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Written by becky2u2 (becky) on 1/3/2013 1:58 PM | COMMENTS (10)

I have also joined   MFP counts caleries , sugars,  carbs , fats,  proteins and cholesterol.  When I finish the day and I have not gone over my pts with WW I fell so empowered.   But when I see a minus on sugars at MFP I feel a bit deflated because I went over my sugars.    I thought I would just stop tracking my food at MFP but I wonder if I am cheating myself by doing so .  I joined WW because I did not want a diet ,  I have tried to diet and failed.  I wanted the new lifestyle.  I find it so easy to keep up with the points and not really worry about much else.  But I know if you eat too many sugars / carbs you can not lose the weight .   I am just so confused as to what I should here. 

I figure maybe less fruit and more veggies would help. Thing is, I really have not eaten that much fruit either.  I had a 1 1/2 bananas yesterday , and an apple today.  But my sugars are already over for the day just with the one apple.

I am not able to get on the floor (well I can get down, but need a crane to get back up)
all the workouts I have found on WW want me to get one the floor.  So I was looking over the site and found that Wii Sports can be used as an activity so I'm breaking out the Wii and going bowling lol.  

So with my Wii and my WW 360 points.  Do I really need to track my food at MFP? 

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  • Post Image becky2u2 (becky)

    1/8/2013 4:12 PM
    Yes same here I am sticking with WW I really like it and It's all I need. Thanks Jenn

  • Post Image jenn@1967 (jenny)

    1/8/2013 4:03 PM
    I was tracking my food calories and WW points on the first week of the program but then decided I either trusted WW and their program or I didn't - points are now all I track and life has gotten easier.

  • Post Image becky2u2 (becky)

    1/7/2013 11:29 PM
    FROM a plant, not MADE IN a plant Those are good sound words to live by. I will sure try to remember them

  • Post Image gonnalose30!

    1/7/2013 10:04 AM
    I allow myself 3 fruits per day & count a pt for any fruit serving after that. Those are my own rules, not WW bc I can eat 1/2 a watermelon! I've lost wt on this program so don't go into info overload from all sorts of other sources esp at the start! Just keep processed carbs w/ white flour & sugar like packaged baked goods to a minimum-- better for u & ur little one. I just tell myself if it is FROM a plant, not MADE IN a plant it's better (Dr. Hyman's saying).

  • Post Image tjm44611 (tammy)

    1/6/2013 11:02 AM
    Becky, I too, cannot get off the floor w/ out a crane, (surgerys) and that is one of my personal goals is to climb the stairs one foot over the other. And, getting my A$$ off the floor on my own.

  • Post Image becky2u2 (becky)

    1/3/2013 11:15 PM
    Yea I think I was overthinking this whole thing. WW really is the one I like best and thats the one I feel will work best for me . Thanks for the input Ladies :)

  • Post Image camiah (rebecca)

    1/3/2013 6:28 PM
    I don't think it really is necessary to track on both. If MFP is deflating to you, do not do it. The last thing you need is something that is just going to make you feel defeated. Is WW working for you? Then stick with it. Don't overthink this :)

  • Post Image countryraven

    1/3/2013 5:49 PM
    In the end, it isn't the sugars or the carbs that are going to impede your success. In the end, the plans fail because you stop using them. I would suggest you pick a plan and commit to using it. If obvious issues arise, or you are following the plan in a livable manner and you are not losing weight, then it is time to trouble shoot. Give the plan a chance to work, first, though. Don't overthink or overstrategize. Learn one plan. Follow it. Then...follow it some more.

  • Post Image becky2u2 (becky)

    1/3/2013 3:35 PM
    Yea that's that I was talking about . I believe in the WW plan but I don't think the MFP plan will work for me because I hate counting calories . With WW I don't have to. Just eat mark the points and go . I think that will be enough for me to keep up.

  • Post Image astonkus (amanda)

    1/3/2013 3:19 PM
    I am of the mind set that you have to believe in the plan- it works if you do it. The P+ system is designed to assign points values based upon how your body processes the food and their nutritional value. For example, whole grain breads will be less points than white bread, etc. So in essence, while you are not specifically looking at a sugar or carb number, the P+ system is tracking it for you to make sure you do not over do it each day and you are getting the nutrition that you need.


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