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David Kirchhoff, CEO of Weight Watchers International, wrote a book entitled "Weight Loss Boss". If you're a fan of Mr K's ManMeetsScale blog (which I am!) you'll love this book.


The book is written in what I’d call Mr K’s voice - concise and relatable - with common sense, humor and heart. And I think it's that writing style, and the way he openly writes about the weight loss experience and how it pertains to him personally that makes him so endearing to his readers.


Even if you're not familiar with Mr K (or Weight Watchers, for that matter) the advice and stories within the book are universal enough that they can be enjoyed by anyone who’s ever had an issue with food or weight - whether they're a Weight Watchers member or not.


The book reminds us how we can change our lives by changing our behaviors. It helps us see the profound and positive impact we can have on our health if we take control of it now. It does this mostly with insights and observations from the vantage point of our hero, Mr K. He reveals his own weight history -- how he went from being a skinny kid to an obese young adult to the man he is today: at goal weight and the President of the company that helped him get there.


He shares his own journey with us in an entertaining way, recounting humorous tales of personal ups and downs, triumphs and pitfalls, habits he's phasing in or phasing out and behaviors that he'll always need to be mindful of. He talks about what motivated and still motivates him, ways he's changed his life and how he uses what he learns to enjoy a healthy new lifestyle.


By the time you finish reading this book you'll feel better about your own weight loss journey - wherever you are currently - because you’ll realize that Mr K is human, just like the rest of us. He shares the same thrill of victory, sometimes succumbs to temptations with occasional setbacks but often overcomes challenging situations - just like we do. It’s a great reminder that this journey is forever and that none of us are perfect, not even the President of Weight Watchers. But we’re all in this together, we share very similar struggles and we all have the power to achieve some pretty incredible things.


With his positive outlook and helpful advice, Mr K can change the world - by giving us tools we can use to make changes that will help ourselves, our families, our communities and ultimately future generations. I don’t think Weight Watchers could have a better role model at the top and I’m glad Mr K took time to share his story in this wonderful book.


The book comes out May 8th and I encourage you to pick it up. It's a fun read and the advice within it is thought provoking and can be enormously helpful. In addition, all proceeds from the book are being donated to Share Our Strength, a program that Mr K believes in strongly. They help hungry kids get a good healthy meal. What a beautiful gesture!


Great job, Mr K!!




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  • Post Image isafjordur

    4/18/2012 9:59 PM
    Fantastic review and also nice to mention the Share our Strength connection. I plan to buy this when it comes out.

  • Post Image phoenixsmith

    4/17/2012 4:55 AM
    Funny how a book left about and eventually read can change a persons life. I bought a book called Skinny ****** and left it around . My DH eventually read it and said mean things about the book for a year NK. Now he is vegan. LOL. I hope many people buy this book read it and leave it around. Changing a household and a family takes a team. The best teams are built with partners. My partner and this community is what sustains my WL. This journey does not end at goal weight. Good journey to you .


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