Death to Trail Mix!

Written by mdiamantes2 on 3/24/2011 9:31 AM | COMMENTS (3)

I was having a good beginning to the week yesterday (still am actually!).  I took a vinyasa flow yoga class last night, which usually kicks my bum.  The instructor was sick, so we had more of a restorative yoga class.  Timing of that was good, since my back/leg have been acting up, so restorative yoga was good for me.  Usually after yoga, I train with my trainer for an additional hour.  But since my trainer was sick (she's the yoga instructor too) we canceled training and I worked out on my own for an additional 30 minutes of cardio.  This was also good since I was able to judge the pain in my leg and not go as hard as usual.

When I got home I made dinner as usual.  I'm usually so hungry from the gym that I eat a can of green beans right away to calm the rumbles in my tummy!  Then while I eat the beans, I bake a chicken breast and some rice and eat those too.  But I was still ravenous after eating my dinner!  I went looking for something delicious and ran head first into a bag of trail mix. 

How trail mix is so bad for you, I simply cannot understand.  Actually, I guess I can understand but I chose to turn a blind eye to it.  All the parts are pretty decent but the sum of all the parts is a ton of points!  Some raisins, some peanuts, some almonds, a cashew here and there.  But 1/4 cup is 4 points.  Pretty sure I ate at least 1 full cup!  I had to guestimate since I just grabbed handfuls out of the bad.  1 full cup equals 16 points I had NOT planned on eating last night.  Of course I had the points to cover it, and its not a huge deal, but I felt very cheated out of 16 points last night!  It takes a full 2 hours of training with a personal trainer to equal that pointage!

This morning, after Michael left for work, I threw the trail mix away in the garbage can outside so he won't know I wasted food and threw it away, lol!  I simply can't have it in the house.  Here's to a world without trail mix!

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  • Post Image rawbmeow

    9/22/2011 11:29 PM
    this is me, dead on.

  • Post Image sidedish3 (ashley)

    3/24/2011 3:13 PM
    Good for you throwing it out!Please don't laugh as I'm embarrassed to share this (ok laugh but don't judge too much). A while back I made Tom put a lock on a pantry cupboard where his snacks can go and I can't grab handful after handful. It has really helped when he keeps it locked AND it is a great conversation piece "I have zero control after a big workout which isn't helping my progress"...oh WW. Congrats on getting it out of the house! Was it costco? I LOVE costco trail mix!

  • Post Image iwantedtobearockstar

    3/24/2011 11:01 AM
    I've never been hugely fond of trail mix. Mostly because I don't like raisins and I hate having to pick them out and I just FEEL like I can taste the raisins having rubbed off on the other yummier pieces and it sort of detracts. However, user leslyls has some sort of trail mix addiction, so I guess for some people it's a trigger!


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