My 5-point Power Breakfast

Written by astrohotty (stephanie) on 1/25/2011 10:02 AM | COMMENTS (20)

Hi WW friends!! I learned that when following this program, making the right choices can give you a lot for a little!

So good and satisfying! Egg sandwich with yogurt and a banana. You could substitute any fruit of course because fruits are zero points! You could eat strawberries or grapes or mangos. PF means Power Food. Here's my 5-point breakfast:

3 egg whites: 1 PF
1/2 cup spinach: 0 PF (I used the cut frozen kind)
1 slice whole wheat bread (folded in half to make a sandwich): 2
1/2 wedge Laughing Cow Light creamy cheese: 0
1 med banana: 0 PF
6 oz WW yogurt-peach: 2 PF
...and of course a bottle of water

So that's a lot of food for not a lot of points.

Remember, if you want to look like a skinny girl, you have to eat like one!

What do you like to eat for breakfast?

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  • Post Image rebeccashack

    1/26/2011 9:43 AM
    I'll have to try that one!

  • Post Image jtburgess

    1/26/2011 7:16 AM
    Nice. You added almost all of the food groups in one meal. WTG!

  • Post Image pmreardon (patricia)

    1/25/2011 8:43 PM
    Spinach and egg and laughing cow. Yum

  • Post Image momsluckycharms2

    1/25/2011 6:40 PM
    Sounds good my breakfast varies I might have to try that

  • Post Image strcthr

    1/25/2011 6:01 PM
    sounds yummy ... I am a spinach fan

  • Post Image pinklipglossx

    1/25/2011 5:56 PM

  • Post Image aratacpa

    1/25/2011 5:35 PM
    Wow, that sounds very good . . . thank you so much!

  • Post Image thin42011

    1/25/2011 5:30 PM
    Yum. I've got to look for the Laughing Cow cheese and try it! I have oatmeal usually and/or a piece of fruit-sometimes a small yogurt-not much of a breakfast eater except on the weekends :) Thanks to this community I am buying the Fiber One Yogurt for 1 point since the Yoplait Light went up in points. Thanks.

  • Post Image bettybets

    1/25/2011 3:57 PM
    My breakfast varies. Today I had oatmeal with sugar-free applesauce and walnuts. I also had a clementine. Other days I might have an omelet with veggies on whole-grain wrap or bread. Sometimes it's yogurt with fruit and oats.

  • Post Image ibeautifyu

    1/25/2011 2:31 PM
    I toast one waffle, the Egge Special K lowfat brand, and put berries on top with fat free yougurt over it. I mix up the fruits and yougurts. Very low in points and it tastes like a dessert!

  • Post Image trysh62 (patricia)

    1/25/2011 1:29 PM
    Astrohotty and crowsgirl.. those are great ideas.. thanks so much! I have "cinch shakes" (Shakelee) that I mix with strawberries and bananas with a tbsp of flax. Some days I have it for breakfast and other days I have it for lunch.. I also use egg beaters (southwestern style or egg whites) laughing cow chipotle cheese, and Morning Star Veggie Sausage.. mix it all up and add salsa... YUMMO!

  • Post Image adora78

    1/25/2011 12:50 PM
    wow sounds great! i love hearing other people's creative way of using this plan, thanks for sharing! my breakfast is usually a chobani 0% blueberry or strawberry yogurt sprinkled with 1/4 c. honey bunches of oats (4 pts) and of course coffee!

  • Post Image sbnomore82

    1/25/2011 11:36 AM
    For breakfast I usually will have oatmeal (3pts) and water OR Fiber One Strawberry yourt (1 pt)with a banana (0 pt) and water.

  • Post Image crowsgirl15 (lana)

    1/25/2011 11:22 AM
    Try this - Light English Muffin (3), 1 slice reduced fat cheddar (1), 1 egg white (0), 3 slices lean ham (1), 1 banana (0) - 5 points, and it's delicious!

  • Post Image amylynn1981 (amy)

    1/25/2011 11:11 AM
    I'm having a light english muffin w/ light cream cheese (5PP), 4 slices of butterball turkey bacon (2PP), and a banana. I love adding more of my points to breakfast as it keeps me full longer...I just recently started adding the english muffin and has made a world of difference...if I didn't value my sleep so much I would totally do eggs in the morning!

  • Post Image shaq716

    1/25/2011 11:10 AM
    Thank u for this!!!

  • Post Image awfoster0105 (angie)

    1/25/2011 11:06 AM
    Right now I'm into oatmeal with cinnamon on it. YUM and a piece of fruit. I also like breakfast burritos with salsa.

  • Post Image trista cabrera

    1/25/2011 10:54 AM
    Last night I made the HG Grab N Go B'fast cookies and I really like them! They have lot's of fiber and I don't have to cook in the mornings! A definite plus for me :) This sounds like a good weekend B'fast for me though. I will definitely try it out.

  • Post Image km2mnc

    1/25/2011 10:52 AM
    I'm not big on breakfast so I eat a banana and a fiber bar. Keeps me full until lunch time. I did your trick of a lot of food for very few points yesterday at lunch. 1 bell pepper and 1 wedge laughing cow light cheese, brussels sprouts, 2 oz, pan grilled fish and an apple and water= 4 points

  • Post Image nonnie1-2-3

    1/25/2011 10:51 AM
    I like egg and turkey bacon. Last week I had yummy watermelon everyday.


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