All that work for FIVE Activity Points?!

Written by cactuswrenaz (maria) on 11/30/2011 12:53 AM | COMMENTS (8)

I've been trying to vary my workout routines lately. Tonight, I took a Body Pump class at my gym. It's like weight lifting set to music. I've taken it before (a looong time ago) and I can honestly say - it's not my favorite workout. I MUCH prefer Body Step (step aerobics).

It's not that it isn't a good workout - I just think Step is more fun. Body Pump is a 55 minute class and we work the entire body. We use a bar and slide weights on and off for different parts of the body. I worked EVERY part of my body! My quads, my wads and my odds. I don't know what the "technical" names for the different muscle groups are - I just know that I am going to be sore tomorrow!

I got home and excitedly logged on to my eTools to track my APs and do you know - I only got 5 stinkin' points for a 55 minute weight lifting class? Granted, it wasn't the intensity of my step classes but I normally earn 12 APs for a step class and I was hoping for at least 8 or 9 for the Body Pump class.

My heart was pumping; I was sweating and breathing deeply and only 5 APs? RealIy?! I know I was working pretty vigorously because my muscles were shaking. You know that slight tremble when you try to use a muscle that is just TIRED? After class, I stood at the top of the stairs for a bit; afraid to walk down for fear that I wouldn't be able to control the muscles in my thighs and I would just keep going and going. I didn't want to run over anybody! My arm even shook a bit as I tried to raise my hand to put the key in my car's ignition. As I sit and type - I can feel the muscles in the backs of my legs start to tighten up. I hope I can get out bed tomorrow!

Well, I guess APs are APs. Just be warned - not all are created equal! :)

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  • Post Image mamastein1958 (debra)

    11/4/2013 10:07 PM
    I'm curious as to how this works . I wear the Active Link and unless I am walking walking wAlking on the treadmill I earn slim to none for circuit training and a body sculpting class . I work in the grocery industry and stand at my job for 8 hrs and earn more points for that .

  • Post Image rachie2883 (rachel)

    6/28/2013 12:31 PM
    I have the same issue with the APs for Zumba. Also only 5. I also do Body Pump and Yoga once a week. Again, I would think there would be more points there.

  • Post Image seeennww

    5/8/2013 10:45 AM
    How did you calculate this, Maria? If I look up "circuit training" on the WW site, it shows 10 points for 55 minutes. The description sounds like Body Pump to me..."circuit training, including some aerobic activity with minimal rest." The instructors always say that most people burn between 500-700 calories per class, so I'd think that's at least 9 or 10 points, even being conservative.

  • Post Image sjsuker

    1/6/2013 12:31 PM
    The overall benefit of lifting weights exceeds the payoff in points. Your muscles continue to burn calories after the work out. Your body will look fantastic.

  • Post Image babykitty72 (leah)

    11/1/2012 5:04 PM
    I do pump and i love it. i tried step. not so much, i am short and the step throws me. Body Attack is like step without the step. love it. I been giving myself 8 points for Pump. i do part free weights part aerobic. Definatly not 5. I get 13 for B.A.

  • Post Image taz_a13 (theresa )

    10/11/2012 4:46 PM
    Pamamiga, thanks for your research! I myself was a little surprised that a 55min Body Pump class was only 5 APs too!! I use heavier weights and I push it hard through the entire class, so I KNOW it can't possibly be only 5. When I do high intensity cardio I sweat just as much, but I think my muscles get the extra workout with Body Pump.

  • Post Image pamamiga

    8/22/2012 12:17 AM
    I read some where that body pump (probably on the less mills website) is a high intensity work out. So when I do the little activity calculator, I put 55 miutes of high intensity exercise. It calculates it to 10 points! When I do a spin class, the AP are 10 points. And in my humble opinion, I am sweating about the same for both classes!

  • Post Image latincoquisha

    11/30/2011 1:46 PM
    Well i hope u feel much better by tomorrow :) Wow 5 AP in one day is alot for me... that may be like 2 hours worth of a workout.. well it depends. It is not easy to earn those AP... and sooo easy to lose them!


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