I have a craving for sunflower seeds and chewy candy!

Written by mkensinger23 (amanda) on 7/29/2011 6:58 PM | COMMENTS (0)

I have in the past eaten a whole bag of sunflower seeds in one sitting, or eaten a thing a laffy taffy,starburst, mike and Ike or during easter Starburst Jelly beans. I crave these all the time. So last night I decided that if I do well I can treat myself to these little luxuries and who knows maybe one day be turned off by them. I first found out how many points one serving was for sunflower seeds and its was a lot higher then I thought, then I di`1`vided the whole bag into little snack baggies and wrote how many points it was worth right on the bag. That way when I want some I have that number right there and hopefully help me make a better choice. I did the same with my laffy taffy's that I have. So far today I have not eaten my sunflower seeds, but did have one serving of laffy taffy. Hopefully instead of eating these everyday I can cut down to once a week.

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