It can now be said ... what I like best about the new program.

Written by timothynohe (timothy) on 11/29/2010 8:14 AM | COMMENTS (6)

I've been doing the PointsPlus program for about two months now. Service providers were introduced to it at the end of September.

What I had trouble with at first was the concept of "Free" fruit. Wow! Bananas and mangos are back on the table. I ate fruit like Obama was going to take over the fruit industry tomorrow. (It's a joke, lighten up!)

And my weight went up.

Then I learned how to do it right.


You're ready for a snack. You have a choice between a large apple and two sticks of a Kit-Kat. Both are crunchy and sweet and both have two POINTS Values, but the apple is more food/filling and the Kit-Kat is chocolate.

I say again, the Kit-Kat is chocolate.

I would grab the Kit-Kat. But when I was done, I was still hungry. For what? As often as not, I would take the other two stick of Kit-Kat, because I was still hungry and mistook my hunger for an urge for chocolate. Four sticks of Kit-Kat were, not 4, but 5 POINTS Values (Weight Watchers Math). And I probably would still be hungry and eat the apple. BOOM! A whopping 7 points.

Same set up under PointsPlus:

You're ready for a snack. You have a choice between a large apple and two sticks of a Kit-Kat. Both are crunchy and sweet. The apple is 0 PointsPlus Values and the Kit-Kat is 3 PointsPlus Value. Now I grab the Apple first. Once I eat the apple, I realize I still want the Kit-Kat, not because I am hungry but because I still want chocolate. But this time I only eat two sticks because I am not mistaking my urge for chocolate for real hunger. I have only consumed 3 PointsPlus Values.

That is a real world application of the  "free" fruit as I have experienced it.

Only eat the fruits and veggies until you are satisfied, not to full or over-full. Remember, they still have calories from carbs.

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  • Post Image bullardsnc

    12/4/2010 9:44 AM
    I'm a huge fruit eater and would often spend my momentum points on it. So... when those fruits were free I would have lots of extra points. I'm trying to refrain from eating too much fruit but I have to really think about it.

  • Post Image herethere

    12/1/2010 1:11 AM
    Overeating is just that: over. eating. Anything can be too much. Granted the price you pay for overeating apples isn't as great as overeating KitKats but we are trying to change behavior here people! All things in moderation. Good post!

  • Post Image scoutruns (stephanie)

    11/30/2010 1:54 PM
    Absolutely the truth. As a service provider myself, I've been on it about as long as you have, and the exact same thing happened. FRUUUUUUUUIIIIIIITTTTT!!! Oh. Fruit. In moderation.

  • Post Image *heatherw* (heather)

    11/29/2010 4:54 PM
    I am so thrilled about the new plan, but I am going to have to get used to eating more. I have 10 points left for the day. Technically for the next 4 minutes (my dad begins at 5pm). What do I do?

  • Post Image suerae1

    11/29/2010 1:02 PM
    I love the idea of "free" fruit and most veg were already 0 points. But what I'm having problems wrapping my mind around is the fact that High Fiber whole grains and beans have just shot up in points - and these extra points were applied retroactively to the start of my WW week. I got 4 additional daily points, which doesn't begin to cover these, and to be honest I'll have a sandwich thin once a day at most, Fiber gourmet pasta once or twice a week, etc.

  • Post Image kintz006 (michelle)

    11/29/2010 8:37 AM
    I have been eating fruit, all fruit, all the time. I never considered it "off limits". Every day=banana, apple, and an additional fruit, sometimes 2 (grapes, clementines, plums, cherries)...Who knew?? LOL


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