Frozen Waffle Taste Test

Written by nolatex on 4/7/2011 10:27 PM | COMMENTS (4)

I used to make my own 4 point waffle until I realized I can just as easily buy a box of frozen waffles for the same amount of points. A quick 4 minutes in the toaster, and you have a decent breakfast ahead of you. I tried three brands:

Van's Lite Waffles

Best tasting but only three servings of two waffles per box. The cinnamon flavor really sings, making Van's my favorite on taste alone. It's typically in the organic foods frozen section.

Kashi 7 Grain Waffles

The company is having issues supplying their Go Lean waffles. But the 7 Grain flavor is available and amounts to 4 points plus for a serving of two waffles. Beware though as the blueberry is 5 points per serving of two waffles. The 7 Grain is not bad, just tastes like a plain waffle to me. I think there are only 3 servings per box (6 waffles total) in this brand as well. This, too, can be found in the organic foods frozen section.

Kellogg's® Eggo® Nutri-Grain® Low Fat Whole Wheat waffles

The best thing about these waffles is the bang for your buck. Not only were these waffles cheaper but there are more servings per box (10 waffles so 5 servings). These, too, are ordinary waffles. Not a bad thing but maybe I will add some cinnamon on top so I can get that extra flavor without paying the added cost.

Note: I've used sugar free syrup, which amounts to 1 point plus per 1 oz. However if you use the Walden Farms calorie free pancake syrup, it's zero points plus. I also add fruit to bulk them up.

Another 5 points plus breakfast alternative: McDonald's oatmeal without the brown sugar, cranberries or raisins.

Otherwise there are a few packaged oatmeal products that are 4 points plus (check eTools) that you can add fruit, flax seeds, protein powder, etc.

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  • Post Image nolatex

    4/9/2011 12:07 AM
    Thanks guys! I forgot to mention I also add fresh fruit on top of the waffles to bulk it up. You could probably also add fat free whipped cream instead of the syrup.

  • Post Image carrier714 (carrie)

    4/8/2011 5:09 PM
    I love the Eggo's whole wheat waffles. I toast one, smear a Tbsp of low sugar strawberry jam (1PP)and a glass of FF milk and I am golden!

  • Post Image stacy542162 (stacy)

    4/8/2011 3:42 PM
    Thanks for sharing this info. I was wondering about waffles, but hadn't ventured in that direction just yet. Maybe they'll help break my english muffin slump. :)

  • Post Image jrau1947 (joyce)

    4/8/2011 7:19 AM
    After reading your post I bought a package of the Kellogg low fat wheat waffles and love them. Great review.!


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