Fast Food Find: Steak N Shake

Written by wdwnurse on 1/27/2011 6:38 AM | COMMENTS (2)

Yup...Steak N Shake.

Did you know I you can eat lunch at Steak N Shake for 7 Points? No I don't mean eat one french fry and a glass of water, I mean a REAL LUNCH.

When I go to Steak N Shake I get Shooters. Shooters are Steak N Shake's answer to the slider. They come in various flavors like BBQ and Buffalo. I get Ketchup and Onion.

NI for a Ketchup and Onion Shooter with NO CHEESE

Fat: 6 grams
Carbs :15 grams
Fiber: Less than 1 (I put in 0)
Protein: 6 grams

That calculates to 4 points for one Shooter. WW math gives me 2 of the Ketchup and onion Shooters for 7 points.

Adding Cheese doesn't effect the points if you are eating just one Shooter. It is still 4 points for one, but when you have a second Shooter with Cheese, the points jump to 9

Points will vary for other varieties. You can check the nutritional chart here:

I order the Apples and Grapes fruit bag to go with my Shooters. Its just Apples and Grapes. So I count it as zero. Add a large unsweet tea, and I have a satisfying 7 point lunch.

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