Chicken-Mushroom Soft Tacos (Photo with PointsPlus Values Shown over Foods)

Written by darrylzoller (darryl) on 4/3/2013 5:44 PM | COMMENTS (4)

Here's two 6-inch soft white whole wheat tacos I enjoyed for dinner tonight. They're from a recipe in WW's newest cookbook, SIMPLY SOLO: 150 Easy Recipes Just for You, page 109, available in WW meeting rooms now.* The recipes are designed for 1 serving, just what a lot of us need.

Thank you, Weight Watchers for hearing your members who often dine alone and need recipes "just for one."

This recipe required only 10 minutes prep and 10 minutes cooking time. The two tacos are one serving for only 9 PointsPlus Values. It's plenty to eat. I just have to make these hot, yummy tacos for Beloved sometime soon.

This recipe employs a little olive oil, chicken breast strips (4 oz), a bit of ground cumin, sliced white mushrooms, minced onion, minced garlic, fat-free salsa, soft white whole wheat tortillas (I like LaTortilla Factory brand), shredded reduced-fat Monterey Jack cheese, and chopped fresh cilantro.

Along with the tacos, I had steamed sides of fresh beets, cauliflower, and spinach.

To drink, just a tall glass of filtered water over ice.

I have 1 PPV left to use today in my Daily PP Target, so if I want a treat later on tonight, I will have to earn it with my ActiveLink activity monitor or dip into my available Weekly PP Allowance, of which I have plenty.

Daily tracking and watching portion size at meals and snacks leaves me feeling calm, confident, and in control. Why live any way else?

*Anyone can walk into any WW meeting room and purchase this cookbook. You need not be a member to do so. If they don't have it, ask them to order it, as it is just out. I purchased my copy last Saturday at a WW meeting room. Buy this helpful, easy, fun cookbook now before it is sold out. You'll be glad you did.

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  • Post Image litapayne

    4/4/2013 12:20 PM
    I'm gonna look for that cookbook - thanks for the heads up!

  • Post Image darrylzoller (darryl)

    4/4/2013 8:24 AM
    Thursday 8:24 AM. The site is having issues, so I can't post this morning. Will try again this afternoon. --Darryl

  • Post Image darrylzoller (darryl)

    4/3/2013 8:06 PM
    Yay! I earned 2 Activity PP Values by taking a walk this morning and going for a workout this evening. Thank you, ActiveLink!

  • Post Image love28way (shakira)

    4/3/2013 7:18 PM
    Thanks for letting me know about this recipe! I definitely need to get their cookbooks soon, but it's been hard when your spouse doesn't have the income coming in, so I have to pay the rent & bills. Hopefully this time around I'll get a least one of these books soon.


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