Costco - Kirkland Turkey & Swill Roll-Ups

Written by gaillreece (gail) on 9/29/2011 9:28 AM | COMMENTS (6)

Sherry (slporter3) had posted about the Costco & Turkey Swiss Rolls had only 3 PP per roll. I was so thrilled to hear as these had always been one of my go to favorites for small or large gatherings, grandson's first birthday party, baby showers or just when I knew I'd be too busy ummm lazy to prepare foods on a busy weekend working in the yard or putting up X-Mas decorations. When I get on a roll I hate to stop for anything and they are great to grab and go.

Several of you have asked about these so I compiled a Nutrition / WW PP Pic for you. I have made these myself and swapped out the Cranberry Cream Cheese spread for a non fat low sugar super low cal Vidalia Onion Dressing and wedge of Light Swiss Laughing Cow Cheese which lowers the PP 2 per roll. My family actually loves them better this way. Hope you enjoy and thank you again to Sherry for posting!!

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  • Post Image kristina gonzales

    12/18/2012 1:53 PM
    these are soooooo good! I just had two of them and wanted to look them up...I was just going to give myself 5 PP for each! So, glad I found this! Thanks! :D

  • Post Image gaillreece (gail)

    10/6/2011 2:42 PM
    Here is my version of the Turkey Swiss Roll-Up

  • Post Image lydiapaige

    9/30/2011 9:22 AM
    I don't have a cosco near me, but I love the rolled wrap and sliced like sushi idea for a sandwich on the go. It would pack nicely in a plastic ziplock container. Have you ever seen this website"Easy Lunchboxes"

  • Post Image buckjw2525 (buckley)

    9/30/2011 2:53 AM
    Thanks, I will try this.

  • Post Image gaillreece (gail)

    9/29/2011 3:35 PM
    Hi Casie, The Damascus Roll-ups (flat bread ) will make 3 - 4. They are about 7" x 10" in size & 3PP. I used them to make Pizza and grilled chicken roll-ups before. Go to my July 14 & 15th blog to see the pics. You can view their site here Thanks!!

  • Post Image casielaskowski (casie)

    9/29/2011 9:55 AM
    How many roll-ups per tortilla?


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