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Written by lindacarlsonhewitt (linda) on 3/15/2011 2:11 PM | COMMENTS (1)

Since making the switch to Points Plus, I've struggled with feeling that I was having to eat much less and was hungry.  The healthy foods I used to eat are now worth so many more points that I've had to find substitutes so I don't exceed my points every bloomin' day.  I used to eat Total breakfast cereal with skim milk and fruit, but the points increased because of the cereal's carbs.  Now I have a low-carb yogurt and banana, but lost the benefit of the cereal's fiber and 100% RDA of vitamins.  I used to make a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch using very high fiber whole wheat bread and 2% cheese.  Now that same sandwich is an extra 2 points plus, a whopping 8 when it used to be 6.  I only get two more PP than I did points on the old program, so these two meals were now too many PP.  Harrumph.

Last night we had a change in plans that caused us to have to eat out, so I figured Red Robin would be safe.  We'd explored the web site months ago, tweaked our favourites so they were healthier and knew the points.  I guess we didn't do that since the new PP program.  The chicken burger I enjoy has a slice of pineapple, now free.  I figured with everything going up a couple of points but the fruit becoming free, I could count on adding about 2 PP for the same chicken burger.  Wrong!  It's a whopping 4 additional PP.

Live and learn.  "Whopping" has become the word of the day.  Guessing is a bad habit.  At least I'd made good choices all day and could afford the 12 point sandwich.  I did enjoy my one french fry with my melon, my treat to myself.  Mmmm!

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  • Post Image twoplusadog

    3/15/2011 2:19 PM
    I guess I'm lucky. I used to get 18 pts a day and now I get 29. I did trash the idea of all my fav go tos and started over. I started eating things that I wouldn't have touched under the old plan because the points were too high. I'm having protein rich meals that keep me satisfied way longer then the lower point higher carb meals I used to consume. I no longer binge, which is huge and I have to remind myself to eat rather dying for the next meal. I guess it's a matter of perspective.


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