Secret #3 Stretch marks

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Before marriage I kept a lot of silly secrets from my husband. For example, I never wanted him to know that I removed my chin hairs with Nair. I used daily pantyliners. I had big saggy boobs - (I did have a reduction a few years ago and it was the best thing I ever did!). I wore mismatched socks under my boots. I drank sweet alcoholic drinks (he wasn't a drinker at the time). Anyways one secret I really tried to hide was my teen stretch marks on my arms and legs that I would hide with makeup. Oh how things have changed after 14.5 years of marriage. After two babies and two c-sections my stomach is just not something I can hide with mere makeup anymore. And really my husband seems blinded to the ugliness of it all. He still loves me and wants me like I'm the most desirable super model. So here's a "green" light beer cheer to all the husband's who love their wives with their pillow hips and marks of "heaven" tummies!! Happy St. Patrick's day!

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Secret #2 on Pillow Hips

Monday, March 14, 2011

The BIG secret is I lost 3.8 lbs at my weigh-in today!! I've only been doing the pointsplus plan for a week but I'm becoming convinced that it actually works. I almost told my husband but then decided no, I have to keep going...I want him to notice as I start shrinking in my clothes LOL!
So what worked for me this week: I tracked everything. I didn't deprive! I used my weekly points allowance on Saturday. We went to a Japanese restaurant on Saturday night and I had two glasses of wine. I was going to order dessert but then had a craving for the WW ice cream oreo bar and ate that instead. I knew I had to weigh-in on Monday so I stuck within my points on Sunday. I didn't starve because I ate lots of fruit! I worked out 4 times this week at the Y and Jillian Micheal's 30 day shred dvd (wow - she kills me!)
One "OMG -no he didn't" moment was my dh was looking for the remote in the dark that's usually between us on the bed. He thought my big butt and hips was the pillow as he was feeling underneath and then he said "oh sorry I thought it was the pillow!" Man, I can't wait until my butt hips start toning up so I don't have these awful pillow hips!
What "OMG" moments have you had?

p.s. I googled a funny image of these asian lap pillows. If someone could copy my legs into a pillow it would be way more cushy!

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I secretly joined Weight Watchers (again)..shh...don't tell my husband!

Friday, March 11, 2011

So this week I begin my new life as not a "dieter" but a person who is following a healthy nutrition plan. Last weekend will be the last weekend in which I gain all the weight back I so worked hard to lose during the week. It's been a cycle with me for many years. Another reason this time is different is because I'm not telling my husband or anyone that I am following the points plus program. I'm going to lose slowly but nutritiously. No hollywood diet, no cookie diet (gross cookies anyways), no low carb, no low fat, no pills, no starving, no cabbage soup, no leeks, no buying those magazines in the grocery line promising to lose 20 pounds in 20 days!!

I joined the meeting on Monday and weighed in at 150 pounds! My healthy goal weight being 5'1 is 123 pounds. Even though it's a "new" plan at Weight Watchers, I really didn't learn anything new because we all know what to do to lose weight. What I did learn this week is that the more extreme the diet is the more difficult it is to maintain when I do lose the weight. Thus the reason I have lost and gained 30 pounds so many times I can't even count. I'm tired of it and my husband is tired of me always on a diet. Of course he thinks I'm perfect 30 pounds heavier or lighter but it's my own happiness and health that matters. Plus, I feel sluggish and the doctor told me I have slightly high cholesterol. (I'm sure from all the low carb diet abuse). I am making a promise to myself and God that I will treat my body as a gift and feed it with good things and strengthen it daily!
So my question of the "week"-end is: How do you stay in control and not gain weight on the weekend?

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3/12/2011 5:35 PM
Hi!! OMG! I think we have the exact same story. I have lost and gained so many times that my head spins. My husband does no that I have joined ww but other than that we don't talk much about it. I know weekends are the hardest for me...and to be honest I haven't quite figured out how to do it...but hopefully we can encourage each other :0)

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