Bad bad Friday

Written by statsgirl8 (stacy) on 5/15/2010 10:41 AM | COMMENTS (5)

It really is amazing how one bad decision can just keep leading to another.

Went into work yesterday on my day off because I had a conference call around noon with some people in New Mexico. Our office manager is graduating this weekend with her MBA (Yay!) and to show our appreciation to all of her hard work, both out and in the office, we got cupcakes. And not just any cupcakes, oh no. We got Gigi's cupcakes, in all these amazing different flavors: Cinnamon, chocolate, sweet potato, wedding, and... the ultimate teaser for me, carrot cake. And of course, they brought them out right at the exact moment that I started to get hungry. I knew I wouldn't be able to eat lunch til after my meeting, which I didn't know how long that would go, and they just looked so... tasty. I caved. And oh man, was it so worth the eight points for that carrot cake cupcake.

Before lunchtime I had wasted almost half of my daily points. Not a good start to the day. Then my friend and I were supposed to meet near Vandy and get sushi for lunch. I had it all planned out, I knew which rolls I was going to get and how many points it was going to cost me and I was very excited because I haven't had sushi in awhile. Well, of course, the place was closed. And of course, the area around Vandy was a zoo because apparently it was graduation day. Megan had to get back to work quick so we picked the closest place that had convievent parking. And of course, it was not a healthy place. Nope, it was Mellow Mushroom, which I think makes some of the best pizza in our area. I knew though that I couldn't have pizza, that would have been really bad. But I wasn't very good either. I got a half of an avocado hoagie. If I had been the right thing would have just picked everything off the bread and eaten it like that. I didn't do that. I ate it with the wheat bread. It was really good.

So it's after lunch and I've got maybe like 5 points left for the day, or something ridiculous like that. Normally I try to have a good 12 points available for dinner, because honestly, what sort of dinner meal can you possibly have for five points and have it still count as an actual meal?

Got home and got ready to go out for the night. A couple friends stopped by for drinks and then we all headed out to Broadway in downtown Nashville. The street is starting to come alive again, but its still really sad to see so many familiar places closed down because of the water damage. We went to Merchants for dinner and I did pretty well there, got the scallops and they were phenomenally delicious.

And then... more bad decisions. All I have to say is thank god for the weekly allowance points because I think I drank all of them in vodka points last night. Bad bad bad.

And the worst part of all is that I stepped on the scale this morning for my weekly weigh in, and I LOST 4.2 pounds! That is not good. I mean, ya, I was really good all the other days this week, but I need to be punished for my bad decisions yesterday, not rewarded!!

I'll try to be better next week. Honest.

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  • Post Image tarheelfan10 (leslie)

    6/7/2012 5:30 PM
    I'm curious how you know a Gigi's cupcake is 8 pts. I hope you are right!

  • Post Image suzijew (susan )

    5/17/2010 10:24 AM
    Yay! Great job on your weight loss for this week. Your weekly points are there for you to use when you want to indulge so don't beat yourself up about it. Just keep going strong. Reading your blog gave me flashbacks to when I visited Nashville in March for a hockey game. It was so much fun! I'm glad to hear the city is getting back to normal.

  • Post Image freshstartstonefree (bethany)

    5/15/2010 10:55 AM
    No way, you should be happy about that loss!! You did great counting points and even though you had some indulgences, you tracked them AND you were good all the other days of the week!!! You deserve and WTG and pat on the back!! Great job!

  • Post Image moonstone722 (marcee)

    5/15/2010 10:53 AM
    No punishment, ever, even for our "bad" choices. Kudos on the 4.2 pounds lost.

  • Post Image bullardsnc

    5/15/2010 10:51 AM
    OK, it was a bad day. Tomorrow is another day. You can do it. And I applaud you for not having a slice of Mellow Mushroom pizza. I don't know if I could have done that. Forget the punishment thing. If you hopped back on the plan the next day, that's what counts. And you did.


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