Getting an A in Ground Beef

Written by butterfly90740 on 5/25/2011 4:48 PM | COMMENTS (0)

According to WW: Four ounces of 80% lean raw ground beef is 8 points plus. Four ounces of 93% lean raw ground beef is 4 points plus.

Wow. I have to start paying attention to this. Honestly, I don't use a lot of ground beef in my life, but would never have thought it could make this kind of difference. From now on, when I do use gound beef, it WILL be that 93% lean kind! I might have to work some Marital Mojo on the husband, who may resist this change when it comes time to grill some homemade burgers, perhaps this weekend. In the alternative, I guess we could do "his" and "her" hamburgers.

One reason I get confused about the 80/93 number, and which one is healthier, is that I always think it means the percentage of fat. I mean, wouldn't it make more sense to measure fat, which is actually THERE in ounces and pounds within the beef, than to measure a concept of "leanness" which isn't actually there? If the scale can measure MY fat, why should the beef get off lightly, so to speak.

I have decided to solve my supermarket selection problem with a memory trick: 80% is a B. 93% is an A. Because I want to be a good student, I would rather get an A than a B on my Ground Beef 101 report card. I will pick the 93% beef. Go to the head of the class and get a nice, juicy burger for fewer points plus.

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