How many weekly points do you use?

Written by brflora on 6/17/2011 8:08 PM | COMMENTS (3)

This is only my 4th week on Weight Watchers PP. I'm still trying to figure out the weekly points. I mean - how many do I use and still continue to get a 1-2 pound loss (or more if it so happens) each week?

I've read one blog where someone was on a 4 week plateau and then found out it was because she was exercising and didn't use any of her activity points or her weekly points. Once she started using her weekly points, she immediately dropped 5 pounds in one week.

So that tells me to loosen up and use some of them. But should I use all of them and risk not losing any weight during the week? Should I use half of them?

For example, I went to a picnic with my Mom's club today. I planned for it and got a skinless boneless chicken breast, no bun, veggies, watermelon, and some chips with salsa about 9 points total.

Then all the desserts came out. I had brought a dessert and knew mine was 4 points. But there was a browine with raspberry frosting that looked tempting. A little voice inside me said "only eat half of it", but then another voice said - go ahead and enjoy it. Guess which voice I listened to? Yes you guessed it, the first one.

Well looking it up when I got home, I figured it probably was a 10 point dessert. Not bad, but still 1/3 of my points for the day. And when I got home, I was hungry and only had 6 points left for the day. Well I could tell 6 points wasn't going to cut it for me tonight. so I dipped into my weekly points again and used up another 5 points so that half of my weekly points are now gone.

Now at this point in the week, I'm over half through the week with half of my weekly points gone. That isn't bad, but it is my first week using so many of the weekly points. I think I've only ever used about 20 each of the last 3 weeks.

And when I look at why it matters to me, it is because I have an in-law function coming up in 2 weeks and want to lose more weight. Why? Because I most likely will have to be in a bathing suit part of the weekend in front of in-laws. If I didn't have that, it wouldn't matter so much. I could just experiment as I go and find out what works best for me, losing the weight as it comes off and not feeling so desperate to loose 9 more pounds between this week and the next 2.

Isn't it crazy how much pressure we put on ourselves sometimes!

So anyways, if you are reading this and have some words of wisdom on what has worked for you in using the weekly points, please have mercy on me and share some wisdom so I can get through the next 2 weeks with losses.

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  • Post Image atxlynne

    5/18/2012 6:29 PM
    I've experimented (in hind-sight): the weeks I end up with a social gathering or two...I lose weight. Then I get all uptight and try to keep to my26 points per day ...andive gained. Ian trying to figure out if there's really a correlation!

  • Post Image debradea1

    6/17/2011 9:51 PM
    I don't eat my weekly or any activity points-yet. I am able to eat plenty on my 29 daily points. But I will make an exception next month when I go to NYC to see a show and afterwards go to Juniors and yes, I will have their cheesecake.So I guess that week I will dip into the weekly pool FYI-one slice of Juniors cheesecake is 15 points but we are splitting it 3 ways so its only a 5 point splurge.

  • Post Image lessofmycool

    6/17/2011 9:00 PM
    I am in week four and have used the weekly points-only by miscalculating. I am very afraid of using them as a 'splurge' I have never used all of them in fact I have never used half of them yet last week I gained .8 pounds. Bummer.


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