Help.... I've been Juicing!

Written by mejustbetter on 6/1/2010 12:16 PM | COMMENTS (9)

Need a little help. My DH got a juicer for his bday this past weekend and I'm not sure how to calculate the points on homemade juice, any ideas?

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  • Post Image libbybays222 (libby)

    2/28/2013 2:24 PM
    Edwards57: Check out the Omega 8003. It is a masticating juicer which means it juices at a much slower pace and does not heat up like other juicers do, which results in killing some of the enzymes in the fruit (Brevielle is the other kind of juicer that heats up and looses a lot of nutrition to the fruit). It is a little expensive ($230 on amazon) but it so easy to use and SO fast to clean!

  • Post Image susancoggin (susan)

    3/23/2012 2:22 PM
    My favorite juicer is the Hurom. As for difference with store bought, fresh juice is much different - more fiber and vitamins with no added sweetener or chemicals. WW's only suggestion for calculating the points was to use the recipe builder, which I do not think is an accurate calculation.

  • Post Image edwards57 (roy)

    2/13/2012 10:35 AM
    Does anyone recommend a type of juicer?

  • Post Image sharyl528

    1/13/2012 3:08 AM
    I actually just started to try juicing this week. I just added all the ingredients in the Recipe Builder and go with whatever points it gives me. It seems that fruit juices have a higher points+ value than that of a vegetable juice.

  • Post Image pgswenson62

    10/5/2011 10:34 AM
    Since I've started juicing, (I did 16 days 100% juice, and now trying to do at least 1 juice a day) I have quit tracking. I need to get back to tracking, but how do I count the juice? Mejustbetter : Did you find an answer?

  • Post Image pgswenson62

    10/5/2011 10:33 AM
    ritecros1 : I didn't find your recipe in on the site? How do you add it, beside 4 apples, 1 lemon, etc... which it seems to me would come out at 0, since everything is 0.. But I want to acknowledge that the fiber is taken out, recognize that it will be some points, but don't believe it will blow your whole point value for the day.. like calling it regular juice would do.

  • Post Image ritecros1 (tracy)

    8/24/2011 5:56 AM
    Hello! I have been a SAHM now for 3 years and absolutely love it! I am 36 with a 20 year old son and a 3 year old princess:) I started ww March 2010 and have so far lost 45 lbs :) I do agree that staying home has helped me tremendously with my ww! I am able to track daily, plan meals, cook healthy meals but I have really slacked on my exercising!! and had reached a plateau until I started juicing! It got me out of the 150's where I was stuck for 6 months! I hope this helps ur plateau!

  • Post Image ritecros1 (tracy)

    8/24/2011 5:38 AM
    I researched this all over this website and asked at meetings! The answers I got were if u eat over your 5 daily veggie and fruit allowance then u need to count them as points. So what I have done is put the mean green juice in the recipe builder and with everything I put in it (its not exactly like the reboot websites) it comes out to 4-5 points. Are u doing the reboot program like on website??

  • Post Image christy maurin

    6/3/2010 9:41 AM
    Nope...sorry! It's probably not much different than store bought juice.


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