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Written by zoilus8 (kathy) on 2/4/2011 6:45 PM | COMMENTS (10)

Yep, I was enticed by a "buy a bunch, get a bunch free" offer, and tried some new (to me, at least) products from Walden Farms. I thought they were pretty darn good, so decided to share.

Apple Butter

This may be my favorite. It's a lighter color than what I think of as 'traditional' apple butter, and a bit gelatin-ish in texture. But man, it has a really nice perky flavor. Very apple-y and cinnamon-y. I like it a lot. (normal apple butter is 1 points plus per tablespoon, this one, 0)

Caramel Syrup

This one is a close second. I tried mine by dipping apple slices into it for an afternoon treat. Yummo! I'm also thinking this would be great drizzled over a baked apple. Or mixed into plain yogurt. Or maybe added to a coffee smoothie? (regular caramel syrup is 3 points plus for 2 tablespoons, this one, 0)

Whipped Peanut Butter

The great news is that you'll never binge on this one, because 'by the tablespoon,' it's pretty strange (aroma is great, texture not so much...). That said, it's not at all bad schmeared atop a nice toasty Thomas light English muffin. I'll also be finding lots of other ways to use it -- like hot spicy Szechuan peanut sauce, for example. (regular peanut butter, 3 points plus per tablespoon, this one, 0)

Overall, for an occasional pretty decadent-tasting zero points plus treat, I think these are a darn good choice. So I'm glad I tried them.

Even better, you can get up to five free products in their "buy 1, get 1 free," "buy 2, get 2 free," .... "buy 5, get 5 free" promotion.

Click here for coupon codes, and to order (offer ends at the end of March). In addition to these products, Walden Farms has about 30 other items -- including a huge selection of zero-calorie salad dressings.

And if you try something new, please let us know what you think!

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  • Post Image dwygrl

    2/10/2011 10:08 AM
    That carmel syrup sounds divine, but it would just become another trigger food for me I'd be spooning it to my mouth directly..ha,

  • Post Image mdiamantes2

    2/7/2011 9:43 AM
    Thanks for letting us know! I hadn't heard of Walden Farms before your post. I'm going to try a few out!

  • Post Image moonstone722 (marcee)

    2/6/2011 6:56 AM
    I like Walden Farms products as well. Thank you for letting us know.

  • Post Image iwantedtobearockstar

    2/5/2011 10:56 AM
    I tried some of the Walden Farms dressings and the marinara sauce, maybe also chocolate syrup? I did not like them at all! It is good to know that you found some products from this brand that do taste good. I will keep them in mind. Thanks for sharing Kathy!

  • Post Image sewtraveled

    2/5/2011 8:56 AM
    I have been using their salad dressings for a while and they are as good as those loaded with fat and sugar! Thanks for the link; I just ordered several things I cannot buy here (at our local grocer). Caramel sauce will be great (if I can keep DH out of it, LOL).

  • Post Image stradczola (maryann)

    2/4/2011 10:34 PM
    I saw these and wondered how they tasted. Then I wondered if they could be a trigger food. The caramel sauce sounds fabulous! I could get hooked on that!

  • Post Image alzabees

    2/4/2011 10:00 PM
    You really can't knock the idea of having treats that feel like real treats. I love almost all forms of Apple Butter. It's a good thing I don't have a place at my office to store any. I try to reserve that snack for special evenings. So far, so good. Thanks for sharing your special finds.

  • Post Image epolimeni

    2/4/2011 8:20 PM
    Thanks for the links and the recommendations.

  • Post Image natschizzle (natalie)

    2/4/2011 8:15 PM
    Yum! Now I want something peanut buttery and appley! lol Thanks for sharing these 0pt jems!

  • Post Image sampalmer52

    2/4/2011 6:57 PM
    Thanks, I'm going for the info I'm going to go check the site out.


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