Coconut Oil

Written by sampalmer52 on 1/29/2011 4:23 PM | COMMENTS (8)

Yesterday I did some catching up on Dr. OZ's newsletters. I love the demonstrations he does to make his points.

If you don't get his news letter, it's basically a recap of last week's show. Only you get to choose which subject you would like to see the video & additional articles on the subject.

Came across an episode where he was explaining Omega 3's - why we need them and where we can get them. If your fingernails are splitting or too course or you hair has lost it's shine, you need more Omega 3's I have both of the above.

One of the places he suggested to get this fat naturally from was in coconut oil. . He recommended you eat 1 tsp of the oil every day. Also to take 1 tsp. coconut oil plus a tsp of honey & a ripe avocado& massage it into your scalp.

Coconut & I are not friends matter of fact it gags me,(sorry coconut lovers) but I managed to swallow 1 tsp solid coconut oil & keep it down. Next I am going for the hair. I'll let you know how that works.

Feel stagnant - not in the mood to push myself to loose those last few lbs. Gained 1 # this week - I'm not at all worried, I'll loose it next week. Maybe some sunshine will get my rah rah going again.

I'm not going anywhere.

You good people have a lovely OP weekend.


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  • Post Image bmbmojo

    6/21/2012 6:14 PM
    Whole Food 365 coconut oil - is very mild. I have found that it doesn't have that strong coconut taste.

  • Post Image schor.rebecca (rebecca)

    2/1/2011 8:06 AM
    I'm not a fan of eating coconut, but I like the smell, and I can have coconut milk in food and things. I like watching Dr. Oz too - eating more sardines these days... you should just eat sardines for the Omega 3

  • Post Image tammyjo40 (tammy)

    1/31/2011 12:22 PM
    I tend to like the flavor of coconut just not the texture of on cake, candy bars and such... but I can't imagine swallowing oil..LOL I would probably gag too.... Maybe worth a shot.. my fingernails are awful!

  • Post Image chicchick2

    1/31/2011 12:07 PM
    I'm with you about coconut oil. I don't like the taste. I only use olive oil. Love the Dr Oz show. Down 2 lbs! Yeah!

  • Post Image this1isit

    1/30/2011 6:13 AM
    I don't know about just eating a tbp of oil. I think I'd have to mix it with something. Just thinking about it makes me gag.

  • Post Image bullardsnc

    1/29/2011 10:14 PM
    My dad was a nutritional chemist. He was a HUGE proponent of the healthy oils. His oils of choice were fish oil, flax seed oil and coconut oil. He's convinced me. Go for it.

  • Post Image jennifer bradford

    1/29/2011 7:14 PM
    Interesting about the coconut oil. I didn't even know there was such a thing. :)

  • Post Image awfoster0105 (angie)

    1/29/2011 4:38 PM
    I'll have to try that too. I have both. Have a great Saturday. It's sunny in KY. Love it!!


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