My bag of popcorn is HOW many points????

Written by aiken71 on 6/17/2012 7:58 AM | COMMENTS (4)

Back on track these last few days. Feel great. Tracking. Getting my water in, getting in my veggies, following all the GHG's except for activity which I have planned some for today. So feeling great, right? Well I was until.....Last night I ate popcorn as we watched Sherlock Holmes 2: Game of Shadows (great movie by the way). I wasn't hungry but I love love love popcorn so I thought I will just have some. Go the light butter version in the cabinet so why not! Oh I was so so wrong. I was already over points into my weeklies, should have had an apple or peach, maybe even some hummus with veggies. 8 points ladies and gentlemen 8 freaking points.....

     In all the time I have done WW's popcorn has been a mystery to me. Anyone else? I mean I know the movie theater kind is not so kind in fact can be very very pointy. I really thought that the microwave light version was a lot better. I guess one thing I should say is I can eat a whole bag of the stuff. I smell it and I just have to have it. Love it, salty or salty sweet, with Parmesean cheese on it. Just love it! But the serving size is a complete mystery. So I decided after my wake up call this morning to do a little bit of research on the various brands I know of, bear with me as I unravel the mystery of my favorite movie treat. Well as much as I willing to do at this hour of the morning lol
Okay so smarty party me found this on the WW site and so I copied and pasted it here (sorry lazy this am lol)

Ready, Set, Munch
Before you mindlessly crunch on a bag of popcorn, make sure to check the number of cups per serving. Confused by the nutrition facts label? You're not alone! Lots of people are stumped by these labels since nutritional information is sometimes given for unpopped, not popped, cups. So we went straight to the top for the answer to the much-debated question: How many cups of popped corn do two tablespoons of kernels yield? Maria Walls, Manager of Program Development at Weight Watchers International, says, "Two tablespoons of unpopped corn can yield anywhere from 3 1/2 cups to 5 cups popped depending on the popcorn chosen. The more butter and flavoring used, the less yield you'll get, whereas plain popcorn — with nothing added — yields more." The bottom line? "On average, two tablespoons of light unpopped popcorn kernels will yield about 4 cups popped per serving."
 Brand                                          Number of Cups (Popped)          PointsPlus Value
JOLLY TIME Healthy Pop 94% Fat-Free Butter Flavor Microwave Popcorn                                                     5                                        2
Newman's Own Light Butter-Flavored Microwave Popcorn
                                                                3 1/2     &n bsp;                              3
Newman's Own Natural Microwave Popcorn
                                                                3 1/2                                    3
JOLLY TIME Healthy Pop 94% Fat Free, Kettle Corn Microwave Popcorn
                                                                 4                                         3
My input Just FYI:
Food Lion Brand Light Microwave popcorn is 8 PPs per bag!!!!
Pop-secret light microwave popcorn is 8PPs per bag!!!!

Lesson learned: by the 100 cal bags or Jiffy pop!
Silly WW still learning new lessons after all this time, just wish I had learned it a little bit sooner, lol.

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  • Post Image ladvorak (laurie)

    8/24/2013 8:40 PM
    Great tips!

  • Post Image salinwa (stacey)

    3/19/2013 3:08 AM
    Regal cinemas seems popular enough yet I can't find ANYthing saying how many points their buttered popcorn is for a small, medium or large buttered popcorn. We saw a movie today and I had about 1/2 to a 1/3 of a bag. HOW many points is a whole bag of each size??

  • Post Image rosalvin

    6/18/2012 6:17 AM
    I broke down and bought another kitchen gadget - ha ha. A hot air popper. Now I can add the kernels and figure the points pre pop. The yield is much more filling than those little bags.

  • Post Image veggiepat44 (patti)

    6/17/2012 7:51 PM
    Wow girl! Thank you so much! This is so helpful! Yes, learning every day! Hang in there! You ARE doing it! We can rock this!


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