Pappadeaux's is PappaDON’T

Written by angyeliz on 1/27/2011 5:29 PM | COMMENTS (20)

Me: I’d like the “naked tilapia” with no oil or butter…

Waitress: You want it plain with nothing at all right? Just dry seasoning with no toppings, sauce or oil?

Me: Correct. Also instead of zucchini ribbons (trying not to gag as I think about squash touching my plate) I’d like the steamed broccoli with no butter or oil and do they make the of brussel sprouts with bacon to order or are they made all together?

Waitress: To order

Me: Perfect. I also want a side of brussel sprouts, and the bacon is fine just no added oil or butter.

Waitress: I have you with for a naked tilapia dry w/ no oil, sub the squash for broccoli, with no oil, and sprouts with bacon and no oil. So basically no oil (laughs).

Me: You got it!

(waitress walks off)

Hubby: How many points is that?

Me: It’s only X for the fish, and X for the bacon, plus maybe 2 or 3 for hidden oils. Gives me enough points plus to eat the homemade croutons in my salad. Yea baby!

Hubby: $10 bucks they get it wrong

Me: They’ll **** up and oil the fish so it doesn’t stick but they should be fine on the veggies. Besides it’s late I don’t have time to send it back if it’s wrong so they better get it right! Oh, and hide the advertisement for the banana pudding on the table behind you, that is making me drool.

(cue elevator music while we wait 20 minutes)

Waitress: Naked talipa and vegs for you. And …..

Me: Darn, I shouldn’t have eaten those croutons. Ummm this has a LOT of oil, i mean everything is in oil. And the fish is breaded. I thought naked meant plain as in nothing done…..

(cue demand for manager)

Dear Pappadeaux's,

Unfortunately I am writing to inform you that your chain has lost a customer. When customers request nutritional information from your corporate office we are told that your restaurants do not publish nutritional information but you do accommodate special dietary needs. In fact your statement was that you “strive to offer accommodating dietary requirements. Please share your restrictions or special requests with your server or a manager, and they will help you determine which items meet your needs. We will do our best to accommodate you.” It seems that since your menu does not offer any healthy selections and by asking for a low-fat prepared dish asking was a special dietary request that was too much and you obviously could not accommodate…………continue with rant.

** Yea I know my picture has nothing to do with Pappadeaux's but I had to share the enormous apple hubby got me. It's on a 9 inch paper plate!! It was an Envy Apple and sweet. **

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  • Post Image shelly20081

    3/26/2011 11:59 PM
    After all the work they did not get your order right. I would not be happy and would not eat it but then again you said that it was late. Did you eat it?

  • Post Image linda george

    3/15/2011 12:59 PM
    The last time I ate at Pappa's, I couldn't believe they didn't have anything broiled!!! They really need to have some healty entrees. Enjoyed your blog! So true!

  • Post Image hernandez03

    2/25/2011 5:09 PM
    That's exactly why I don't go out to eat at restaurants. lol

  • Post Image mamuchi1961

    2/24/2011 4:55 PM
    It seems like I always have issues when ordering egg beaters at some restaurant Don't know whether they are trying to fool you due to cost savings or what. Most of the times at Cracker Barrel, they will give me real scrambled eggs after making it clear I wanted the egg beaters substitution (anyone that has had egg beaters know very well the different texture in both). I am used to sending it back....still makes me mad

  • Post Image lulu722

    2/12/2011 9:35 AM
    I'm hating going out to eat because this happens all the time or the serving is too large and sometimes I cannot control myself from eating the whole plate! Good for you for writing to the Pappas company. Keep us posted if they respond because I love Pappadeaux!

  • Post Image pigeon59 (donna)

    2/8/2011 8:11 PM
    Add to the WW points part my need to not have dairy, soy, gluten, or eggs.....and you have the makings of a waitress' nightmare! Kudos to you for writing a letter. I never have the nerve!

