chicken tenderloins, less fat/calories than chicken breast

Written by llamla on 7/24/2011 8:53 PM | COMMENTS (0)

In WWs eTools, there is no chicken tenderloins. I did some research for this part of chicken and it looks like it's actually a part of chickne breast. That's why the chicken tenderloins I buy from Trader Joe's says "Chickne Breast Tenderloins." This muscle does not get used much and that's why it is tender. Yes, it is tender. The difference is quite obvious in my mouth. I started to worry if it has more fat.... because it is tender, you know.

On the contrary, according to the nutrition facts on the packages, 4 oz of tenderloins is 120 calories with fat content of 1.5g, and regular breast is 130 calories with 3 g fat. When I put the info into eTools, the points per 4 oz is the same, but if I eat some more, I'm sure it will show. I haven't tried to find out how much I need to eat to see the difference in the point. Even if the point is the same, I'll be eating less fat/less calorie with tenderloins.

Both of chicken meats are sold indivicually frozen and come in 40 oz per bag. The price is the same. Each piece of tenderloin is much smaller than breast and it makes it easier to controll the amount I eat.

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