Are you only eating 26 points?

Written by 990003!!! (paula) on 5/17/2012 9:09 AM | COMMENTS (20)

If you have been a WW for a long or short period of time,

or have a lot or a little bit of weight to lose,

or exercise is the only way to now finish getting off the weight,

or you are at goal and can't eat an extra point because you gain weight,

or you have been on a plateau for so long you now think you are on maintenance,


26 is the bare minimum of points that any female WW gets, not one more (guys I don't know about you).

Eating 26 points if you need to lose 99 lb. or 9 lb. is a limiting your calories you consume, unless you are eating 10 and up of fruits and vegetables.

You will lose eating 26 points if you are just starting out and you may lose big.

But suddenly you plateau after 5, 10 or 20 lb. so you start to exercise and you lose again, maybe, remember it takes fuel to make the body go without fuel, you have to burn something and you really want to lose the fat, but fat is not a good fuel without calories so you start to burn muscle. Burning muscle makes you lose even slower.

So now you need to lose another 80-4 lb. and you can't work out any more or eat any less.

What will you DO?

Someone suggest you do the Wendie Plan OR just simply eat the Weekly POINTS. (Which is what the Wendie Plan does..tell you how many to eat).


Have you ever been on a DIET before?

Have you ever starved yourself?

Have you ever lost the weight or worse yet quit because you didn't lose the weight?

When you have only given your body the barest amount of food it needs to eat and you start back gain weight...

1200 calories is the least amount for women, (men 1600-1800)....

Is this what you want to eat forever?

WW gives you those points, ALL of them to eat from the start so that when you do need to reduce something you can reduce some of the weekly points..


SO you will then know you did not work WW to work for you.

I'm sorry,

I want you to get to goal,

Enjoy the journey,

Eating the food you love,

with portion control,

and better health.

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  • Post Image csutxs (tiffany)

    1/16/2013 9:47 AM
    I love this post. I am having a really hard time staying motivated on the program because when I first started the new program I gained weight! I lost my weight on the old program and had so much success maintaining for about 4 years! I want to be the size I was when I first lost my weight, but they seems like such a distant memory. I am going to try really hard to do it right this time so I won't have to start over again!

  • Post Image jaycee624 (jackie)

    5/20/2012 7:49 AM
    Excuse my ignorance, but I did not get the "Wendie" reference....

  • Post Image chuhdee (cheryl)

    5/20/2012 3:51 AM
    It is scary, but I have had just these very thoughts in the last couple of weeks. Helps me to eat enough instead of trying to stay well below DPs. I am trying to be patient instead of trying to lose all of the weight at once, which is what I used to do.

  • Post Image meboza (maria)

    5/19/2012 3:02 PM
    This is SOOOOO true. I'm glad I read a post about using my DPs WPs and some or all of my APs on my WLJ when I was new to WW. I got to goal a couple of weeks ago. It took me 15 months (68 pounds) but I NEVER felt deprived.

  • Post Image tunverzagt (tara)

    5/18/2012 12:34 AM
    Also, if you are only eating your DPs (and not even all of them) you are probably eating pretty dismal food. If you aren't enjoying what you're eating, spice it up with some dried cranberries and nuts in your salad, some tahini in your kale, olive oil on your roasted veggies, etc. Adding 1-3 PPs of "goodies" in your recipes can make the difference between "hoo hum" and "WOW!"

  • Post Image 14hands

    5/17/2012 11:01 PM
    Thanks all this information has really helped me to understand ww better. I am not afraid now to boldly use the weekly points whereas before i used them and felt guilty which added stress (causes me to eat more). Now I'm learning to accept using the points when I need them and say thank you! Life much better and actually eat better and lose weight here and there and it stays off!

  • Post Image netterbee (jeanetter)

    5/17/2012 10:04 PM
    Great information. I use all my DPs to ensure my GHGs are included. Most of the WPs are gone by the end of the week, but I don't touch the APs. They are my insurance just in case I have a really bad day.

  • Post Image gacat15 (gail)

    5/17/2012 8:24 PM
    Something to think about. I never eat all of my WPs or APs--but I always eat my DPs!!!!!

  • Post Image pat crooks

    5/17/2012 7:58 PM
    I always eat DPs and a lot of the WPs and it keeps working for me. For some reason this week I have eaten almost all my WP's and I have only 1 more day to go this week. Is that OK? I've been on a roll I guess this week - Greek Festival this weekend starting today and going by there to get dinner did not help!! Tried to keep it small, but that Greek food adds up!!

  • Post Image april485

    5/17/2012 5:04 PM
    I agree! If you start the journey eating MORE your body will not go into shock when you really NEED the WP cause you are hungry at 26DP. So, my advice is to eat them from day one and then you can continue to do so and lose. If you don't you have nowhere to go. If you gain, eat 75% of them and see what happens. I love my WP and no one can have them - they are mine and I eat them :)

  • Post Image beachbound55

    5/17/2012 3:48 PM
    Thank you Paula for reminding me to eat all my points, I try but not always as successful.

  • Post Image litapayne

    5/17/2012 3:47 PM
    I agree - messing with those base points is bad news - this program won't work for me if I do that. I always eat APs and WPs...always.

  • Post Image dory150 (kimberly)

    5/17/2012 2:13 PM
    Isn't it great to know that we have to eat to lose?! What diet does that?! It is like every thin person I know. They always ate so much and I couldn't figure out how they stayed so thin. Well it looks like WW figured it out for us! Eat to lose. I like that!

  • Post Image toxinq3 (carolyn)

    5/17/2012 12:54 PM
    Thanks for the reminder. I've severely restricted myself, suffered from BDD, and now have memories of going through life celebrations not eating a single thing (including my and both siblings' weddings!) It's a crazy way to be; your note was a good reminder that this is NOT a diet but a lifetime way of living. Thank you!

  • Post Image jmscarborough (jennifer)

    5/17/2012 12:33 PM
    OH yes, I eat every last DP and WP....every last one of them. Otherwise there is no way in H*LL I could continue doing this.....and it has been effective. I've lost 41 pounds in 4 1/2 months......

  • Post Image mkayb49 (marilyn)

    5/17/2012 12:16 PM
    I could never understand those that did not or "could not" eat all of their points. Just because I want to lose - I also want to enjoy myself. Which you can - it is about eating the "right" points most of the time and move move move.

  • Post Image oversixty1

    5/17/2012 12:03 PM
    You are such a wise WWer, Paula! Thanks for reminding us to eat our points!

  • Post Image bkmnt7so (mary)

    5/17/2012 10:53 AM
    I'm still working on portion control. It's getting better but lots of room for improvement. Thanks for a much needed blog Miss Paula.

  • Post Image khetzer64 (kathleen)

    5/17/2012 10:22 AM
    AWESOME post! I never really thought about it in those terms. I really needed this right now, thanks! Definitely food for thought!!

  • Post Image beth9303 (beth)

    5/17/2012 10:19 AM
    I am eating all my 28 DP, all my 49 WP, and some of my APs. I want to live not be on a DIET!!!


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