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Written by washingtond_413 (delita) on 4/19/2011 4:53 PM | COMMENTS (6)

Now, the other day my niece wanted what she calls "papis" now papis to many of us who are confused..lol they are cookies... normally we do not buy anything thats going to jeopardize us going into our points or even allowance, but at the same time always good to test the temptation, this is a lifestyle not a game or a race to who loses faster but rather being healthier in the long run. well the cookies get to baking and omg are smelling sooo good..lol i removed myself from the kitchen area so i didn't have to smell them but my niece comes to me putting it in my face.. (teaser) but still i fight my temptation for about mayyybbbbeeee an hr (if that) lol these cookies are jumbo and mind u are 5points each and to those of us who stretch our points daily 5points can be a really fulfilling meal. well so far i had been doing good and i mean even for my birthday i did an excellent job of not going into my allowance or activity. (im no saint) so i had a cookie (..or 2), and shared each with my niece.. a day of indulgent and a night that filled with guilt..lol my leader said normally in her times like this she would place an "X" through the day and begin the following morning, but i am guessing the guilt didnt let me do that so i counted each cookie i had shared or not i counted the entire point value and since i was feeling so bad i decided to get up and get in some exercising, if not to burn anything else off to burn off the cookies lol. today i walked 4.2miles, burned 662cal and took 7025steps and it felt good. Walk-!T challenge is still coming and i want to go and enjoy myself.. its not about the weight loss or indulging but rather a lifestyle i am determined to maintain, im young and the last thing i want is to be unhealthy for something that could have been taken control of.. Happy Losing everyone or should i say happy indulging..lol (gotta love cookies)

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  • Post Image pmarie51 (paigemarie)

    9/12/2011 4:18 PM
    Ahhhh Cookies!!!.. Glad you are staying strong!

  • Post Image mikrah

    4/19/2011 11:52 PM
    You're really doing great at avoiding temptation by fighting it and not letting it get to you. As far as fitness, you're really are working it very hard to lose the weight. Great work!

  • Post Image jlczech

    4/19/2011 10:35 PM
    I agree that we have to live in the real world with real world temptations but I also know that we have the power to create our real world. We have choices to create our own recipe for cookies with healthier ingredients (not chemical flavorings that smell so good). That is a reality not the commercially-made, well-marketed, high points, high calorie, too tempting to pass up cookies!

  • Post Image mrstracy3

    4/19/2011 8:34 PM
    That's the way to bounce back! You are right.. it is a lifestyle change and not a race.

  • Post Image courtjanisch (courtney)

    4/19/2011 5:25 PM
    What my parents do is they'll buy those take and break cookies, and after dinner, they'll each have 2 (I think the kind they buy are only 4PP for both). My problem would be eating the cookie dough hahaha. Treat yourself! You deserve it!

  • Post Image tanklan (tania)

    4/19/2011 5:25 PM
    I am on week 2 of my return to WW and I have been thinking about wether I have the willpower to make chocolate chip cookies for my three children. Probaby this is the best time to do it since it's new again and my resolve is strong. Good for you for counting all the points! We ARE is this for life and we must face those completely wonderful indulgences every so often. :) Glad to see you got back to it and got some exercise too!


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