Ahhh, it's all coming back to me now

Written by mcr03170 (morgan) on 9/3/2012 1:19 AM | COMMENTS (0)

So I woke up, had a protein bar for breakfast as I rushed off to work so I could get my multi-vitamin down. Then I worked from 11-3 before I could catch any kind of break. At which point I was shaking like crazy. Surely this happens to many other people, I shake when I get to a certain "hungry" point. I went to the cafe and had soup and a salad. As I was still feeling a little off I grabbed a diet coke before I headed back into work. Zero points, right?! :) Got through work, collapsed when I got home and still haven't stocked up on my old weight watchers frozen meals. I have 11 points left and haven't touched my weekly allowance (I usually try not to). Sooooo I went to grab a little mexican food...my weakness! Stole 6 points from my weekly allowance!

I'd like to get some input if anyone is reading this. How many of you tap into your weekly allowance points? How many of you use your activity points and put them towards more points for food? I know WW says you don't lose a steady 2-3 pounds a week until after the first 3 weeks, and I feel like it's because we need to ease ourselves into the process. This seems obvious, and we all want results right away. Just want to get some conversations going about the way people use their points :)

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