
    To kurvygirl on the popcorn enigma, I just ran into that the other night. I usually use the Jolly Time mini bags endorsed by WW for 1 pt. A serving has 5 cups. I decided to air pop some, thinking it would be healthier. So, why would 6 cups of air popped be 3 pts??? I wound up putting the calories, fat, and fiber for the 6 cups of air popped into the points calculator. If you do that, I think you'll be happier with the results. :)

  • Post Image lfp190

    5/21/2010 9:28 AM
    Mini Babybell cheese is great. I haven't tried them since I am in WW but now I see they are legal. Thanks

  • Post Image tanyaethan

    5/12/2010 7:46 AM
    pirate booty is awesome, so true very addictive be careful because if you don't portion you will end up eating the whole bag.

  • Post Image zazzy_one (nicki)

    5/11/2010 11:55 PM
    I can't eat P.Booty without snarfing the entire case. I stay away. Lol.

  • Post Image greenbean3

    5/11/2010 9:12 PM
    pirate's booty is one of my all time fav snacks! yum.

  • Post Image jess-c

    5/10/2010 5:31 PM

  • Post Image graysi

    5/10/2010 1:14 PM
    I enhance my sandwiches with oven roasted tomatoes-soooo good. Cut tomatoes in half (any kind) and put on a foiled cookie sheet. Spray with olive oil and then dust with salt, pepper, sugar and thyme (chopped garlic optional). Bake at 250 for 3 to 4 hours and you have delicious shriveled tomatoes that are rich tasting and no points.

  • Post Image aimdoublee1

    5/10/2010 10:16 AM
    I'm a "recovering cheetos addict". ;) I need to look for the Pirate's Booty!

  • Post Image lmiron

    5/9/2010 7:49 AM
    Never thought of melting it on something! Great idea, as it is portion controlled. Not that I have a problem with portion size! LOL

  • Post Image ebasso1

    5/5/2010 11:35 AM
    Those Reduced Fat Colby-Jack sticks have been awesome around our house. Great for the kids lunches and for cutting up and melting on a bagel thin. Mmmmm!!!!!

  • Post Image whitedov97 (chenoa)

    5/4/2010 6:00 PM
    I love cheese so I will definetly give these a try :) thanks for the tips

  • Post Image cheryllgilbert

    5/4/2010 2:10 PM
    popcorn is the enigma that is WW. NO ONE fully gets it, not even leaders.

  • Post Image kurvygirl

    5/4/2010 9:19 AM
    I am confused and not sure who to ask...I thought you might have the answer: The lowfat (Orville 94% fat free) popcorn in the microwave bag is 2 points for the bag which=10 cups. Why is my healthier, air popped popcorn 3 points for 6 cups? (without any oil) I love having a nice quantity of popcorn and prefer my healthier version. I don't understand why 6 cups of air popped=3 points. I appreciate it if you point me to the right place to figure this out. Thank you!

  • Post Image susanasm (susan)

    5/3/2010 11:58 PM
    i like laughing cow soft cheese to put on celery and good in eggs in the morning to:)

  • Post Image djlangley7271 (donna)

    5/3/2010 8:31 PM
    I love Pirate's Booty!

  • Post Image tpbronko

    5/3/2010 2:36 PM
    Hi HG! I'm a BIG cheese lover myself! In fact - my mid-morning snack is either the Babybel Light or the Sargento RF Colby-Jack cheese stick! But I could NOT agree with you more on the Kraft 100 calorie cheese bites.... I had a coupon for them, but when I calculated the points, I was surprised that it was 3 points when there's several cheese snack options out there for less points. For me, that's too much to use on a snack. Perhaps they'll come out 100 calorie packs made with 2% cheese

  • Post Image readysetgo2010 (sabrina)

    5/3/2010 1:12 PM
    I am really excited about the Kraft 100 cal. packs. I am not a string cheese fan so the fact that there is another option is exciting!

  • Post Image black3ivy

    5/3/2010 12:24 PM
    I love cheese. I think I have it in almost every meal. Thanks again for great product reviews!


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