(61) WALNUTS -- good fat, right?

Written by barbara hogan on 1/10/2011 5:54 PM | COMMENTS (2)

I had a great OP day today.  Tallied up all of my requirements and found that I was only lacking in "good fats". 

With 8 Points left, I decided to round out my day by eating some walnuts.  Who would think that 7 walnuts would be 5 Points? 

It worked for me today as I am not very hungry, but generally I can't sacrifice five Points for something so non-filling as walnuts.

No wonder you don't see many skinny squirrels.

Categories: Food

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  • Post Image barbara hogan

    1/10/2011 7:26 PM
    Speaking of oatmeal, that's another thing I'm not eating anymore even though it's good whole grain. I've been leaning now toward egg substitute or other lean proteins. Pasta too. The increased Points for these food is taking it's toll. Of course, that it just what the change is about -- eat MORE fruits and veggies, fewer starchy foods.

  • Post Image acrewer

    1/10/2011 7:11 PM
    at least the squirels earn APs cracking the nuts open! I used to add a Tbsp of chopped walnuts to my oatmeal, I've been using ground flaxseed instead lately.


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