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Written by editors on 6/14/2011 4:32 PM | COMMENTS (3)

Today I had the opportunity to check out Cooking Channel’s new Frozen Treat Truck that’s about to start out on its 20-city US tour in honor of the network’s first birthday. Not only did I get to try L’Arte del Gelato’s blueberry flavor (made specifically for the Treat Truck), but I also got to chat with a few Cooking Channel stars. I asked them some questions about their favorite ways to stay healthy, what they eat when they’re splurging, and the best ways to increase flavor without upping fat.

Kelsey Nixon, host of Kelsey’s Essentials, was, in fact, a subscriber to Weight Watchers Online while she was in college:

“Weight Watchers taught me that it’s not necessarily about what you eat, it’s how much. I learned a lot about portions and I’ve kept those lessons in mind ever since.”

Kelsey, on why you should visit the farmer’s market:

“I always say the best way to eat healthy is to look to the seasons. Fruits and vegetables are never more flavorful and inexpensive as when they’re in season. There’s nothing better than a perfectly sweet apple. When you have quality ingredients and let them shine, there’s very little that you need to add to them.”

New Englander Ben Sargent, host of Hook, Line and Dinner, gave me a quick lobster bake recipe:

“I use a giant turkey fryer as a pot for a lobster bake. I just add about 2 inches of water, you don’t really need more than that. In with the lobsters I add Old Bay seasoning, a couple onions, garlic, peppercorns and lots of sea salt. You want it to taste like the ocean. [If you’re cooking outside over a flame] the trick is to keep the heat up and be in an area protected from the wind. Otherwise, your water won’t boil.”

Ben, on why a lobster roll is one of the healthier splurges you can make:

“Lobster is one of the healthiest proteins out there. The calories and fat content are just so much lower than lean beef and chicken, even if you take the skin off. Sure there’s a little mayo and a sweet bun—don’t skimp on a really great sweet bun, by the way—but the base is a very lean product.”

Nadia G. of Bitchin’ Kitchen fame told me her favorite pointers for healthy cooking:

“Don’t eyeball your olive oil, always measure it. People always say it’s so healthy for you, but after a tablespoon at breakfast, then at lunch and then at dinner, that really adds up. I also find that if you really take advantage of spices like chilis and curry, and experiment with different cultures and types of cuisines, you can really get a lot of flavor without adding extra fatty ingredients.”

When she found out I was from Weight Watchers, she said “Oh, awesome!” She explained that eating exclusively one type of food, or getting rid of an entire food group doesn’t work. “Fad diets aren’t the way to achieve a long-lasting, sustainable healthy lifestyle.”

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  • Post Image shivoneill

    6/15/2011 8:14 PM
    This is my favorite product: Its a Oil Dispenser With Measuring Tube by Progressive. You will never have trouble measuring your 2 tsp for our GHG.

  • Post Image justgina4u

    6/14/2011 10:39 PM
    i agree about the olive oil, don't just pour freely out of the bottle; measure, measure, measure! otherwise your body measurements will be just as out of control.

  • Post Image elly trickett mcnerney

    6/14/2011 9:41 PM
    I LOVE Nadia G's comments on olive oil. You know me - I'm a Food Network/Cooking Channel addict, and it drives me a little nuts to see how they sling the olive oil around. I GET that you need some of it for flavor, texture, and all the rest. But any recipe I've tried that calls for, say, 1/4 cup, totally works with 1 tablespoon - doesn't taste like compromise to me!


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