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Written by casibutts on 7/11/2011 9:52 PM | COMMENTS (10)

Last night, The BF and I hit the grocery store around midnight.  I've been craving...

Wait for it...

Waffles (of all things!) lately, and I wanted to see if I could find some that were reasonably-pointed.  And boy did I!

The frozen foods section of grocery stores is always a bit dangerous for me: pizza... ice cream... pizza rolls... various kinds of easy-to-make, breaded and/or friend chicken... Ok, I should stop....

Anyway, I found waffles (bottom left) for only 2PP per waffle, which sounds just fine.  Didn't want to waste too many PP on breakfast food, after all! =)  I hesitate to officially vouch for them, since I haven't actually eaten them yet... despite my craving, and as you can see, I found other things to distract my palate. (I'm also a little afraid to calculate syrup... I've heard scary things)

Like veggie- corn dogs! (See top left)  I have to confess: I didn't find these on my own; HungryGirl mentioned them in her blog, (awhile ago, I think-- I don't read regularly) and it sounded ok.  I'm not a big fan of tofu... or at least, I'm not in theory....

But they were really good!  I think if you gave it to someone without telling them what it was, they wouldn't know the difference.  The breading was thick and full of flavor, and they are worth a whopping FOUR PP.  Score!

The corn dogs were in the same freezer as the Boca products, and since I've also heard good things about their hamburgers, I decided to give the Spicy Chicken Patties a try.  Surprisingly good!  I also thought it was cool that the WeightWatchers points value is right on the box for all of Boca's products.

The chicken patties are THREE PP for one, and were decently spicy (don't worry, they have non-spicy patties, too!).  In terms of spiciness, I would compare it to Wendy's spicy chicken (which is 12PP, compared to 5PP for my Boca patty and 2 pieces of bread. Talk about winning!).  In terms of texture, it is easily comparable to the "normal" frozen chicken patties that you would buy in the frozen section... just fewer points (3PP compared to 5+ for real chicken)!

And when I turned away from the tofu-freezer, what did I see but Larry's mashed potatoes?!

O-M-G.  These are soooooooo good!  My mom used to buy them for family meals, and it was/is pretty much the only potato product I like (outside of chips and french fries... Those count, right?  Right?  It bothers me that you're not answering....)

Don't get me wrong, I know potatoes are great for you but... YuckYuckYuck!

Larry's Potatoes, however, are well worth the FIVE PP that they come out to be.  Today, for instance, I had a potato with a chicken patty on bread for Blunch (eaten between 10:30-11:15AM), and was satisfied until 3:30.  Plus... did I mention how YUM this stuff is?!

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  • Post Image jmthour

    7/16/2011 1:42 PM
    I shall have to stop at the store and buy these! thanks!

  • Post Image neenamd9

    7/13/2011 3:05 PM
    I can vouch for the eggo waffles. They're pretty tasty and will do in a pinch. I'm really bad when it comes to syrup, though - I'll do a quick drizzle on each waffle... and then won't count it. I know! Sometimes, when I'm feeling extra generous, I'll give it 1-2 points. But that's rare! I may have to give the chicken and potatoes a try!

  • Post Image dancejoel

    7/12/2011 11:01 PM
    Those are the same waffles I get and I quite like them. I toast them and eat them plain, or I put a turkey sausage between two and have a breakfast sandwich. I used to get those veggie corn dogs and Morningstar spicy chicken when I was a vegetarian, but I haven't had them in a while.

  • Post Image abutler771 (annette)

    7/12/2011 1:09 PM
    Gotta try the waffles. Funny moment... When I read the beginning of your post and saw the word waffles I instantly pictured Donkey from Shrek 3 when he says waffles. LOL I am snickering now at the thought... I'm pretty sure he is not watching his PP when he eats waffles. Lucky Donkey. LOL

  • Post Image hillelr77

    7/12/2011 11:29 AM
    BTW, I have something for you that I'm sure you and Nicholas will both appreciate! Will bring this weekend.

  • Post Image hillelr77

    7/12/2011 11:28 AM
    Definitely gonna try the spicy chicken - although I really like the Tyson white meat breaded filet for 5pts. Vienna hotdogs are only 3 pts with no bun - get a wheat bun for 2 and you're at 5 - not bad for my fav hot dog. Also, I could probably squeeze the potatoe in to a dinner with low point meat - and they are filling. I have bought those waffles too - haven't tried them yet. I generally don't like a lot of syrup - so a low sugar syrup for me is not too scary.

  • Post Image judyzmt (judy )

    7/12/2011 11:23 AM
    There is sugar free syrup--the points depend on the brand. I think the kind I have is 1 PP for 1/4 cup. It gives the waffles a nice sweet taste if that is what you are craving. The problem is, it makes the waffles too mushy. I usually have my Eggo with peanut butter.

  • Post Image orange~poppy

    7/12/2011 10:58 AM
    I have used those waffles as "toast," to make a totally delicious and highly satisfying egg and cheese sandwich. (High in PP, but worth it.) Those Morningstar and Boca products interest me too. I need to expand from my usual veggie burgers. Love your blog. Love your very balanced approach to the whole thing.

  • Post Image stiner2

    7/12/2011 5:10 AM
    Those waffles are one of my standard "go to" breakfast foods. They aren't nearly as good as I can make but are decent points values and taste very decent. I prefer them toasted at my toaster's 9 setting, versus something lighter. In my toaster they don't burn up like that but still have a decent/needed firmness/crunch.

  • Post Image 1girlrevolution

    7/12/2011 1:42 AM
    I thought the Eggo Nutrigrain waffles were pretty good when I tried them several years ago. Over the weekend I discovered that pancake syrup (cheapo brand, not actually maple) is 11pp for 1/2c. SO not worth it. I like tofu, in certain things. I'm guessing the "hot dog" portion of the corn dog was the tofu? Why? It's like tofurkey... Why? I'd rather eat a little less of the real thing than try to pretend that the tofu version is similar.


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