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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Motto! A handful of vitamines is better than a handful of prescription pills!
I am 56 yrs. old.. ending the menopause cycle.. I made it 9 months this last time, still striving for a year. Because of my age and cycle.. I find it necessary to take more vitamins.. and to my excitement: mine are approved by Dr. Oz!

This vitamin regimine is great for 20 to 50 & beyond:
however: cut back calcium & fish oil: by 2 pills daily for younger ages.

We all lose muscle at this age.. and our joints being to ache! It is very important to exercise our muscles to keep our joints moving for lubrication, which we are all losing at this age and beyond!

Here are the vitamines I take daily along with what they do for you:
I buy all my vitamines at Walmart, they are affordable.

Remember: Important to take morning and evening.. not all at once.., or your body just flushes them out of your system and also makes it hard on kidneys.

Fish Oil: 1000 mg 2 capsules AM & PM Total 4000mg daily
Dr. Oz. suggest 2-3 daily: great for the heart, circulation, and joint lubrication

Calcium: 600mg w/ Vit. D 2 caps AM & PM Total 2400mg daily
Supports our bone health; meets Dr.s requirements for women in menopause.

Multivitamin: 1 cap AM daily: Vitamins and Minerals required.

Super B-Complex: 1 cap AM daily: Supports Metabolism gives Energy

C - 500mg.: 1 AM & PM daily: Total 1000 mg day Supports Immune Health
(if a smoker, you need vitamin c daily)

Magnesium - 250mg: 1 AM & PM daily: Supports Nerve & Muscle Function.
(A must have recommendation by Dr. Oz.) I can tell you from experience, when I go without for a week, my muscles and joints ache, same with the fish oil..these 2 vitamins work together very well for the body!

Chromium Picolinate - 500mcg.: 1 AM & PM daily: Metabolism Support of carbs, protein, & fat. Great for diabetics too!

Probiotic Multi-Enzyme Digestive Formula: 1 AM & PM Total 2 daily:
1 billion active cultures per serving. Enzymes break down the compoents of proteins, fats, ande carbs. Promotes healthy functioning of the intestional system.
(Dr. Oz recommends! I found that I am not having gas problems anymore)

Dr. Prescribed: 81 mg extended release Asprin: 1 AM & PM Total 2 daily
Dr. Oz recommends! 2 is the new requirement, compliments extensive workouts.

Hate those nasty cold sores on your mouth? Add: 500 mg. Lysine to your daily vitamin regimine.. and they will become dormant in no time. Remember, stress, and a run-down immune system is what activates a herpes virus.

Catching a cold? At the very beginning signs.. boost up your Vit. C, by 2 capsules for a couple days, add a Zinc 50 mg. in PM ( your daily has Zinc)
add Echinacea-Golden Seal Complex - 2 caps AM & PM for a few days..
Symptoms should be releived.. this will not be effective on upper respirtory flu.

I hope this is helpful information for all of you.. Your comments are welcome!

I am a fan of the Natural way of living: Hopeful to be off blood pressure meds by April! Thanks to all for your support during my first week, WI Wednesdays!
Smile... cc

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CeeJays Corner - Let's Talk About It! Why has it always been so hard to Lose Weight?

Monday, January 10, 2011

For me, I have been on this weight loss mission for the past 2 years and beyond!

I have tried every diet plan and have all the cookbooks.. everything.. I watch Dr. Oz.. I eat all the healthy foods! I even exercise 30 to 45 min. 4-5 times a week!
What gives? Why.. it must be menopause!

This year, after, a frank conversation with my doctor, I was given a choice last summer.. keep trying to lose weight, and if no weight loss; then you get a dietician or join a weight loss program January 2011. My doctor wants to see pounds lost by my next appt. in April. End of Story! You have high blood pressure and are boarderline diebetic!

January, 2011
Here I am.. in my 1st week.. and I am actually learning a lot! I have learned how to use the sprays in place of the margerine. (I used to use a large tub of margerine in 1 week)! I have learned about portion sizes too! The points system really does help! I have fun creating the foods I enjoy, but at a healthier way of cooking.. (I thought I was cooking healthy, just not enough). I am sure I will learn more along the way.. the nice thing, my guy Mark likes the food, measures the food (wow) and likes helping me cook his favorite foods! Nothing more needs to be said, that is an accomplishment in itself!

For us, our biggest downfall is portion sizes! Breads and Sweets!
I admit it! I have an addiction to Food!
I can't stop eating it, if I get sweets like donuts (cream filled) or cookies, or cakes, etc.. (you get the picture)... I have not been able to get back into control.. sometimes for a week to a month at a time!