  • Post Image melodiersa (melodie)

    2/7/2011 9:13 PM
    I always say to the servers that I am diabetic even though I am not anymore - this makes them take my requests more seriously!

  • Post Image tracey smith

    2/7/2011 2:11 PM
    Curious to hear if you get a response...your requests were not at all unreasonable.

  • Post Image suerae1

    2/7/2011 11:20 AM
    I hope you sent that letter.

  • Post Image 990003!!! (paula)

    2/6/2011 7:17 AM
    When I eat out I try to make it when I have plenty of points in case they mess it up because it happens. I'm going to a new place for me today and have no idea what they have and can't find out.

  • Post Image cakerybysyd

    2/5/2011 10:21 PM
    Is,nt that the truth, last night i ordered the vegetable plate with no oil at a healthy Mediterranean restaurant,they brought covered in garlic butter.....Who would have thought!!!

  • Post Image braceyourself

    2/5/2011 1:39 PM
    This made my day... Laughed hard and OUT LOUD!!!! Been there so many times. Thats why I made the suggestion to someone this morning to tell the waiter you are Allergic...Then you may get it the way you'd like. If they think they're gonna kill you you "get it your way" If they think they're gonna make you fat... they don't care !! Have a wonderful weekend...Nancy

  • Post Image stancan

    2/5/2011 12:53 PM
    You da girl. That's the same restaurant that LOST our order and had to start takiing it all over an hour later. They did comp the bill and give us a $50 gift card. Maybe next time I'll just have oysters on the half shell and a double side of squash. I've gotta use the card, don't I?

  • Post Image princess1179

    2/5/2011 2:30 AM
    WOW Girl your eating inspires me! Sweet :) that is what i truly call a lifestyle. I would have had some ranch or some sauce with broccoli :) But Lot of restaurants get it wrong Outback steakhouse in CT does a really good job, when i was doing Core long ago,THEY are amazing!They did a plain baked potato, sour cream on the side & literally perfect steak it was just yumm and no added oil.I highly recommend that restaurant and RUBY Tuesday they have a good salad bar cheap$ Thanks4 inspiring Me!

  • Post Image mblee2000

    2/4/2011 11:24 PM
    Ugh! I hope they comped your meal.

  • Post Image mamad2156

    2/4/2011 9:37 AM
    i am a little nervous i am not losing as fast as i would like in the 1st 3 weeks i got really upset... no weight but tons of inches?? is that normal

  • Post Image happyheart413

    2/3/2011 7:05 PM
    Hi, Was a waitress for 25 years a good one . Just tell them High and dry thats the corredt way, if you want some spices tell them that also tell them in a nice way you will have to send it back if Its not done the way you want it. Ive been on so many diets in my life I would say to the customer, ok ackins,south beacn or weight watchers I understood where my customers were comming from.

  • Post Image jamiejune

    2/3/2011 10:34 AM
    I love Pappadeaux's! I know not to go there when I come for a visit now! I hate that! I was so looking forward to it too! I went out to eat last night with my family to eat Mexican. Fortunately, as often as we go in there, they kinda know what I want now. But, I changed it up last night! I told em I wanted a huge plate of lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole and shredded chicken. Nothing else. It would have been better with the ranchero sauce, but I gotta cut back on it.

  • Post Image debjettw

    2/2/2011 9:26 PM
    I just had to laugh when I read your blog, not only because restaurants rarely get it right but because Saturday, I was trying to eat a healthy lunch with veggies and fish and the whole time there was a picture of pineapple upside cake on the table just staring at me, luring me to order it instead of the broccoli. It was tough...but I made it through....I was a little trembly but I walked away. (Haven't stopped thinking about it though!) Where are those grapes?

  • Post Image one_cool_texan (teri)

    2/1/2011 7:44 PM
    We ate at The Cotton Patch Saturday. I asked them to put the sauce on the side...well my blackened tilapia and grilled shrimp were swimming in sauce...I didn't realize my simple request was so difficult to carry out!!!


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