Post 495: Dining at Texas Roadhouse--Part I

Written by darrylzoller (darryl) on 3/26/2011 8:40 PM | COMMENTS (0)

Dining at Texas Roadhouse--Part I

This is a three part blog review of our dinner at Texas Roadhouse this afternoon.

We were in York, PA. and had finished shopping at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for our niece's wedding registry gifts.

We both had had late breakfasts, so by 1:30, we began to be hungry for a meal.

I asked my Beloved if she would like to have dinner out and she said yes.

So we first tried to find a Ruby Tuesday, but it had the left the Galleria Mall area and is now located miles away, on the east side of York.

So we had seen a Texas Roadhouse and settled on going there.

I have been to TR many times in Hanover.

When you are seated at table, you find there are two small galvanized buckets on table. One has roasted peanuts in the shell and the other is empty, for the shells, as you snack on the peanuts before your dinner is served.

Within a minute or two, a waiter brings a basket of delicious dinner rolls, which are hot, being prepared on the premises.

She brought us not two, but four rolls! Before WW, if I was alone, I would have gone through many peanuts and all the rolls before my dinner arrived.

But today, being an "After," I chose a handful of peanuts and one roll to enjoy, partaking of them in a leisurely fashion.

Next up, part II of our dinner date at Texas Roadhouse ...

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