WW... I will pass right now on the sweets!

I feel great! I see a glow in my face! My face shows signs of looking thinner!
WW is my new life plan! Better than healty eating, because YOU are accountable for what goes in on a daily basis!

What are your weaknesses? We can all relate in one way or another!
Smile.. cc

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1/10/2011 6:55 PM
Thanks for the support! However I can't even do those.. I will eat the whole box of 100 calorie packs.. I even tried the rice cakes.. ate the whole pkg.. then the yougurts.. I have to watch which ones.. or I am raveouness after eating one.. that's the way it used to be.. 5 days in.. getting better on the yougurts.. I can eat them and not be hungary! Smile..cc

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CeeJays Corner - Let's Talk About it! Exercise!

Monday, January 10, 2011

I love the fitness program that WW promotes: I am in the Intermediate Beginner.
My weeks of fitness for me begins every Monday through Sataturday.. and I take Sunday off.
I have been exercising on and off for over 2 years on my Gazell Glider. On good exercise routines: I can average 1 hour. my purpose is for my cardio!

This time: I'm starting over.. a little different strategy:
Last week: after being off for 2 weeks no exercise.. (you really do lose everything you built up too-and become a beginner all over again)
I vow to stay consistant and not quit on myself!

On my 2nd week: Now at 40 min. per WW program. I stretch to relax the muscles. I pace myself to be at moderate: I break the sweat; I can talk but not sing! LOL (sometimes I try to sign) he he he

Do any of you follow Jillian on the Biggest Loser? I have her site too but not signed up only to get her helpful tips! How fast does your heart have to beat to burn fat? I have to be at 180 level on my heart rate monitor. I tried this out for the past week.. and it keeps me in the moderate category for WW standards.. and I have to say.. I feel great!

I'll know the results on Wednesday!

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Multi-grain Flatbread Pizza only 15 pts

Saturday, January 08, 2011

1 Multi-grain Glatbread Roll 4 pts
1/2 c Ragu Light Tomato-basil sauce 1 pts ( I know that's what I said too)
2/3 c 4 cheese blend 1/3 c = 3 pts 6pts ( we like cheese)
1 Tbsp. Parmasan Roman Grated cheese 1pts
1 Turkey Bacon 1pts
1/2 Turkey Patty 2 (use any meat/calculate pts)
Dash Oregeno
1 Large Mushroom
6 Black Olives halved

Assemble like a pizza!

Flatbread, Sauce, Parmasan, 1/2 c cheese, meats & veggies, more cheese.
Bake 425 for about 10-15 longer if any meats are raw!
Broil the cheese on top.. and good to go!
This meal is very filling! Serve with carrots and green pepper slices
if you want.. use a dip-calculate not more than 2-3 pts for 2 Tbsp.
I topped if off with a diet Coke Zero.

This beats what I used to have, 3-4 large slices of pepperoni, mushroom & blk olives, chips, and coke zero.

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Celeste Team-WW-Union Deposit Location

Saturday, January 08, 2011

It is my 3rd day on the program and this site.. and I have to say... I love it!
My first day was a little hard... but I did not give up... my thoughts were: How on earth do I eat all this food?
My second day: much better... I accomplished eating my points! Here's a quick tip... I still had some fatty food in the house.. even though I counted it for my points when I ate it at lunch.. I felt so hungary afterward! breaded fatty food... will leave you feeling hungary.. as well as the sweet foods... Beware..
Take all chips and french fries and leave them alone.. use carrots and celery, and I like Green Pepper slices as my new found replacement for chips and french fries.
Today! my 3rd day.. I am now planning out my meals.. so for lunch, Tuna salad, and for Dinner.. Flatbread pizza with chicken veggies & cheese. Yum!
Of course veggies for my chips.. and I will treat myself to a Coke Zero!
Although I do not do too much carbonated.. it's nice for a treat..
Make sure to get 30 min. of exercise in daily... Today it is snowing here in PA..
We are thinking of going sledding with our dog Rocky!
Right now.. I must get going on my Gazelle glider for my 30 min of Moderate exercise! I am so excited... I took a quick peek on myt WW scale.. lost 4 lbs already... Goodbye water weight! Have a great day! Happy New Year to All!

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1/8/2011 12:13 PM
Great job! I love the first week - it's such an amazing ego boost! It sounds like you're on track. Have fun sledding. We were planning on going today, but alas a blizzard is blowing through :(

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