mcdonald's mocha frappe...weight watchers style! (1 pt recipe!!)

Written by tabitha trojan on 8/27/2010 9:32 AM | COMMENTS (2)

i heard this at a meeting and tried it this was almost as good as mcdonalds and with some tweaking, it could probably get better:

mocha frappe

1 cup of cold coffee - 0 pt
1 pk ww creamy chocolate protein shake mix - 1 pt
2 pkts of splenda - 0 pt
2 tbs of dannon light & fit non-fat vanilla yogurt (instead of creamer or half and half) - 0 pt
lots of ice
blend until with fat free cool whip - 0 pt

*you could also try to make it with a bit of the skinny cow ice cream (only 2 or 3pts per cup and i would maybe use half) instead of the yogurt.

this makes quite a large serving and is very filling. for only 1 point it was great compared to a medium mcdonalds frappe for 13 points. even if you add the ice cream, it would still only be 2-4 points per serving.


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