CHEAT days?!

Written by newgirl24 (leah) on 10/14/2011 3:10 PM | COMMENTS (1)

I have had one version or another of a cheat day for nearly my entire weight loss journey.

Saturday is my weigh-in day, but it's also my "cheat" day. I put cheat in quotes because I still track, I just use most of my weeklies + my dailies + some APs (often in advance from actually earning them). Since tracking on MFP, I've noticed that this day can be up to 3000 calories sometimes!!! Usually between 50-75 PointsPlus get consumed on any given Saturday.

The rest of the week, I tried to stick to my dailies and to have some leftover points at the end of the week... it almost NEVER happened. I would eat all dailies, all weeklies, and all earned AP (sometimes this can be as many as 50) nearly every week.

...and that's on weeks that I'm perfect with my tracking. Who knows how much I honestly eat when I'm not so perfect?

Anyway, this worked very well for me for a looooooooooong time (I lost 50 pounds in 2010 with this habit). Somehow I was able to go straight from my cheat day to more moderate portions the rest of the week, no problem.

Some time in the last couple of months, I've lost that skill.

Now, it takes me until Wednesday to recover from Saturday's overeating. As in, I overeat on Saturday, feel deprived and hungry on Sunday, give in to some more overeating on Monday and Tuesday, and am finally back on track by Wednesday... and then it starts over every Saturday.

Now that I've read what I wrote right there.... I can see why I've been slowly gaining some weight.

I've finally accepted that although my cheat day worked for me for years, it is time to give it up and to start eating right EVERY day.

This is not to say that I'm going to deprive myself. I still believe in everything in moderation.

How I'm going to handle this with Weight Watchers? I will be spreading my weekly and activity points out over the week. I may still eat a few more on the weekends than through the week, but I will be trying very hard to not have any more 50-75 PointsPlus days, and I will be focusing on the GHGs 7/7 days instead of 5/7.

You CAN follow Weight Watchers with a cheat day, and you CAN lose weight while doing it. It's when the cheat day because a cheat week that you will run into problems!

Wish me luck for my first no-cheat-day weekend, I will need it. :-)

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  • Post Image sugacookiedotcom (tiffany)

    10/17/2011 4:39 PM
    Good luck!! I am really pulling for you because I am in the exact same boat. I've always felt like I will get burnt out if I don't have a cheat day, but now I think the guilt from my cheat day is what's burning me out! Can't wait to see how this works for you - I am sure you'll see great results. :)