My First Zero Points Banana

Written by vorpahlsword (amy) on 1/4/2011 3:25 PM | COMMENTS (6)

I just ate my first banana for the new Points Plus program.

I hesitated buying/eating a banana on this new program just because a whole banana was 2 points on the last program, and now it counts as ZERO?!! Anyway, I was running out of time, and had only a quick second to grab something on the go... At the closest Coffee Bean, it was either a muffin or scone or a banana, so I grabbed a banana. I'm nervous that it will make me too full today. Eating 29 points in addition to a big ol' zero point banana. BUT I'm refusing to log it as anything other than "0 points." And I guess, it did help me make a smarter mid-morning snack choice. I also bought a Cottage Cheese Doubles which is only 3 points--one of my favorite foods!

I've heard so many people at the meetings talk about bananas and how much they are enjoying eating them for zero points. I've also noticed an absence of bananas at local grocery stores... Maybe there are more Weight Watcher's members out there than I thought!

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  • Post Image dexter1949 (dawn)

    1/8/2014 6:15 PM
    HI. Is there a page where you can go to search what different foods equal in points? Thank You

  • Post Image lilsquirrl

    1/14/2013 2:02 PM
    I d/l'd the WW ap on my iPad. Cannot find an easy list of how many points are in certain foods. Say, for example, I eat tuna salad at a friend's house and can't read labels. How do I figure out the number of pts?

  • Post Image aggie2013 (misty)

    12/19/2011 9:56 PM
    I am confused. Why are they only worth zero points?

  • Post Image vorpahlsword (amy)

    1/5/2011 7:01 PM
    YES! Thanks you guys!

  • Post Image vsreyes4490

    1/4/2011 4:30 PM
    I am in heaven because of the whole banana thing! Bananas have always been my favorite fruit. I probably ate a banana a day every day of my childhood and even through college. Those were times when I was in excellent shape and ate in a healthy manner. Along came the low sugar, no carbs phase and suddenly bananas seemed to be the forbidden fruit. I avoided them because of the two points price tag, but now I am able to eat one every day. I can tell it is making a big difference to my motivation.

  • Post Image mspaulak001 (paula)

    1/4/2011 3:37 PM
    You had a 0 PointsPLUS banana, not a 0 Points banana. Two totally different things! And it's about time you enjoyed a banana! Welcome to the new, PointsPlus-awesome world!


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