My top 5 quotes for sticking with it

Written by hiyamya on 6/15/2010 10:48 PM | COMMENTS (2)

I'm not saying I walk the perfect path of self-discipline, but I try to cross it as often as I can. These are a few quotes that motivate me to keep trying.

"Discipline aims at the removal of bad habits and the substitution
of good ones, especially those of order, regularity, and obedience."
--C. J. Smith.

"That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do—not that the
nature of the thing has changed, but that our power to do is increased."
 –Heber J. Grant

"Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have—and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up."
—    James Belasco and Ralph Stayer in the book Flight of the Buffalo

"Something in human nature causes us to start slacking off at our moment of greatest accomplishment. As you become successful, you will need a  great deal of self-discipline not to lose your sense of balance,  humility and commitment.
--H. Ross Perot

"If we did all the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astound
-- Thomas Edison

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  • Post Image hiyamya

    6/16/2010 7:10 PM
    I know, that buffalo one has impacted me on more than one occasion.

  • Post Image lovefridays (rosemarie)

    6/16/2010 4:36 PM
    Wow! Thanks for posting your quotes. I have always been inspired by quotes - I have never heard anything like the Belasco/Stayer quote...I think it's my new favorite. Thanks for sharing! Rosemarie


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