REPORT! Alert! The verdict is in! Black Bean Brownies 3 pts. are "AWESOME" just made DH loves them!

Written by linalb03 on 2/4/2012 1:08 PM | COMMENTS (20)

Note: Pictured here, I used a 8x8 pan for big brownies for my DH and for you to see what the texture looks like. If you use a 13x9 pan you will have 20 wonderful servings! I have been hearing about the Black Bean Brownies so much that I decided to make some for my DH this morning! He is doing so good since quitting smoking on Jan 4th and has also lost 8 more pounds. I wanted to give him a healthy low point treat that would satisfy him! Well, it hit the spot and he is so happy to have these around for a treat at 3 points each by my calculation. (Note: Some recipes would argue these are 4 pts, but looking at the label “Mix vs. Prepared” numbers, I’d say closer to 3 or less.) It is your call, at 4 pts that is still great for a treat like this, so worth it. The beans are just zero as 20 servings wipe that out! This batch makes 20 servings! If you want a treat or to surprise your friends or family buy 1 - 15oz. can of Bush's Black Beans and 1 - 18.3 oz. box of Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie mix. Pre-heat your oven to 350. Just put the black beans and (don't drain them) in a blender, (I added about 1/4 cup of water extra for a more chewy brownie). Blend them until they are like soup. Then pour black beans in a mixing bowl and slowly add the brownie on low speed, when it has mixed well together give it a minute on medium speed. Be sure to follow the pan size and oven temp on the brownie box, in the picture shown I used the 8x8 pan at 325 degrees for 55 minutes. Don't add anything else to this recipe, just black beans and dry brownie mix (any brand). For a few more healthy points, you can add nuts or raisins! I think strawberries or dark cherries would give them a black forest taste! You CAN NOT taste the black beans. Don't tell anyone until they have tried them, for some people it may be a mental imagine of the black beans that turns them off! You can also add a fat free cream cheese topping too! I enjoyed Fat Free Frozen Vanilla Yogurt ice cream on mine warm right out of the oven that was 5 pts., and worth every bite! Treat yourself once in a while you deserve it! Great idea for a "Happy Birthday" treat, as well as the family dinner or the office party that you can bring healthy dish to and everyone will gobble them up! These are rich in chocolate flavor and so healthy with the fiber in the beans as well as all the other health benefits of black beans and dark chocolate! Enjoy my WW Friends! I am going to take a batch next week to my WW meeting as a "Thank you" for all their encouragement and support! WW Group Hug! Have a great weekend OP! – Lindy UPDATE on POINTS: If I baked the brownies just like the recipe called for with 2/3 cup oil and 2 eggs, each brownie would be 3pts. If I bake the brownies without the oil and eggs, and added 1 can of black beans there would be considerable less pts in this recipe. 2/3 Oil and 2 eggs = 42 pts. Whereas one whole can of black beans is only 9pts. So actually, the 3pts. per serving x 20 servings for a Black Bean Brownie is pretty high considering we reduced the original recipe pts by 31 pts. by not using the oil and eggs. I am pretty happy with a 3pt count for this treat; personally I think it should be less! Thanks Lindy

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  • Post Image amulvey (anna)

    2/15/2014 8:36 PM
    I calculated and it's actually 1.75 points( I used Betty Crocker dark chocolate fudge brownies) I was scared at first but when the batter tasted delicious I knew I was in business!

  • Post Image 911dispatcher4 (barbara)

    7/17/2013 3:56 PM
    can you tell me how to calculate dry sugar free brownie mix

  • Post Image stelldeck

    10/22/2012 12:13 PM
    Super easy to make and tasted amazing!!

  • Post Image valujet (beverly)

    3/1/2012 11:36 AM
    Great idea. I'm gonna try this!

  • Post Image sunshinegirl51

    2/29/2012 5:46 PM
    Thanks for the brownie idea.... I'm going to give these a try. I love choc! This may help. Now - I just need to have the "Willpower" not to eat them all. LOL

  • Post Image rbtyree1980 (rebecca)

    2/27/2012 1:30 PM
    These are the kind of things I need, as junk food is my superweakness! Keep the ideas coming and THANK YOU!

  • Post Image mwhite413 (megan)

    2/14/2012 8:02 AM
    Omg...I can't wait to get to the store...get the beans & make this tonight after work! Thanks for much for the experiment (and glad it worked out so well!)

  • Post Image jlcraig12

    2/10/2012 8:57 PM
    Haven't tried them yet, but I think I might make some this weekend. Thanks for the info.

  • Post Image momrn1971 (kathy s.)

    2/6/2012 7:49 PM
    I'm convinced! They are amazing! Both of my kids and my husband loved them! (I told my husband what was in them, so he didn't eat the whole pan, then wonder what was wrong with his stomach!) Delicious!

  • Post Image 990003!!! (paula)

    2/6/2012 1:53 PM
    ? gas?

  • Post Image beth9303 (beth)

    2/6/2012 12:53 PM
    I've been hearing about these. Need to try them.

  • Post Image telephone_tieup (stephanie)

    2/6/2012 12:03 PM
    Those look good. Maybe I'll try them too.

  • Post Image trooworld

    2/6/2012 11:45 AM
    Thanks for the update, I will have to try these!

  • Post Image nirmthomas (nirmala)

    2/5/2012 11:23 PM
    Wow!!! I'll have to try this. I had tried WW's black bean brownie recipe and the texture wasn't right. Thanks!!!! Nirm

  • Post Image jo-toad

    2/5/2012 10:48 PM
    Sounds so yummy! I will have to try.

  • Post Image goatlady47

    2/5/2012 7:55 PM
    My brownies are cooking now....

  • Post Image cordylia

    2/5/2012 12:28 AM
    Those look scrumptious! Are the 20 squares tiny?

  • Post Image frankeejane

    2/4/2012 11:41 PM
    This are so YUMMY!!! I've made these several times. Never thought of putting in the cherries, might have to try it next time!!

  • Post Image skyspirit (shirley)

    2/4/2012 7:08 PM
    They have Reduced Fat Brownie mixes now that might make these a true 3pt. value. I might spring these on my grandkids for a more healthy treat for them! Thanks Lindy!

  • Post Image momrn1971 (kathy s.)

    2/4/2012 6:24 PM
    Yum! I can't wait to try these! My daughter is addicted to brownies. So nice to have a healthier alternative for her! Thanks!


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