What is a beachbody coach?

Written by erikalaf88 (erika) on 3/8/2013 9:07 PM | COMMENTS (0)

Well I'm sure you have all heard of p90x and Insanity, beachbody is the company behind those amazing programs, as well as many others. We have something for absolutely anyone, even kids!

As a coach my job is to help keep people going. I help motivate them, support them, answer any questions they have, basically I help them reach there goals, all while I am still on my own fitness journey and you get paid for it! I know it sounds like it can be alot, but its not I LOVE what I do, knowing I have to be the support and motivation for someone else keeps me going. I know that I need to do what I need to do to stay on this journey and reach my own personal goals. The accountability as a coach is fantastic. Im also part of an absolutely amazing team who is there anytime I need them whether I have a fitness or business related question. Now whats better than getting paid for getting fit and helping others? Beachbody has so many perks as being a coach, besides getting paid for it. The more you work your business the more money you are going to make, and the possibilities are endless. For example my check from beachbody this week was more than half of my check from my full time job!! Who couldn't use some extra money?

Now if coaching is not something that interests you I still urge you to check out our products, I have completed Rockin body, Turbo jam and am just beginning Turbo fire, which I am IN LOVE with. People have had amazing results with these programs, and I know you can too. These programs work, they are set up to schedules to give you the best results. But what really makes them work you ask? The support you get from your coach to help you make it through your program. Support and accountability are 2 main factors in completing a program. I would love to be that person to help you. We also offer supplements, gear and shakeology. Shakeology is more then a weight loss shake it has 70+ nutrients that your body needs, and you just replace one meal a day with it, or use it as a snack if you need more calories in your diet.

There is so much more I can t fit into this post about the programs or about coaching but I would love to talk to you, if any of these interest you or if you have any questions for me. Lets work on this journey together :)

Email- Erikalaf88@aol.com
Website- www.beachbodycoach.com/erikalaf88

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