Saran Wrap and Burning Fat!

Written by snforshage (shalonda) on 5/3/2011 11:18 AM | COMMENTS (0)

My husband used to be a personal trainer at a gym and has always told me that wrapping my stomach in Saran wrap would help me lose inches really fast. Well I am a very skeptical person and found it hard to believe for a long time. I finally broke down last Monday. I decided to wrap my stomach and go about my daily routine. It took a little getting used to but I managed pretty well. I was pleasantly surprised on Sunday when I had my weekly WI! I had lost 1 in. off my waist!!. I'm not 100% sure if it was the wrapping , the exercising or both but I am going to continue to try this out. I not very hard to get used to the plastic wrap being there and it's not expensive either =)

Here is an article I found about this little trick.....

We are always trying to find easy ways to loose belly fat and sometimes, exercise is just not an option when we want to lose our love handles.

Here is a really easy tip for you that does not involve exercise. This will only work if you are generally fit, but have fat or water retention. For example, after child-birth or if you just recovered for some injury that had you bed ridden for a period of time.

If you have read about how women are going for "wraps" to help them lost weight? Well, it does work. It works fast too. These are not special or magical wraps, in fact, you could use a normal, standard Saran wrap to do it and achieve the same results.

First, we talk about how to do it. Then, we will point out some safety tips.

It is really simple. Take the Saran wrap and wind it around your belly where your love handles are. Make sure you wrap around your belly a few times until it feels snug, but not too tight. Check that your love handles are contained within the wrap. Go about doing your normal work around the house or outside for a few hours. Then, you take them off and you should immediately see a huge difference.

Some caution when practicing this.

Drink plenty of water. This is because the process uses your natural sweating processes to burn off some of the fat. But you lose a lot of water in the process.

Use talcum powder if you feel itch or any discomfort with the wrap

Do not leave the wrap on and go to sleep. This is important. When you are awake, you can remove it when you feel discomfort, but when asleep, you will not be aware if anything goes awry.

Stop immediately and unwrap the moment you feel giddy or faint. Drink plenty of water and plenty of fresh air.

This is just one of the easy ways to loose belly fat and generally, this process helps to reduce the love handles quickly, but if you do not combine this with a sensible diet plan and/or exercise, they will just come back again.

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