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Written by bevmagoon (beverly) on 3/5/2011 10:56 PM | COMMENTS (4)

I have just finished my search for this great website. I'm sure many of you already use it but if you don't it is Dottie's Weight Loss Zone at

and it has points plus values for hundreds of restaurants. I knew it was out there but couldn't remember the name of it. After my venture to Red Lobster tonight I'm wishing I would have found it before I went because what I planned on eating and what I ate are 2 separate things. I guess it could have been a lot worse than what it was - I stayed with Lobster and Shrimp but it's that stuff they smear on it when they are cooking that I should have stayed away from. I should have said - broil that please! Oh well, live and learn and don't look back!

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  • Post Image midwestmom69 (dawn)

    3/8/2011 9:51 AM
    This is awesome!!!!!!!! THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • Post Image dorothy1964

    3/7/2011 7:20 PM
    Thanks! I knew about the website, but I haven't checked it for the pointsplus values yet. I appreciate the reminder.

  • Post Image fdixie (fatimah)

    3/7/2011 12:00 PM
    You are so right. This has happaned to me a few times. Now I know better. Thank you for the info:)

  • Post Image tessa115

    3/6/2011 9:50 AM
    thanks for the website, it will be so useful-


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