Day 19-2pt mini bars are really really mini

Written by cutemomnj on 1/19/2012 8:04 AM | COMMENTS (0)

I ordered about 10 boxes of Weight watchers mini bars.

My son used to be addicted to the red velvet mini bars but sadly they do not appear to make them anymore.

Last night I had a chocolate mint mini bar. It was beyond mini. It was almost flat and about 2 inches long. It was about the size of a girl scout thin mint cookie. It tasted exactly like a girl scout cookie. Which may or may not be a good thing being I have been know to eat about 25 thin mint cookies in one sitting.

Here are my ratings-

Chocolate Pretzel mini bars-5 stars
Chocolate mint mini bars-4 stars (too small and too good)
Lemon mini bars-4 stars
Coconut mini bars-2 stars (where's the coconut?)

I still haven't tried the cinnamon ones. Stay tuned.

***I peeked at the scale. I am down 8 pounds!!!!!!!!

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